I’m over mushrooms

Hope you had a good trip back, Margi!

Mike and I got to hang out with Margi Thursday night, all day Friday, and Sunday night.  The weather was moderately cooperative.  There were periods of both rain and sun, typically separated by about 20 minutes.  It was also pretty chilly and windy, especially down by the waterfront.  However, we hit up Pike Place market, the Seattle Aquarium (which was fun, but smaller than I expected), some areas downtown, a little bit of Fremont, and a couple of restaurants and bars.  As soon as I get some pictures from Mike, I’ll post them.  Regardless, we had fun, it was great seeing Margi, and I hope she had fun despite the Seattle weather.  🙂

Mike and I hadn’t been to the aquarium before, so here are some highlights:

* The porcupine fish was adorable.  They always are.  He looked like he was smiling and he was swimming around the tank so energetically that Mike had to chase him around the circular tank again and again to get a picture of him.  Very cool.

* The sea otters were adorable.  Absolutely adorable.  They could not possibly have been cuter.  Here’s a fun bit of trivia.  Sea otters often swim on their backs while river otters usually swim on their stomachs.  I learned that by reading the plaque by the sea otters.  Later in the gift shop I saw a stuffed otter lying on his back and I correctly identified him as a sea otter.  I guess I learned something.  🙂

* There were PUFFINS!  For those of you who remember my Puffins project, I have news!  A friend of mine at work who eats Puffins has been giving me his boxtops, and he talked to the woman in the Amazon cafeteria and now has her saving Puffins boxtops for me as well.  He’s definitely a go-getter.  He says getting the cafeteria’s boxtops will “accelerate the process”.  Yup.  Probably true.  🙂

Thursday night after Mike, Margi, and I got back to Mike’s apartment, Margi and I had an impromptu dance party.  Mike, surprisingly, did not participate although he did choose to photographically capture the event.

I got ingredients to actually cook last night, but the weather was gorgeous so I didn’t cook.  Plus we had to go to Paddy Coyne’s to redeem Mike’s drink card anyway.  He’s officially a card-carrying, shirt-wearing member of the Paddy Coyne’s Irish club now!  SO cool!  Tonight, however, the weather is pretty rainy and cold so I’m optimistic that I will get home from work and cook.  I’m not going to divulge what I’ll be cooking, because in the (likely) event that something comes up that prevents me from cooking I don’t want to have committed my recipe to the blog world.  However, if I cook successfully tonight, rest assured I’ll post a link to my recipe in the near future.

In final news, I think I might be swearing off mushrooms.  I have read so much about how healthy they are and how many antioxidants they have, so I have been trying to have mushrooms on my salads.  Today at lunch, though, I was eating my mushroom-topped salad, and I saw a giant part of a mushroom sitting on top of the bed of vegetables.  You could see all of the little accordian-style folds of brown under the cap and I was overcome with repulsion.  Something inside of me snapped and I picked every single mushroom off of my salad, starting with the giant one.  I think I have convinced myself that I can eat healthily while omitting mushrooms.  They are a fungus after all.  Probably not unlike the kind that causes athletes foot or other disgusting human rashes.  They have an awful rubbery, chalky consistency, they’re ugly and white and brown, and I feel like they’re going to give an athlete’s foot-like rash to the inside of my stomach.  I think I’m done with them.  No one should be obligated to like everything, and I just don’t like mushrooms.  There.  I’m done with my rant.  🙂



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4 responses to “I’m over mushrooms

  1. Nate

    “Those who like sausage or the law should not watch either one being made.” It’s an old saying. Mike will tell you what hot dogs are made of. I like eggs, too but I don’t want to think about them too long. I swore off mushrooms before I could talk. Yuk. Generally, it’s probably a good idea NOT to think about what you eat; just enjoy it while you can.

    • I agree with you… thinking too much about most foods can be problematic. I was trying to get over disliking mushrooms because I’ve read they have lots of great antioxidants. I guess I’ll have to find my antioxidants elsewhere. 😉

  2. Lia Kochenderfer

    Ah, Karen…You’ve given-up on the mushrooms, huh? As you know I’m a fan (of most, but not all types). Fungus is so cool though and there are so many various species that are just fascinating (minus the kind that attach themselves to humans and animals). And by the way—those “little accordian-style folds” as you call them are called gills. Yup, kinda like what fish have to breathe. LOL. Did I change your mind?:b

  3. Ahhhhh! I tried, Lia… I really did! I added mushrooms to my salads every day for a couple months before I finally snapped! Maybe I’ll be able to try them at some point in the future again! I’m still having a hard time mentally with that ‘fungus’ and ‘gill’ stuff. 🙂

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