A random collection of life tidbits…

It has been a very busy last couple of weeks.

However, Mike and I took a break this weekend to watch The Two Towers.  We watched The Fellowship of the Ring a couple weeks before that, so The Two Towers was definitely the next logical step.  I think I only saw each of those movies once (in the theater) so I don’t think I ever even saw the extended editions of the movies.  They are so good.  I’d forgotten how good they were.  It definitely makes me excited for the release of The Hobbit this fall.

The weather here has been mostly beautiful and warmer.  Spring is definitely in the air!

One of my favorite dogs at work, Jake, is in today so I got a chance to see him.  He knows a bunch of tricks including “High Five”, which is my favorite.

I’m trying to teach Baxter a complicated trick where I cross my legs and he crosses his paws the same way.  Then I switch the cross of my legs and he switches the crossing of his paws.   I got the idea from here.  How cute will it be if I can teach him that?

In other news, our apartment building had a planned power outage for about 8 hours this weekend so that Seattle City Light could install some new power cables for the building going up across the street.  Because of this, we lost power at 6pm on Sunday.  We put on our shoes and light jackets, grabbed our work laptops, and trekked downtown so that we could still get some work done, even without power.  At first we camped out in the mall.  That worked reasonably well, except that the table we sat at was rickety.  Mike shimmed it with a folded up tourist flier we found in the mall atrium, but it was still less than ideal.  So we decided to head downstairs to the big Barnes and Nobel in the basement because we were getting thirsty and wanted a quieter environment.  B&N totally delivered.  We bought bottled water and settled down in their cafe.  Unfortunately, the ambient music that was playing on their sound system switched to Appalachian banjo music shortly after we sat down and there was a speaker in the ceiling near our heads.  I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to focus on work when there’s banjo music playing in the background, but it’s difficult at best.  Very unfortunate.  A couple hours later the CD apparently ended and they switched it out with some soft Spanish music.  That was perfect for working, but by that time we were getting hungry and decided to go upstairs in the mall to get something to eat.  And by that time we finished our relaxing sit-down dinner we were ready to go home.  We trekked back home again and discovered (of course) that all the lights were out on our whole block except for those businesses (like the architectural firm upstairs) that were fortunate (or rich) enough to have generators.  It was kind of weird seeing a bunch of portable (if you can call them that) generators lined up along the street.  When we reached our building, there was a security guard waiting in the lobby to let us in and he offered us flashlights from a giant box of red and blue plastic flashlights.  Although I was tempted, Mike had already given me a flashlight that was a lot better than ones being handed out so I declined.  We both turned on our flashlights and headed up the dark stairs to our apartments.  It was very interesting seeing (or rather not seeing) everything so pitch black.  Usually in the city you just don’t get that complete blackness.  Piper didn’t seem to mind that the lights in my apartment were out, but she didn’t like the flashlight.  It confused her, since I kept moving it.  I moved the flashlight between my main room and my bathroom as I got ready for bed.  It felt like kind of an adventure to have all the lights out and no power.  It’s pretty crazy how dependent on electricity our civilization is.  When I finally stopped moving the flashlight around and went to bed to read for awhile on my Kindle Fire before going to bed, then Piper settled down a lot.  I didn’t sleep super well because there were construction workers tearing up the pavement outside with jackhammers or whatever it is they use.  I kept waking up and checking the lamp by my bed to see whether or not the power was back on.  It finally came back on around 4am.  Consequently, I was pretty tired at work the next day.  Mike had somehow managed to sleep right through the construction noises, so he was fine.  Last night, however, I got a great night’s sleep so I feel really refreshed this morning.

So, as many of you know, one of the things I’m interested in is healthy living!  To that end, I’ve decided I’m going to share some products/services with you periodically that I just love!    So!  For starters,

Go Raw Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds

These pumpkin seeds are one of my favorite snacks at work.  They go great on salads, on top of soups, and are also great just eaten raw.  If you look at the ingredients list, you’ll be blown away!  It’s a great source of protein, healthy fats, iron, thiamin, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, and manganese as well as a bunch of other minerals.  While they may seem pricey, it really takes a long time to go through a bag of pumpkin seeds and the cost here is for two bags of pumpkin seeds.

Lastly, apparently there is going to be a big Occupy Seattle protest today for Tax Day that involves a pie eating contest as a visual representation of some people getting “the bigger piece of the pie”.  I’m honestly kind of at a loss for words over this.  While I am really sorry about all of the people who have suffered during this recession and lost jobs, I’m not making the connection between how a protest and a pie eating contest help anyone’s economic plight.  Maybe I’m oversimplifying.  If someone understands the positive change which is being effected through the Occupy movement, please let me know.



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2 responses to “A random collection of life tidbits…

  1. Lia Kochenderfer

    I would love to try these sprouted pumpkin seeds! Do you buy them at Whole Foods?

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