Work and more work

As much as I would love to say that I got a lot done this weekend, I really didn’t.  Don’t get me wrong… there were highlights.  For instance, Saturday was sunny and gorgeous.  Mike and I walked to the hardware store and planned on going downtown to the spice store, but it was SO windy!  And walking downtown meant walking straight south right into the wind.  We walked about five blocks towards downtown and then I decided that I didn’t need spices that urgently so we turned and went home.

Also, I went on a run around Lake Union since it was so gorgeous outside.  I brought my GPS with me, but decided I wasn’t going to use it and was just going to make this a “fun run” where I don’t worry about my speed.  That lasted until I ran 3 miles, checked my time, and realized I was running about an 8 minute mile.  Um… yeah.  That’s fast for me.  That’s my 5k race pace.  However, I felt great, so I decided to hold my pace to around an 8 minute mile as long as I could.  It turned out I held it pretty close all the way around the lake (7 miles) and finished with an average pace of 8:06 min/mile.  Not bad!  🙂  I feel like one thing that really helped me was that around mile 4 a hard-core runner guy passed me.  There was no way I could challenge myself to keep up with him because he was flying and passed me pretty effortlessly, but I challenged myself to keep him in sight until we hit the University Bridge.  Which I did successfully.  It helped that he had a brightly-colored shirt, because honestly that was what helped me keep him in sight.  😉

I also got a lot of laundry done this weekend and broke down some boxes that have been sitting in my entryway for a week.  So I was slightly productive.  “Slightly” was really as far as it got though.

I planned on getting some Amazon work done this weekend and I did get as far as booting up my computer and checking email…. but then I petered out.  It was a really long week for both Mike and I (is this becoming a theme?), so I feel like we just haven’t been ambitious enough to do anything the past several weekends.

Piper is getting a little angry that I haven’t been hanging out with her more.  She spends a lot of time mewing at me while I’m home, despite the fact that I do play with her when I’m home.  I’m making it a priority to hang out with her more!  This evening I took her on my lap while I settled down to do some Amazon work, and she angrily jumped off my lap.  Then 30 seconds later she jumped back on my lap.  The truth is she loves being on my lap, but it has to be on her terms.  If I pick her up, she has to let me know how unacceptable that is.  🙂

It’s interesting how fast 2012 is flying by!  I feel like all of 2012 so far (all two months of it) has gone by in an instant.  I guess that’s what comes from being busy.  Soon I have to think about buying plane tickets to Las Vegas and plane tickets back to Michigan.  Everyone out here seems to be heading out on vacations to Hawaii this year.  From Michigan a flight to Hawaii is really expensive, but it’s much more reasonably priced from here, so maybe Mike and I will make it there sometime too!  Not this year though… we already have plenty of trips planned this year.  🙂  My friends from California are going to be in town again late this week, so Mike and I will probably hang out with them again.  Last time they came we did sushi, and Steve hinted at sushi again so we’ll see what we end up doing!  🙂

Mike just called and is on his way home.  He had a busy day today and worked late, so he rented a zipcar.  We have both definitely been working a lot lately!

I’m glad Monday’s over… it’s always such a busy day!  Tuesdays are more relaxing!  Hope everyone else has had a great Monday!


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