Internet struggles and dinner

I think that 2012 is going by on fast-forward.  And that terminology is for those who actually remember audio and video cassettes and understand the concept of ‘fast-forwarding’.  With modern CDs and DVDs you do much less ‘fast-forwarding’ and much more ‘skipping to the next track/scene’.  Anyway.  It’s shocking that it’s mid-February!  Is anyone else shocked by that?

Mike and I didn’t do anything for Valentine’s Day.  I was tired, and Mike got a new monitor in the mail which he proceeded to spend most of the evening hooking up.  I thought hooking up monitors was as easy as just plugging in a power cable and a video cable, but apparently I’m mistaken.  Or I’m just using old monitors.  Mike’s new monitor required more cabling and had to be set up in software to be the ‘secondary’ monitor… and anyway, a few hours later Mike was satisfied with his setup.  Getting dinner reservations downtown Seattle on Valentine’s day is pretty crazy anyway.  Unless you get them a week and a half ahead of time, which of course I didn’t do.  We did go out Wednesday night, though, so I guess we just celebrated one day late.  We were going to go to an adorable French bistro near the Pike Place market that I picked out, but as we were getting ready to walk there last night I realized they closed at 9pm.  Mike and I weren’t in the mood to be rushed and weren’t very worried about going somewhere without a reservation the day after Valentines, so instead we cancelled our reservation, dressed up, and just wandered downtown looking for a place to eat.  We were thinking about another French Bistro, Place Pigalle, but we stood outside and looked at their menu and it was a little too French (i.e. roasted oxtail, pork belly, and other extremely traditional but not very appealing-to-Mike-and-me foods).  We eventually chose a little Italian restaurant near Pike Place called Il Bistro.  I had been there once before with some girls from work and remembered it to be good.

It definitely was!  I got grilled salmon on top of French cut green beans and garlic sauteed kale.  Mike got beef filet on top of roasted root vegetables.  Additionally, we got the dessert menu, and I had the Il Bistro coffee which was absolutely the most amazing coffee drink I’ve had in my life (which is definitely saying something) and Mike got the chocolate torte that our waiter recommended.  Everything was delicious, the atmosphere was amazing, and our waiter was attentive and knowledgeable.

So that was Mike’s and my excitement for the week.  🙂

The weather here has been primarily dry, but cold.  By cold, I mean mid-40’s.  What can I say… I’m spoiled now.  🙂

I didn’t work out this morning, but I got up early anyway and spent an hour and a half doing three half-hour tasks for work that I never would have gotten the chance to do during the day.  Awesome.  🙂  I need to check some things off of my to-do list so that it doesn’t just grow into infinity.  🙂  However, in this economy I’m not overly inclined to complain about having too much work to do!

I’m so happy it’s FRIDAY!  🙂  Mike and I will probably relax and work from home some tonight (after getting Espresso Vivace coffee of course).  I was going to work from home last night, but Mike and I got dinner and then chatted and by the time I got down to work it was around 8pm, and the internet kept going in and out, which is pretty frustrating when you’re trying to get work done.  So I finally gave up and watched an episode of Arrested Development on my Kindle Fire instead.  Sometimes you have to just give up instead of continuing to struggle.  That’s the key… knowing which battles to pick.  For me, I decided not to battle the internet last night.  🙂

I hope everyone else is looking forward to a good weekend!


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