Snowpocalypse 2012!

Do people in Michigan use the term ‘Snowpocalypse’?  I can’t remember.  But here in Seattle they do.  And it’s being used to describe the snowstorm we got on Sunday, and the snow storm we are getting today.  I’ve heard crazed reports of everything from 4 inches of snow to 12 inches of snow, with most people agreeing on about 10 inches.  No idea if we’ll actually get that much or not, but a lot of people are planning on working at home today.  I live so close to work that I’m definitely going in.  It has been (literally) freezing here since Sunday when we got a couple inches of snow.  The weather yesterday actually felt a little warmer but it’s snowing now and it’s really cold out.  Although on Friday, the temps are supposed to be up to 45 degrees, so I don’t think the snow will last long.

You know those mornings when you just can’t drag yourself out of bed?  Yesterday was one of those mornings for me.  Even after I got to work I was still exhausted, so I got some tea (they have free tea at work).  I stood in front of the teas, trying to decide which one to get.  Usually I go with Jasmine or Earl Grey, but I noticed the Celtic Breakfast which was described as a strong, malty tea.  It sounded perfect, and it was!  It was both strong and malty, and it definitely chased away the lingering tiredness.  I think I’ve found a new coffee alternative!  🙂

When I walked to work yesterday morning, it actually felt relatively warm (“relatively” means about 37 degrees instead of 32  degrees).  When a couple co-workers and I walked to get lunch, though, it was much colder!  It  was starting to sleet.  Then it stopped, but it started snowing again last night aand it’s still snowing now.

I’ll leave you with some parting words from Seattlites about snow (and I can totally vouch for the verity of every single one of these… I’ve heard them all a million times!).  🙂

S**t Seattle People Say When it Snows


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