A dustbuster that doesn’t bust dust

After a busy, busy week at work for both Mike and me, our weekend is off to a relaxing start.  🙂

I woke up at 5:40am on Saturday to Piper mewing.  Apparently she wanted to play.  I reluctantly turned on the light when it became apparent she wasn’t going back to sleep until I played with her.  I just played with her for a few minutes and then told her it was time to sleep.  She didn’t seem like she was listening, but she stopped mewing and curled up next to me, so maybe she was listening.  🙂  Then I woke up at 8am and got up at a very relaxed pace, ate breakfast and headed down to the workout room to knock out some miles on the treadmill.  I’d been running for about an hour when Mike called and came down to meet me.  I ran for another half hour with him.  Then we cleaned up and went to Paddy Coyne’s for brunch.  Mike only had three drinks left on his drink card before he becomes a Paddy Coyne’s member.  I have a lot more left than that, but I’m still over halfway done.  We both had an Irish coffee with brunch, so now we’re both one drink closer to Paddy Coyne’s membership.  🙂  I had the “piping hot Irish steel cut oats with a crunchy brown sugar and coconut topping”.  It sounded good, and it was.  Mike got scrambled eggs, Irish red potatoes, and thick-sliced bacon.  We stayed in Paddy Coynes for a long time after we were done eating just  talking and relaxing.  We had a small table right by the window so we could look out and see the cold drizzling rain that was almost snow.  It looked suspiciously solid to be snow but was melting as it hit the sidewalk.  While we were there, Paddy came in, took the mail, and went into the back room to work.  I really love local places that are owned by individuals.  🙂

Now Mike is preparing to build his new computer with the computer parts he ordered, and I’m on his Mac watching music videos while I type this.  Here’s a current favorite of mine:

Coldplay – Paradise

Am I cheesy that I find this touching?  (‘Yes’ is a perfectly acceptable answer to this question.)  Either that or I just love Chris Martin, which is another completely valid possibility.  🙂  I feel like you can feel his energy even through the costume.  This is from their new album, Mylo Xyloto.

We also took a quick Zipcar trip to Bed, Bath, and Beyond downtown so that Mike could get a dustbuster to vacuum out computer parts.  He found a dustbuster but is extremely unhappy with it.  It isn’t strong, and it doesn’t seem to pick up dust.  Upon examination of the box, the only thing it shows the dustbuster picking up in the pictures is cheerios.  Hmm.  Well, since Mike’s trying to vacuum up dust, this might not be the right tool despite its name.  🙂

Hope everyone else’s weekend is good so far!


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