Oreo and Wiggles

This has been a very busy week at work, but it’s middle of the day on Wednesday so we’re officially halfway through the week.  Yea!  Monday night Mike worked really late at work, and although I got home on time, I worked from home in the evening.  Work is definitely crazily busy right now!  Last night I hung out with Mike for a little while and then worked some more.  Tonight Mike is installing a fan in his new computer because apparently the old one was defective.  I say ‘apparently’, because I didn’t notice it making a weird humming noise, but Mike did.  I’ll probably hang out at his apartment and do some more work while he puts in the new fan.

When I was at his apartment last night I did a workout in his living room (a.k.a. his only room, since it’s a studio apartment).  Mike is used to me doing all kinds of weird and convoluted exercises, but one of them last night really looked weird.  Mike watched me for a minute and said that if I was trying to look ridiculous I couldn’t possibly be  doing a better job.  I thought about it, and realized he was right.  That particular exercise made me look like a dead frog.  And a sweaty dead frog at that.  But it was part of a Jillean Michaels workout, and hers are known to be great intensity workouts.

One high point: Mike fixed the lid on my Brita water pitcher.  I’m not  sure what was wrong with it, but it didn’t seem to fit on top of the pitcher anymore once I changed the filter last weekend.  Weird.  Anyway I messed with it for awhile and couldn’t get anywhere with it, but Mike fixed it.  Either that or else he just jammed it down harder than I was.  Either way, I now have a water pitcher with a lid!  Definitely a handy guy where water pitchers are concerned!  🙂

Another high point: (For those of you who watch the show), the next season of Mad Men starts in late March (March 24 I think).

Lest you think that all Mike and I do is work, we did go to a party at one of Mike’s coworker’s houses on Saturday night.  We rented a zipcar to get there since the guy’s house was up in Shoreline.  It was a really fun and relaxing party.  I only knew a couple of the people there, but everyone was very friendly so I got to know people fast.  The coworker had two cats: Oreo and Wiggles.  They were adorable!  Oreo was a shelter cat who had been hit by a car, so his spine was messed up, his tail had been amputated, and he had a notched ear.  Poor thing!  However, he seems to have a good life now.   The other cat, Wiggles, was adorable and had beautiful blue-green eyes.  He is also incredibly smart and has learned how to pull door handles down to open certain types of doors.  He also knows how regular door knobs work and tries to open doors by jumping up and turning the handle, but without opposable thumbs his progress thus far has been minimal.  🙂  I made friends with both Oreo and Wiggles in addition to making friends with the other people there.  🙂  Mike and I were there really late.  I mean really late.  I drove home since I was surprisingly (almost shockingly) not  tired and Mike was really tired.  I even did a beautiful job parallel parking the zip car in Seattle.  It’s amazing how good I can be at parallel parking.  My ability to parallel park when no one is watching is only rivaled by my ability to screw it up when there are people watching.  It must be a psychological thing.  🙂

So, now for a pursuit I’m thinking about.  In late March, there’s a “run” in which you run up 60 flights of stairs to the top of the Columbia Tower in downtown Seattle.  60 flights of stairs is a lot of steps.  I haven’t decided whether or not I’m going to do it.  Thoughts?  If I did one flight of stairs every 30 seconds (which sounds pretty reasonable) I could do it in half an hour.  And it would be different than my usual runs, that’s for sure!  Thoughts?  🙂

I’ve been visited by two dogs at work today.  Baxter (the brown and white corgi) and Blake (a brown and white puggle).  They’re both very sweet.  And they both LOVE treats.  Surprise, surprise.  🙂

I hope everyone else is having a wonderful week!  My week  is good, but busy.  Mike’s, likewise.


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