Anyone following the dog show?

So it’s been a long time since I’ve posted (a week, as SOMEONE pointed out!), but since I’ve been busy with work there hasn’t been much to post.

One nice thing is that (with the exception of yesterday and today) it’s been pretty gorgeous and dry and relatively warm.  I’m on board with that, especially in February!  🙂

Mike and I spent most of this weekend relaxing since we’ve both been busy at work.  I also got some cleaning done at my apartment.  Although this probably sounds like it’s not exciting, it’s actually very exciting.  Here’s why.  At my apartment building, they’ll change the light bulbs for you w they burn out, because they’re a special type of light bulb.  My kitchen has four light bulbs, and over the course of the last couple months two of them burned out.  This left me with a pretty dim kitchen (please keep in mind that although I say ‘kitchen’, in a studio apartment what I really mean is my whole apartment).  I didn’t want to call apartment maintenance to replace the bulbs until my apartment was cleaner.  So this weekend I organized my kitchen cupboards, folded a bunch of clean laundry, vacuumed, and just generally organized.  Then I was in a place to be able to have maintenance replace my light bulbs.  So the past couple of days my apartment has seemed almost blindingly bright.  Nothing wrong with that, given that it’s the dead of winter and pretty dark.  🙂

I was talking with a guy at work yesterday who’s from California, and he feels like February is the beginning of spring.  Hmm.  Well, maybe in California.  🙂

Has anyone been following the Westminster Dog Show?  I have to admit I love looking at the dogs… they are so adorable!  🙂  Speaking of dogs, Baxter came to visit my desk yesterday and Kate gave him a squeaky bone toy that she bought for him.  We thought he wouldn’t be interested because it wasn’t food-related (no, we’re not misjudging Baxter… his life really does revolve mostly around food), but as it turned out he loved it.  He squeaked it over and over and over again for about three minutes, averaging about one squeak a second.  If you multiply that out, that’s about 180 squeaks.  That’s a LOT of squeaks.  It was adorable (although pretty loud).  🙂

Piper has been really clingy lately… she’s always on my lap or curled up next to me if I sit still for even a minute.  Probably because the maintenance guys came in to change the light bulbs, and that kind of traumatized her.  It’s a tough life being Piper.  🙂

Well, it’s already Tuesday.  I told Mike yesterday that our work week was one-fifth over.  He paused for about 30 seconds and then said, “That’s not very much.”  🙂

However, we have some fun things planned for when everything slows down.  We’ve bought a ski package to go skiing at Crystal Mountain in the next couple of months, we’re visiting Lia and Linda in early May, and I have two friends from California who have been saying we have to come visit and I’ve finally committed to that.  So we have some fun stuff to look forward to.  Oh, and we’ve been planning on going to Vancouver for a really long time and haven’t managed that yet.  So that’s on our schedule too.  🙂

I hope everyone else’s week is starting out well!  Yesterday was really busy for Mike and for me, but I think today will be better.  🙂


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