The Soup Problem

Have you ever gotten stuck in that rut where you:

1) Want to use some personal toiletry product you’ve bought (i.e. shampoo, lotion)

2) Feel like the product might be too old

3) Don’t use it because you feel like it might be too old

4) Continue to keep the product around because at some point in the future you might decide the product isn’t too old after all

Am I the only person who has experienced this?

There are a couple of bottles of lotion that I’ve been feeling this way about for the past year.  I hate to throw them out because they’re from the Body Shop so they’re good quality and were fairly expensive.  However, the likelihood of me actually getting desperate enough to use them gets more and more remote the older they get.  I already can’t remember when I didn’t have them, which seems problematic in and of itself.  I think I should always be able to remember life before my bottles of lotion.  This is starting to sound like a ridiculous problem.  I think this blog post is inspiring me to finally throw them away!

While I’m on the subject of personal toiletries, I bought a new kind of mascara called Nature Blast or something like that.  It comes in a green container (thus bringing to mind things like trees and other natural substances), and it’s (apparently?) better for your eyes.  I brought the container home and read the back.  It claims that it substitutes beeswax for “synthetic polymers”.  (You hear that, Dad?  If you’re looking for extra uses for that beeswax, consider natural beauty products!)  Unfortunately, when I read the ingredients list, it still contains parabens which are the main thing I was hoping to avoid by buying “Nature Blast” in a green container.  “Natural” is definitely not a regulated term at all.

I can’t believe we’ve almost reached the weekend!  On Saturday night Mike and I are going to the Seattle Symphony.  A friend of mine at work has season tickets, but he and his wife aren’t able to make it this Saturday so he gave the tickets to me.  I’m excited!  I was really impressed with the Pacific Northwest ballet when I saw the nutcracker back in December, and I’m sure the symphony will also be really good!  The weather is also supposed to be a little warmer this weekend, so that will be nice too.

On an interesting, but completely unrelated-to-everything note, I’m going to throw a trivial problem out there that’s been bugging me and see if there’s anyone as geeky as me who’s interested in a solution.

When I was sick this past week, I ate a lot of carrot soup.  I get the carrot soup from Trader Joe’s and it comes in a boxed carton that contains four cups.  I have small little soup bowls that I microwave the soup in that contain just a little over a cup worth of liquid (probably about a cup and an eighth or something like that).  When I microwave the soup, I stretch a paper towel over the top of the soup bowl and tuck it in underneath the soup bowl to prevent splatters from getting my microwave messy.  I always microwave a cup of soup for the same amount of time.

I realize this is a lot of uninteresting background info.  🙂

So, my problem is that about half the time the soup soaks through the paper towel on top of the bowl and spills over the side of the soup bowl.  But only about half of the time.  Why is this?  Since it’s the same soup, the same bowl, the same microwave, the same amount of time…. why doesn’t it either bubble over all of the time or none of the time?

Here are ideas I’ve considered.

1)  The soup is not truly homogenous.  The soup is thinner at the top and heavier towards the bottom because any tiny carrot particles tend to settle towards the bottom.  So the bowls of soup I’m microwaving aren’t truly identical.  I’ve tried to mitigate this by shaking the soup prior to pouring it, but I’m sure it’s still not completely homogenous.

2)  There’s a variation in temperatures of the soup.  If I am starting a box of soup, the soup is at room temperature.  If I’ve already started a box, I’m getting the soup from the fridge and it starts out colder.

3)  My microwave is not as reliable about its power as I’m assuming it will be.  I have no idea how to investigate this.

I’ve determined that #2 isn’t the problem (or at least it isn’t the only problem), because I have seen the soup overflow when I’m dealing with both cold and room temperature soup.  I realize this is a totally random topic.  However, given that, does anyone have thoughts on what the problem could be?


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One response to “The Soup Problem

  1. Lia Kochenderfer

    Wow, Karen! Hardly know what to say to this post (LMAO)! The lotions, the mascara, the soup question…THIS is why you have faithful readers!;)
    On a more serious note—Yes, these things DO happen to other people. I am guilty many times over for having lotion (or other products) around for…lemme say a very long time. Funny you should write about this now because I just had a new faucet installed in the bathroom, so this prompted me to sweep ALL my toilitries from both under the sink and countertop aside and go through them. Yup, I can’t remember how long I’ve had some of these products. Like, well, I just better not say! Here’s the way I’m starting to do things (+this works well in the kitchen too where I’ve been using this system for years)…Simply mark with a permanent marker/sharpie on the bottom of container, the date you bought it or opened it/first used it. A workable system my father’s mother did for years–helped too, having a large family of 9 and a pantry full of canned goods, etc. to keep track of! Any help?

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