Electronics and “official” date nights

So it’s a new year, ladies and gentlemen.  2012.  Again, I haven’t fully made up my mind about New Year’s resolutions… and if I procrastinate much longer I might have to wait till next year to make any.  🙂

Both Mike and I have been busy at work this week since we had a four-day weekend away from work.  However, we’re pushing through it and excited for the weekend to come.

This weekend we watched The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  It had the feel of a political thriller combined with a murder mystery.  Mike thought it was really interesting, although pretty graphic.  I thought it was pretty interesting and really graphic.  Wednesday night Mike wanted to watch the sequel: The Girl who Played with Fire.  We watched it.  This one was good, slightly less graphic and slightly less scary (although still pretty graphic).  When you’re almost as afraid of the main character as you are the “bad guys” you know you’re watching an out-of-the-ordinary movie.  🙂  I have the feeling that Mike’ll want to watch the third and final movie this weekend and I’m kind of hoping not because I don’t know that I’m quite ready for that yet. 🙂  I think I need a break from graphic movies for awhile.

Last night Mike wanted to go to a big electronics store in Renton.  I’ll be honest and say I wasn’t very interested but I went anyway.  We rented a zipcar and drove to Renton.  The coolest part was that we drove on I-90 across Mercer Island, which we’ve never done before.  Mercer Island is a ritzy island in the middle of Lake Washington, and I-90 runs right through it.  We’d never been there before (and we arguably still haven’t really been there since we just drove through it and didn’t stop), but it was cool to at least see it from the car.  The electronics store was cooler than I thought it would be (although I had pretty low expectations for an electronics store).  🙂  Mike looked at a lot of things.  He’s thinking about building a new PC since his current one is about 5 years old.  So he milled around looking at processors, RAM, motherboards, video cards, and other computer stuff.

I’m so glad it’s Friday!  Tonight I’m going to see some plays with some friends from work.  It’s a yearly thing where they gather Seattle directors, actors, etc, and give them just a few hours to come up with short plays.  Then they perform the plays.  Kate saw it last year and said it’s a lot of fun and really cool seeing what people come up with.  Mike didn’t seem to have much interest in going and I suspect he’ll be searching for computer parts online tonight, so I doubt he’ll go.  I did, however, ask Mike out on a date tomorrow night.  🙂  One (unofficial) New Years resolution of mine is to get out and see and do more in Seattle.  And Mike and I haven’t had an “official” date in awhile.  (Let me take this moment to encourage everyone reading this to ask someone important in their lives on a “date”.  It doesn’t have to be a romantic date; you can ask a friend out to a movie, a family member out to a show or out to dinner… get out there and make some memories with people you care about!)

Anyway, I’m in charge of planning the date since it was my idea.  I’m still turning some ideas over in my mind.  I’ll let you know what I come up with.  😉

This has been a busy week at work for both Mike and me.  I’m not sure when Mike’s work will slow down, but mine will be busy through about mid-February.  That’s fine though… I’d rather be spending more time at work during the winter when it’s not as fun to do things outside and the weather tends to be nastier.  Although I’ve discovered that when I bring my umbrella to work, it doesn’t rain.  So that might be a solution for these rainy Seattle winters.  🙂  I didn’t bring an umbrella either Tuesday or Wednesday and it poured rain.  I brought an umbrella Thursday and today and it hasn’t rained a drop.  Definitely sensing a legitimate trend here.  🙂

Plans for today include working, packing my work stuff up since there’s a big move on my floor of the building and a bunch of us are getting relocated, hopefully doing yoga prior to the plays tonight, and then the plays.  🙂


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