Wind and rain/snow

This week is already flying by!

This has been a week (so far… it’s still only Thursday) of busyness for both Mike and me.  Monday night I left work a little late, stopped by Whole Foods and arrived at Mike’s apartment to find him already in pajamas and microwaving a chicken pot pie.  Yes, it was an early night for Mike.  🙂  He fell asleep shortly afterwards while I worked at his apartment on Amazon work.  I got some code working, so that was awesome.  🙂  And then I wasted an hour and a half web surfing on my Kindle Fire.  And then Piper and I went to sleep.  It was definitely a quiet and completely uneventful evening.

Although I cooked Mike dinner over the weekend, he doesn’t seem to care for it.  I think I didn’t cook it long enough and it’s too soupy.  Or he doesn’t like polenta.  Or both.  As evidenced by the fact that he was cooking a microwave pot pie Monday night.  Maybe I’m just not good at cooking meat since I don’t really eat it.  The brussels sprouts that I cooked up over the weekend were delicious… so delicious in fact that I ate the entire pound in a couple days and now I need to buy more brussels sprouts.  🙂

Last Friday night Mike rented a zip car and we zipped (pun intended) over to the University Village near UW.  Mike bought a Mac monitor to plug his computer into since his current monitor was dying.  It was a fun relaxing evening!  Mike also agreed to stop at Trader Joes (one of my favorite grocery stores, but a little too far away to walk to on a regular basis).  So now I’m all stocked up on their boxed carrot ginger soup which is absolutely amazing.  Well, I’m actually only kind of stocked up.  I’ve already had some of it.  🙂

I worked from home some last night as well and had a quiet evening with Piper again since Mike was again tired and went to bed pretty early.  He’s been busy at work lately, and it’s been SNOWING the past couple days in Everett so he has to wait for the bus in the snow.  Poor guy!  It’s a good thing he has a warm coat with a hood.

Although it hasn’t been snowing in Seattle, it’s been really, really cold and windy (i.e. 36 degrees with a wind chill in the double digits).  I was going to stop by Whole Foods last night, but the wind just blew right through my down coat and I decided to wait till tonight.  It’s supposed to warm up this weekend, so I can’t wait for that!

There was an all-employee Amazon meeting on Tuesday at a building downtown, so I walked about a mile down there with a couple coworkers.  Walking there was cold enough, but when we left the meeting around 5pm it had started raining.  And not just misting… actually raining.  No one had umbrellas, so we walked pretty fast back to work!  My feet and coat were pretty drenched by the time I finally got home.


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