A whirlwind Christmas weekend

So Mike is home from his two weeks of travel!  🙂  Very cool!  He came in late Friday night (which was even later from his perspective, since it was three hours later in Boston where he came from).  He was able to stay awake long enough to tell me a little bit about his trip, but he was pretty tired.  He went to sleep and told me he’d probably sleep all the way through until Sunday.  Nope.  Not the case.  He only slept for about six hours.

I woke up with a start on Saturday morning to hear my phone ringing.  It was before 8am, and it was Mike.  He said he wanted to go somewhere and get breakfast.  Um… ok.  I fumbled around and put my contacts in, still half asleep, and headed down to his apartment where he was wide awake and ready to go.  Apparently he’s not used to Seattle time yet.  I thought after breakfast he’d be tired and ready to take a nap, but nope.  He continued to be ready to go.  We had to do Christmas shopping, so that was our task of the day.  Two trips to the Pacific Place mall and one trip to the Northgate mall later, we had almost all of our Christmas shopping done.  We dropped off the zipcar on Capitol Hill, stopped at Rite Aid for wrapping paper, and trudged wearily down the hill towards home.  Well, I was weary.  Mike got a second espresso and was ready to go.  🙂

I fell into bed and fell fast asleep with plans of getting up early to run.  I didn’t actually get up very early to run but nevertheless I was about halfway through a 6 mile run when Mike called.

“What are you doing?”

“Um… running.”

“We need to finish our Christmas shopping and get stuff sent out today.”

“Yes, we do.”

“I’ll rent a zip car.  When will you be home.”

“Um… twenty or thirty minutes.”

Yes, Mike has definitely been an early bird the past couple of days.  He’ll get back into Pacific time soon, though, I’m sure.

We headed out to get the final few Christmas presents and then descended on the UPS store with bags full of presents that had to get shipped.  I felt like we were Santa’s elves or something.  After spending a long time at the UPS store getting everything sent to the correct addresses, we once again trudged wearily down Capitol Hill.

It was a crazily busy weekend, but we got all of our Christmas shopping finished.  And we started watching Ratatouille since we’ve been on such a Pixar kick lately.  I just love little Remy.  🙂  However, about halfway through Ratatouille, Mike completely zonked out.  I’d been pretty consistently tired all day, but Mike had been highly energetic.  But then he crashed.  He went to sleep, and I didn’t hear from him again.  🙂

Now that the Christmas gifts are in the mail, it’s time for me to think about Christmas cards.  This year I suspect they’ll be more like New Years cards.  There have just been too many things going on this holiday to get those out on time.


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