Cold recovery

Here it is already Monday again! It was a pretty low-key weekend for me.  I was recovering from a cold and didn’t feel like doing much.  That meant Mike and I didn’t do anything special for St. Patrick’s Day.  😦

But, regardless, it was a weekend!  🙂  It’s actually much nicer now than it’s been lately.  By ‘nice’, I mean not raining and some patches of blue sky.  It’s  still only in the mid-40’s.  🙂

Last night I watched the movie Memento at the same time Lia and her friend were watching it.  It kind of made for a “virtual” movie night.  🙂  Mike was going to watch too, but he got involved in working on his track and couldn’t tear himself away.  It was a very interesting movie.  Very dark, but very thought-provoking so for those of you who like thought-provoking movies (TOM!), you’d probably really like it.  It had Carrie Ann Moss in it, which was cool.  I really like her.  🙂  Although it wasn’t a scary movie at all, it kind of scared me because apparently my scare threshold is about equal to that of a four-year old.  🙂  I held Piper tightly in some spots, and Piper screeched unappreciatively.

I think I already mentioned that Mike got a new camera, and I got his hand-me-down camera.  Mike is getting into photography hard-core.  He’s reading a bunch of books and forums on lenses, focal length, and optics in general.  That’s his “fun downtime” activity when he’s not working on his music tracks.  🙂  His new camera seems really cool.  He’s already taken a few pictures of random objects that look really nice.  It’s his first camera where you actually buy the lens separately.  I, on the other hand, am perfectly happy with his hand-me-down point and shoot.  I’ve already taken some nice pictures of Piper, but she’s very uncooperative.  As soon as I point a camera at her, she comes and rubs around my feet, making it pretty much impossible to snap a good shot of her.  I also tried snapping some pictures of snow coming down, but since it wasn’t sticking to the ground the pictures look more like rainy sleet than they do snow.  Oh well.  🙂

Mike and I are looking forward to Margi coming to visit in a couple weeks!  I’m not sure exactly what her schedule is like since she’ll also be hanging out with friends, but it’s always good to see family so Mike and I will be glad to see her!  (And she better bring some pictures of Cora for us to see!)  😉  I hope the weather’s warmer by the time she’s here!  As warm as it’s been in Michigan lately, this will definitely not be a pleasant change for her unless it starts warming up.

I’m hoping everyone else did fun things for St. Patrick’s Day!  I saw a girl at the  coffee shop who had on bright green sparkly nail polish and I felt a pang of envy.  😉  That would have been a small but festive statement for me to make.  Maybe next year, if I remember!  🙂  How about anyone else?  Anyone do anything fun?



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5 responses to “Cold recovery

  1. Memento is an AWESOME movie! I used to have it, but I gave away my copy to a friend (the same one who originally told me about it). Brilliantly done, don’t you think? Really gave the viewer the sensation of having no short-term memory! Glad to see you saw it … kind of surprised you didn’t know I had seen it already, though. Perhaps I’ve become lax in recommending movies to you!

    • Interesting! I didn’t know you had seen it! I thought it was done really well… it definitely kept my attention and made me feel like I couldn’t remember anything either. Glad you like it too! I have it, so let me know if you’re interested in having it! 🙂

  2. Lia Kochenderfer

    Yes, wasn’t that a great movie?! I’m glad you’ve seen it, Tom–I was just about to recommend it to you. You know…you should join us for our next movie night! We can start a club or something.;)
    I would like to watch Memento again, just because I feel like there is so much more to be understood that I missed the first time. I heard that for the DVD, there is a feature where you can watch the film in chronological order. THAT would be interesting. I saw the movie via instant netflix, maybe I should rent it from the library for that particular feature. Have you done this Tom?

    • I’ve never heard of that feature before … certainly never seen it or used it. I don’t recall having my DVD copy for that long before I gave it to my friend. It would be interesting, and yet … I suspect something would be lost in viewing it forwards. Like the scene that opens when Guy Pearce (I forget the character’s name) is running and asks himself why he’s running. “Oh, I’m chasing that guy.” Gunshot. “No, he’s chasing me!”

      Just shoot me an e-mail about what your next movie is and when you’re planning to watch it. I’m cool with joining movie club! 🙂 Lots and lots of fun movies out there to check out and discuss amongst friends!

  3. Lia Kochenderfer

    Yaay! Would love it if you would join us for movie night, Tom. You are welcome to suggest any titles you are interested in.;)
    I loved that line in the movie where he’s being chased. I also cracked up at the part where he’s got the guy tied up in the closet and housekeeping knocks at the door and he’s just like, “Ummm, now is not a good time!”
    BTW: I have an email that will be out and on its way to you soon with the list of movies we are compiling. Some relatives are in from out of town and things are a bit crazy. Will be in touch soon!

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