The ghostly spider

This morning I woke up bright and early against all odds and went downstairs to run.  Running outdoors would have been an option, but it was chilly and sprinkling rain, and I just wasn’t in the mood to mess with it.  Instead I hit up the workout room.  I hopped on a treadmill and started running.  There was a TV in front of me, which it didn’t occur to me to turn on since there was already a woman in the workout room who had a TV close by turned on.  I had been running all of about 1 minute and 47 seconds (yes, I really can be that exact because the treadmill tells you exactly how long you’ve been running in giant red digital letters) when I realized with a half-audible gasp that there was a small-ish (but not small) white spider on the TV in front of me.  Once I had noticed it, there was no un-noticing it.  Particularly since the TV was only about six feet in front of my face.  I started to hyperventilate… or was it just from the running?  What should I do?  Up until today I’d only seen two spiders in all of my time here in Seattle so I had forgotten how to deal with them.  And yuck… I really hate those white spiders.  They’re almost creepier than the black ones.  Almost like ghost spiders.  I contemplated switching treadmills, but that would seem weird.  The woman already in the workout room was on a stationary bike right next to the other treadmill, so if I moved it would look like I was just trying to get closer to her.  Which is a little weird.  I would be slightly weirded out if a woman got off a perfectly-working treadmill just to come and exercise next to me.  What were my other options?  Scream?  Yeah… always an option where spiders are concerned.  Probably not a good option though.  Especially since I was in the midst of running on a treadmill and was slightly out of breath anyway.  One option was to get off the treadmill, kill it, and then get back on the treadmill and continue my workout in peace.  I actually considered this option for awhile, and pretty seriously.  However, there were risks.  Seattle is a super animal friendly place, and I wasn’t convinced that the woman on the stationary bike wouldn’t think I was a terrible, unfeeling savage if I jumped off a treadmill just to slaughter a spider.  My more real fear with this option, though, was that I would go for the spider, miss it, then it would fall on the ground, and I would start shrieking and jumping around and would probably startle the woman on the stationary bike into a heart attack.  She already looked like she was pedaling as though her life depended on it, and she didn’t need my hysterics to make her heart work even harder.  Maybe she wouldn’t work out very long.  Maybe she’d be done soon, leave the workout room, and I would be free to hysterically kill the spider in peace.  Those odds weren’t good.  She looked strong and muscular and full of endurance.  I was pretty sure she would outlast me, especially since I was weakened by fear.

So what was my solution?  I contemplated my options for the remaining 50 minutes of my workout, keeping an eye on the spider the whole time.  Was it moving?  Was it, was it?  No… I was the one moving because I was bouncing up and down on the treadmill.  At the end of the 50 minutes, I  got off the treadmill, wiped it off, and got out of that room and away from the presence of that ghostly spider.  I’m hoping that someone will kill it before I’m in there next.  We’ll see.  🙂

So that was my big excitement for the day.  🙂  I also worked a bunch.

And on a completely random note, how cool is this???

Hope everyone is having a happy Tuesday!  Mike and I are excited to see Margi in a few days!  🙂


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