Thankful Thursday

It’s Thursday again… time to think about things we’re thankful for (or time for me to think about things I’m thankful for anyway… and hopefully you’re all also feeling thankful).

1.  I’m thankful that this week is almost over!  It has been (and continues to be) an insanely busy week at work.  Yesterday there was a potluck at work.  Many of the people on my team have food allergies, so I looked through all of my recipes carefully for one that would suit everyone’s dietary needs.  no dice.  So I ended up actually going to Whole Foods, wandering around the store, and finally found a recipe for basmati rice on the back of a rice bag.  So I made that.  🙂  It actually went over well, but I felt almost guilty using a recipe off of a rice bag for some reason.  It felt so impersonal.  I should probably stop worrying about it.  🙂

2.  I’m thankful that I’m going to YOGA tonight!  With Mike gone, I’ve been going to yoga every other evening, and it feels so good on my muscles.  My oblique muscles on the sides of my abs are actually really sore from my last yoga session.  I’m not exactly sure why, because I don’t recall doing much with my abs.  But oh well… I’m apparently working some muscles!

3.  I’m thankful that Mike’s coming home this weekend!  He’s been off having adventures, and Piper and I have been having good girl time, but it will definitely be great to have him back again.  🙂

4.  I’m thankful for my awesome co-workers.  We’ve been working on a project today that has been fraught with difficulties but everyone’s pulling together.  And everyone’s keeping their senses of humor.  I feel like that’s pretty unusual.  They’re a pretty great group.  Especially two of the devs that I’ve been working with today.

5.  I’m thankful that this weekend I’ll get some time to do Christmas shopping.  Being downtown with all of the Christmas lights is just amazing.  I went to the Pacific Place mall last Sunday to do some preliminary Christmas shopping, and it was beautiful!  There was a small orchestra playing Christmas carols on the first floor, and they made it “snow” from the top floor so that the “snow” drifted down slowly to the lower levels.  That must be a pain to clean up.  But it’s really pretty.  🙂  Hopefully Mike and I will be able to do some Christmas shopping together, but Mike might be pretty exhausted and might just want to do a lot of sleeping.  We’ll see.  🙂

6.  I’m thankful for other people.  I love interacting with them, getting to know them, and learning about all their little quirks that make them unique.  I know that’s a very generic thing to be thankful for, but stop and think about what the world would be like if you were the only person.  Yeah.  Not too fun!

7.  I’m thankful for the dogs at work.  Dexter is curled up about ten feet from me right now sound asleep.  Baxter came by and visited me earlier.  I’m trying to teach him a trick where he backs up when I say “Back up”.  Unfortunately, I discovered today that he’s been resistant because he thinks I’m saying “bad dog” when I’m actually saying “back up”.  Oops.  I felt so bad that I gave him about five treats in a row without him even having to do any tricks.  Daisy, the little maltipoo, came down to visit yesterday.  So cute!  I love how all the dogs are so different, but so lovable in different ways.  I love Keifer and Zuko, Linda and Lia’s dogs, and I wish they lived closer!  And when I go home tonight I get to hang out with Piper.  Definitely love that little cat.  🙂

Have a wonderful evening, everyone, and feel free to share your “thankful things” with me!  🙂


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