Hootie vs Hottie

As some of you may remember, Mike got me a painting of an owl done by a local artist for Christmas, because I had commented on it and really liked it.  I named the owl “Hootie” because the title of the painting was “Hootie Jazzy Baby Owlet” (I assume because she looks like she’s singing and she only has one leg on the branch; the other one is kicked behind her in some kind of dance.)  I texted Mike today about “Hootie”, and he replied to me and accidentally referred to her as “Hottie”.  For some reason, that totally cracked me up.  I texted back: Actually it’s “Hootie”.  Although I’m sure in owl circles she’s considered a “Hottie”.

I know.  I’m weird.  You don’t have to tell me.

And on to other non-owl related news.

It’s already Wednesday night!  I cannot believe how fast this week is flying by! Both Mike and I worked late tonight, and work has been pretty busy for both of us.

Mike does have a new hobby though.  He bought the parts for a new computer and he’s thinking of playing an online game with our friends Dave and Tamara.  Partly as something to do to unwind from work that requires less brainpower than composing music, but mostly because he wants to stay in touch with them.  The computer parts are coming this week, he’ll probably put them together this weekend, and then he’ll be ready to rock the online gaming community.

I don’t have any new hobbies, but I do want to work on French more as soon as things slow down at work.  I would also like to learn to play the drums, but as I live in a small apartment with walls that are definitely not soundproof I’m not sure it that will work out for me.  Plus I would need a drum kit.  And those take up a lot of space.  But for some reason I’ve been resurrecting that idea of learning to play the drums recently.

The weather here has been surprisingly cold.  It gets up to about 40 degrees during the day, but during the night it dips down to around 32 degrees.  There’s a possibility of a little snow this weekend.  We’ll see if it actually happens or not.  So far we haven’t had any snow at all this year, and I’d be perfectly happy if we kept that up for the rest of the winter.

This weekend Mike and I are thinking about going to a European-style techno club.  It sounds intriguing, and I think we’ll both be ready to do something fun and non-work related.

Last night Mike and I went to the workout room and spent some time on the elliptical and on the treadmill.  Mike and I don’t work out together very often, but I always like it when we do.  🙂  I got him a free 30 day pass to the gym I’m a member of (plus he gets a giant discount there through his company) so I’m hoping we start working out together more often.

Piper sends her best wishes to all blog readers.  She doesn’t like the colder weather, but she does like curling up as close to me as possible to stay warm.  Right now she’s curled into a ball on my lap, and her little head is resting on my wrist.  So cute.  🙂

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!  For those of you on a Monday through Friday schedule, the work week is 3/5 over!  🙂


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