What I should have spent Friday (Christmas Eve Eve) doing: Making out already late Christmas cards

What I actually spent Friday doing: Going on a run followed by a trip downtown with Mike while drinking far more decaf soy capaccinos than I would like to admit.  I actually can’t remember how many times we stopped for coffee throughout the course of the day.  I lost count once the number got larger than I could count on one hand.  Just kidding.  Maybe.  😉

Oh well… Christmas only comes once a year, right?

I don’t even really remember what we did downtown, because we didn’t buy anything.  We browsed through a bunch of stores and checked on the fish in the big fishtank at Nordstroms to make sure they were still ok.  Yup, they were.  🙂  The puffer fish is my favorite.  He looks so friendly.  🙂

I was on the yahoo homepage yesterday and saw a link to an article about Seattle police pepper spraying some people at the Southcenter Mall.  Apparently there were over 1,000 people waiting in line at the mall because a new type of Air Jordan shoe was supposed to come out on Friday, and the crowd started pushing and shoving.  I read the article out of interest, mostly because Mike and I have been to that mall multiple times.  No one was hurt, only 20 people were pepper-sprayed, and all but 50 people got their air Jordans.  Apparently you should not mess with people in search of a remake of a classic Air Jordan.  There’s more info about the incident here.

Yesterday was spent reading, relaxing, and (for Mike) working on his latest music track.  See below.  If he looks hard-core, that’s because he is.  🙂

Mike working on tracks

Mike working on tracks

I convinced him to stop long enough to take a couple pictures (Christmas seems like an appropriate time to take pictures).

Here’s round 1:

Round 1...

Round 1...

Round 2...

Round 2...

Last night Mike and I watched a Woody Allen film  called Midnight in Paris.  We thought it was a comedy (it was produced by Woody Allen and was starring Owen Wilson, after all), but despite a few dry comedic moments, it wasn’t a comedy at all.  It was actually more of an introspective movie.  I feel like there were definitely parts of it both Mike and I could relate to and of course I loved that it took place in France.  🙂

Today is our last day off of work before we head back tomorrow, but it’s been a very relaxing Christmas!  We’re thinking about watching The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo tonight.  It’s in Swedish with English subtitles.  Has anyone else seen it and/or read the book?  Is it worth seeing?

I hope everyone else had a relaxing and blessed Christmas!  🙂


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