Christmas in Seattle!

It’s Thursday!  Which is my Friday, because I decided to take Friday off.  Mike had it off, and I had a couple days to use up.

Yea!  🙂

Last night Mike and I went for a short run.  It was nice and relaxing, but very, very cold.  The temperature has been dropping below freezing during the night and the only thing that’s saving us from a White Christmas is the fact that we haven’t been getting any precipitation at all.

I’m thinking about going downtown after work to do a little Christmas shopping for Mike, but I’m not sure.  We decided we weren’t going to do much for Christmas, but shopping for him sounds fun.  🙂  I already bought him one thing in Las Vegas (thank you for helping me pick it out during my period of indecision, Lia!), but I am thinking one more thing might be nice.  Plus I love being downtown during the holidays with all of the music and the bright lights.  And it’s supposed to start raining this weekend, so this might be my last opportunity to get downtown while the weather is nice (although cold).  I haven’t decided for sure yet.

I’ve been drinking tea like it’s going out of style lately.  The reason for this is twofold.

1.  It’s cold at work.

2.  I haven’t been drinking the free coffee at work, because it really hurts my stomach.  I haven’t been buying espressos at the cafe either, because that costs money and I convinced myself last weekend that I could buy myself a new (and gorgeous!) pair of boots by agreeing to sacrifice buying coffee until I had sacrificed enough coffee to offset the cost of the boots. I’m weird, I know.  But I have to drink something warm, and in the absence of coffee, it’s going to be tea.  🙂

My current favorite tea is St. Dalfour’s organic golden peach tea.  I have a box of it at work and am going through the box with surprising speed.  It’s very mellow and relaxing.

Since it’s been getting colder outside, the heat in the apartment has been coming on more frequently.  Piper has discovered that when the sound of the space heater starts, if she stands in front of the air vent warm air blasts out at her.  She and I fight for space in front of the air vent when the heater’s on.  🙂

This weekend I’ll be making out my Christmas cards (which are speedily turning into New Years cards).  So if you haven’t gotten a card from me yet, it’s not that I’m neglecting you; I just haven’t started my cards yet.  I also discovered that somehow I lost my Christmas card list from last year.  I typically rely on that to know the addresses of people I send to.  So I might actually have to do some emailing to figure out people’s actual mailing addresses!

On a slightly interesting note, one of my coworkers is gone on vacation and I’m “watching” her fishbowl at work.  Basically, this means giving her fish a tiny, tiny pinch of fish food each day.  Apparently it’s very easy to overfeed fish so she specifically told me to give them only a tiny pinch of food.  She also said they’d be fine over the weekend with no food.  How does that work?  If I didn’t eat over the weekend I’d be starving and cranky.  Maybe the fish are starving and cranky, though, and I just won’t know it.  What would cranky fish look like anyway?

And now, in the spirit of Christmas, I’ll leave you with a couple pictures of Seattle during the Christmas season.  They’re not great, because I just took them on my phone but hopefully they’ll get everyone even more in the Christmas spirit.  🙂


Pacific Place Mall

Shopping at Pacific Place Mall.... there are a LOT of people there! 🙂


A random street near where I work

This is a random street near where I work. I love the Christmas tree! 🙂


Looking down a street towards the Space Needle

Looking down a street towards the Space Needle. The moon is also in the picture, right near the Space Needle. It looked a lot cooler in real life. The picture doesn't really do it justice. 🙂



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