Friends and sushi

So here’s an interesting fact: This post is my 200th wordpress post.  That’s a milestone of some kind, right?  🙂

I realize I have been terrible about posting regularly, but work has been really busy.  (Is this becoming a theme?).  This weekend, however, was pretty relaxing.  The weather cooperated and it was extremely beautiful… 60 degrees and bright and sunny.  I went for a morning run along the Puget Sound.  I haven’t been mentioning running much since my marathon, but I’ve still been doing a lot of it, just not for such long distances.  Yesterday’s run was about 10 miles, and it felt really great being out next to the water, hearing the sea gulls, seeing all the other people out running or walking with dogs.  I ran north into Queen Anne a little bit and then headed back.  I arrived home sweaty, slightly sunburned, but definitely happy.  🙂

Mike and I also went downtown and did a little shopping since the weather was so beautiful.  We found surprisingly few things we wanted to buy, though.  We kept coming back to the idea of online shopping.

“Well, I’m going to look up ratings on this before I buy it.”

“Oh, they don’t have my size.  That’s ok; I’ll check their website.”

“They don’t have much variety here.  I’ll be able to find more online.”

I can’t believe the weekend is already over, and now it’s almost midway through the following week.

A friend of mine is in town from Cupertino, CA, so Mike and I went out to dinner with him and his friend last night.  My friend Steve knows a LOT about sushi, so we went to a nice sushi restaurant named Umi, and he pretty much ordered for the table.  I told Steve ahead of time that my boundaries were: nothing with tentacles.  But everything else I would give a fair chance too.  I’ll be honest; some of the rolls were significantly better than others, but overall my first (real) foray into the sushi world wasn’t bad.  Mike and I learned how to prepare our soy sauce/wasabi mix with chopsticks, and then dip the pieces appropriately in the mix.  Apparently you’re much better off eating each roll in one piece.  If you try to bite off half of the piece, the whole thing comes unrolled, falls into your dish of soy sauce, and you get soy sauce splattered on your shirt (and your neighbor’s shirts).  Not that I would personally know about that or anything.  We had everything from salmon to yellowfin tuna to crab to eel.  There were some parts of the rolls that I couldn’t identify so I just pretended they were something a lot easier to stomach than they probably were.  Honestly, everything tasted really good if you could get past the idea of what it actually was.  One of the sushi rolls I was iffy on ordering because it contained raw fish eggs, which for some reason was a more difficult idea for me to stomach than raw fish.  Mike assured me that he’d had sushi with raw fish eggs before, and that they weren’t even visible.  When the sushi roll arrived, each piece had a little heap of mini fish eggs on the top.  Oh my gosh.  That was kind of difficult for me, but I powered through.  I also cheated somewhat when I discovered that if you dipped your sushi piece in the soy sauce at the right angle, most of the fish eggs would fall off in the soy sauce.  That was a great trick until your soy sauce dish filled up with eggs.  🙂  I kept telling myself it was the same idea as chicken eggs, which I eat all the time.  I’m just used to the concept of chicken eggs, but not fish eggs.  Except that the chicken eggs are cooked, not raw.  And from a bird, not a fish.  And look a lot closer to baby fish than chicken eggs do to baby chickens.  Anyway, it was a night of new experiences, and Mike and I took full advantage of Steve’s knowledge.  Both Steve and his boss John have great senses of humor, so we had a fun night out with them!  We might go out with them again tonight since Steve is in town for one more day on business, but we’ll see.

That’s about all as far as news.  Our weather continues to be in the 50’s, beautiful, and sunny, but it’s supposed to start raining tonight so it will be time to drag out the umbrellas again soon.  🙂


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