On the other side of the storm!

We have gone through the epic Seattle snowfall of 2012, and have come out the other side!  It’s been quite an adventure.

Sunday, January 15th.

Cold.  It actually snowed a couple inches and there were some snow flurries that seemed disturbingly un-Seattle like.  More storms were projected for Monday and Tuesday.  Mike and I stayed in most of the day and waited with bated breath for what would happen next.

Taken from Mike's apartment window


Monday, January 16th.

Mike and I both went to work.  Almost all of the snow from Sunday had melted, and although it was very cold and windy, we didn’t get any more snow.  More snow was projected for mid-way through Monday afternoon, so a lot of people left work early, including Mike.  However, it was pretty anticlimatic, because there was snow whatsoever Monday afternoon or evening.

Tuesday, January 17th.

Nothing.  So much for the promised snowstorm.  Tuesday dawned bright and clear and sunny, albeit very cold.  We didn’t see any snow the rest of the day either, but it was cold and the little snow we did have hardened to ice.

Crusty snow


Deserted street


Very slippery...


A park near my apartment


Wednesday, January 18th.

We were promised Wednesday snow storms, and they definitely came with a vengeance.  Mike went to work, but he went in later.  I went to work, but it was pretty frigid walking to work, especially the hilly parts.  The wind had picked up even more, so it was pretty intense and cold out.  We got about 4 -5 inches of snow by the end of the day.

Colorful apartments against white snow


Lots of snow-covered cars


Usually a very busy street... downtown in the background


An empty, snowy street that's usually packed with cars


Snowy footprints


Thursday, January 19th.

The worst of the weather had arrived.  I got up and went to the workout room at my apartment complex.  As soon as I stepped outside of my building, I realized it was literally raining ice.  Literally.  It wasn’t freezing rain, where it comes down as rain but freezes on the pavement.  It was raining little ice pellets that were too small to be hail but bounced neatly off my head to the pavement.  So our couple inches of snow became blanketed in a sheet of ice, which made things pretty treacherous.  Given how tricky it was to get to the workout room, even I decided to work from home, as did Mike and most of my colleagues.  It poured ice rain for most of the day.  It started clearing up in the early afternoon and stopped raining ice but we were still left with a layer of ice over everything, making it hard to shovel or plow even if Seattle had had many of those tools.  Mike and I stayed inside all day and worked.  You are probably hoping for pictures, but since I stayed inside, I didn’t take any.  On the other hand, you’ve probably already seen plenty of snowy pictures.  🙂

Friday, January 20th.

A warm front came through overnight, so it’s about 37 degrees right now and rising.  It’s supposed to be 45 by the end of the day, so that should take care of our remaining three or so inches of snow.  It was still slushy walking to work, but not icy like it was yesterday.  I think we’re at the end of this.  🙂  It’s supposed to be in the 40’s for the next seven days, so I’m sure we’ll lose all of this snow quickly.

Here are some links to news stories regarding our “Snowpocalypse 2012”.

SeaTac Airport

Power Outages



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