An early morning and pinecone stamps

Despite the fact that Mike and I were planning on watching a movie Monday night, it didn’t happen.  We were tired and Mike decided to get a haircut.  By the time he got back from the haircut it was a little too late for watching a movie since we had work the next day.

It’s been a great couple of days, though.  We got to skype with my family and facetime with Mike’s family.  The facetime was done on Mike’s iPhone, and everything looked pretty small on the screen, but it was still really nice.  🙂  And I also got to talk to Lia!

This morning I inexplicably woke up wide awake at 3:45am.    Piper looked at me a little crossly and obviously thought I should go back to sleep.  I tried, but I just lay awake thinking until 4:45am when I gave in and got up.  The nice part was that I had plenty of time for a workout this morning.  The bad part is that, although I feel fine now, I suspect that by the end of the day I’ll be pretty exhausted.  In preparation for that, I bought a coffee this morning, and we’ll see how I hold up.  🙂

The weather here got much warmer and windier last night.  The wind gusts are supposed to be up to 60mph, but it went from about 45 degrees to 50 degrees, and I’m always on board with warmer weather.  🙂  I’m investigating some New Years possibilities for Mike and me, so we’ll see how that turns out.

I’ve finally started making out my Christmas/New Years cards, and I’m sending out four a day until they’re done.  Four is a somewhat random number, but it’s also the number I can send out before:

1) I get bored

2) My hand cramps too badly to write anymore.  I’m definitely not used to hand-writing with computers having taken over the world!  🙂

I also need to get more stamps today to allow me to send out all my Christmas cards.  I’m hoping to get the pretty, Christmasy ones with the different varieties of pinecones on them.  I really don’t want to get stuck with the Liberty bell stamps.  No offense intended to the Liberty bell, but it’s the most boring stamp I’ve ever seen.  And that includes the standard ones that just contain a picture of the U.S. flag.  At least the U.S. flag is waving in the wind.  The Liberty bell is just sitting there perfectly symmetrically with no character, nothing to stimulate even the remotest shred of interest.  Mike laughed at me last year because I bought three books of the pinecone stamps before they sold out for the season, but I have been happily mailing things out all year with my superior stamps.  He’s stuck with the Liberty bells.  It doesn’t seem to be affecting his sleep.  😉

We’re looking forward to another long weekend starting Thursday night!  It’s been so nice to have so much time off this month.  Very rejuvenating.  Mike and I have been sleeping more and getting lots of relaxing in.  🙂

I’m hoping we can get to Paddy Coynes this weekend.  I got a gift card from them in the mail as a Christmas gift since we’re regular customers, and it’s for a significant amount so I’m excited to use it!  We went there a couple weeks ago for brunch right after we finished the last of our Christmas shopping.  After all the Christmas shopping running around, their Irish steel-cut oatmeal with a coconut crumble topping was perfect.  Mike still isn’t sold on Irish ‘bangers’ (their version of the sausage) though.  I think he needs to stop trying to like it and just get bacon or something else with his eggs instead.  🙂

I hope everyone is having a great week!  Any New Years plans?


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