A Story of Two Chairs

I’ve decided to renew my ‘adopt a puffin’ project.  For those of you not famliar, I started this project a couple years ago when I was a more voracious eater of Puffins cereal than I am now.  I collected a ridiculous number of box tops (particularly given the fact that the Puffin project webpage assumes that you’re a school or organization, and I was trying to do this solo).  However, I never got the 250 needed to actually adopt a Puffin for a year.  I didn’t give up the idea of adopting a Puffin at some point (evidenced by the fact that I toted my boxtop collection across the country with me to Seattle).  However, now one of the men that Mike carpools with has a daughter who eats Puffins like they’re going out of style, and he’s started giving all his Puffins box tops to Mike to give to me.  This is much more inspiring to me than he probably realizes.  It’s inspired me to get back on the Puffins bandwagon!  So I’m planning to pick up some Puffins cereal on the way home from work today.  It’s even gluten-free so it doesn’t screw up my food intake.  🙂

In other (very exciting) news, Mike is almost finished with another track and has set himself a goal to finish it by this coming weekend!  As soon as it’s uploaded to SoundCloud, rest assured that I will post a link to it!

A week ago Mike and I went to Il Bistro, an elegant, cozy Italian restaurant in Pike Place.  I talked about our dinner there but didn’t show any pictures, so I’m showing you one now (belatedly, since it’s a week late).  We took several pictures on our iPhones, but because of the dim lighting in the restaurant and because we just had our iPhones none of them turned out well.  But you get one anyway.  🙂

Mike and Karen at Il Bistro

I was walking back from lunch one day last week and saw a woman walking a Great Pyrenees.  It was enormous and gorgeous.  I was just thinking how cool it would be to own one when a giant glob of slobber dripped out of its mouth and hit the pavement.  Hmm.  Maybe I’ll wait on the whole Great Pyrenees idea.  🙂

Over the weekend I was so efficient I hardly know what to do with myself.  I cleaned Piper’s litter box and water dish, I cooked up pumpkin chili, cooked up some brussels sprouts, cleaned my fridge, put away some groceries and cat litter that had been sitting in my entry way for too long, and took three loads of trash down to the dumpster.  Then I lifted weights.  And it’s a good thing that I did all that work before I lifted weights; otherwise none of the cleaning/cooking would have gotten done.  🙂  I was pretty tired after that and did some Amazon work at Mike’s apartment while he worked on his track.

You know how sometimes areas of your life seem to have themes?  This weekend was a very chair-themed weekend.  First, here’s some background.  Mike ordered an office chair from Staples.com.  Remember that without a car, it’s a pain for us to actually go and pick up a chair ourselves.  The chair came in the mail last week, Mike put it together, and then found that the hydralic part that moves the seat up and down was broken.  Mike called them and asked them to send him a new part.  After much consultation and many phone calls back and forth, they said that they could not send him the new part.  There was apparently no way for them to do that.  Instead, they had to send him a whole new chair, and they told him to keep the old chair because it would cost too much in shipping to return.

The new chair arrived in the mail last Friday, and Mike’s apartment was pretty unlivable because there were two giant chair boxes in the room which pretty much took up all available walking space.  Of course if you give Mike two sets of chair parts, he’s going to find the best of the two sets of parts to create his chair with.  So that was what he spent Sunday doing.  He swapped out various parts in his chair determining which of each set of parts was the best.  I was called upon to help whenever he needed someone to hold something steady.  He finally got his new chair just the way he wanted it, and then we took a trip down to the dumpster to throw out the extra parts.  *Whew*  We had room to actually move around the apartment after that!  Although this might have been enough to consider Sunday a “chair-focused” day, there was more.  That evening I went to sit in one of the old, old kitchen chairs that my parents gave me way back when I moved out.  As I moved my weight onto the chair, it gave up whatever life chairs might happen to have.  In a very surreal moment, I heard splintering and realized that I was falling backwards.  As I watched the room disappear I heard Mike scramble towards me, and then the next thing I knew I was still sitting in what was left of the chair, but I was now lying flat on my back and staring up at the ceiling.  Mike and I examined the chair, and it was completely toast.  Splintered, mangled, and broken.  I’m not sure how I pulled that one off, but it’s been wobbly for a long time and everyone’s got their talents.  🙂  Mike and I took a second trip down to the dumpster with chair parts.

So anyway, all things considered I spent a disproportionally high percentage of my time this weekend thinking about chairs.  🙂

Did anyone else have anything interesting happen this weekend?



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2 responses to “A Story of Two Chairs

  1. So, what exactly is wrong with dog slobber? Because I had a bunch on my hand last Saturday at the Coopersville Outhouse 500 when some guy allowed me to pet his Italian Mastiff, and I survived … are you getting soft living in the city? 🙂 But, I guess your apartment is too small for a big dog anyways.

    Sorry to hear the old chair went kaput on you … wouldn’t have thought you weighed enough to have an experience like that! 🙂

  2. Um… nothing’s wrong with dog slobber. I guess. But I really don’t need my apartment covered in it! I think I felt this way before moving to Seattle. 🙂

    It was definitely a unique experience having the chair collapse as I put my weight on it. Apparently I was just too much for that chair! 🙂

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