Snowing cats and dogs!

Already Wednesday!!!  Are the weeks flying by, or is it just me?

I went to Trader Joe’s and Safeway Sunday morning to pick up some things that I can’t get at Whole Foods.  Normally I don’t make it up to those stores very often because it’s a mile and a half uphill pretty much the whole way.  But this time my plan was to take the bus, since there’s a bus that will take me right to the front door of Safeway.  That was the plan, but when I reached the bus stop and checked the iPhone app that tells me where the buses are, I saw that the bus was 20 minutes away.  Given those circumstances, I decided to start walking up the hill and I’d stop at each bus stop on the way up and see whether or not the bus was getting close enough for me to stop.  (It’s something inherent in my personality… I’d rather be moving than standing still.)  Twenty-five minutes later I was at the top of the hill at Trader Joes, and I had beaten the bus up the hill.  I comforted myself with the thought that going home was really when I’d need the bus anyway, because that’s when I’d be carrying the groceries.  I got lots of soup at Trader Joes, mostly carrot ginger… that’s one of my absolute favorites of theirs and it’s in a box rather than a can so I don’t have to worry about BPA leaching out of the can and into my soup.  (If you haven’t heard about this BPA in cans debate, it’s worth reading up on.)  I also got some things for Mike.  On my way out, I saw a little stand of girl scouts selling cookies and decided to get a couple of boxes of thin mints for Mike.  The little girls were absolutely adorable.  One five-year old took my order.  She had on huge purple-rimmed glasses and solemnly got me my boxes of cookies, told me my total was $16 (I didn’t see how that was possible, since I was getting 3 boxes of cookies and 16 isn’t divisible by 3), and then handed me the change that her team leader gave her to give me.  $8 in change.  So apparently my total wasn’t $16 after all.  🙂  Then I parked myself at the bus stop, checked my phone, and saw that the bus wasn’t supposed to come for another 20 minutes.  *Sigh*  You guessed the rest.  I headed down the hill with my grocery bags, and I got home without the bus ever passing me so apparently it was running a little late.  But it was all fine because I skipped working out Sunday since I got a workout in just through all the hill walking and toting groceries.  🙂

It actually snowed Sunday afternoon.  Not enough to stick, but enough to see snowflakes coming down out of the sky.  It also snowed yesterday, again not enough to stick but enough to see it and register that it is really cold.  To compound that, it’s been really windy and the temperature has been fluctuating right around freezing so it’s been alternating rain and snow.  Not great weather, that’s for sure!

Work seems to have eased up for both Mike and me, which is nice.  🙂  Both Mike and I have been pretty tired this week, though, and I feel like we’re trying to fight off cold viruses.  With the weather being so cold and wet and nasty, people have been getting sick at work in droves.  So I’m taking echinacea, sucking on zinc lozenges, and drinking a lot of tea, and we’ll see what happens!  🙂

I think Baxter the corgi is coming into work today.  I’m excited to see him.  I was running out of dog treats, so I ordered some on Amazon and had them delivered to my office.  I thought it was going to be six small boxes, but it turned out to be six fairly large boxes.  I had them on the floor by my desk when Baxter was in here on Monday, and he went crazy and started chewing through the cellophane that was wrapped around the six boxes.  I quickly realized I was going to have to keep them on my desk instead of on the floor.  🙂

Speaking of animals going crazy, I got a Piper a catnip mouse over the weekend and she went insane!  Even before I gave it to her, she must have smelled it because she jumped on my kitchen counter, dove into the paper bag in which the catnip mouse was, and started chewing on it frantically.  As if that wasn’t weird enough, there was a little bag of chicken treats also in the bag, and she didn’t touch those.  Apparently the catnip mouse took priority!  🙂

I’m hoping for a nice weekend so that Mike and I can get out and enjoy Seattle!  We went out this past weekend and wandered around downtown, but it was pretty rainy and cold.  We definitely need spring to come to the pacific northwest!  Those of you in Michigan and Las Vegas who already have warm weather, definitely send some our way!!!  🙂


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  1. Are you turning Piper into a catnip junkie? Hope you stay healthy. Funny weather going on … it’s been beautiful in Michigan!

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