A trip to Pioneer Square

It was another warm, gorgeous, sunny weekend in Seattle!  This has been three weekends in a row… it’s pretty awesome!

Mike and I wandered around downtown, mostly in a Pioneer Square area where we haven’t been before, and Mike took a lot of pictures with his new camera.  We also went to the Seattle Public Library, which is a really cool 6 or 7 story tall glass building.  The architecture is really cool!  On some of the higher levels, Mike and I found old government documents and things like yearly books published by the U.S. Patent Office.  It was pretty crazy looking through some of those books from the early 1900’s and seeing the descriptions of people’s patents.  Seeing the people’s names made me wonder what their lives were like and what led them to end up with these patents.  Our time at the library was relaxing.

After we had walked around taking pictures for awhile, Mike and I stopped at the Metropolitan Grill, a really nice steak place.  It was good and really relaxing.  Definitely a pretty traditional restaurant… lots of dark wood tables and furnishings.  Afterwards, we walked home, and it was just starting to get dark.  The lighting was just perfect for pictures, so Mike got a couple of great shots with his new camera.

This has been a great week for dogs at work!  Baxter the corgi came to visit me yesterday.  Jake, the black lab mix came to visit me today and ‘high-fived’ me.  🙂  There’s also a Rottweiler puppy a few cubicles down that’s absolutely adorable… just a little bundle of fur!  🙂  I also got to pet two pomeranians: Sophie and Polar Bear.  They’re all SO cute and soft!  🙂

Over the weekend, Mike and I discovered that it’s awesome to go to coffee shops and do work rather than do work at our apartments.  So tonight we’re planning to head out to a coffee shop after dinner to get some work done.  Fun, fun!  🙂

Although the weekend was beautiful, today is rainy.  There’s a Coldplay concert tonight and there’s a trance concert tonight… either of which would be really cool to go.  However, the weather’s pretty nasty for walking downtown and the tickets (the Coldplay ones anyway) are expensive.  Plus, we’re planning to go to a club this weekend that plays European electronic music, so we can just wait for that.

This past weekend marked the 50th anniversary since the World’s Fair in Seattle.  In honor of this, they painted the top of the Space Needle orange (since that was apparently the original color).  Every time I see the Space Needle it gives me a little bit of  a shock, since I’m used to seeing it white.  I’m not sure how long they’re planning on keeping the top orange.  I heard (belatedly) that this past Saturday admission prices to go to the top of the Space Needle were only $1 in honor of the anniversary!  That’s an awesome deal since it’s usually more like $24.  Plus it was a clear day, so the view was probably pretty great.  However, since I didn’t hear about it till Monday, Mike and I didn’t make any treks over to the Space Needle over the weekend.

And now for my weekly healthy product recommendation.

I absolutely recommend this book: Eat To Live.  I feel like it outlines a lot of commonsense, but widely ignored, guidelines for eating for optimal health.  I know that following the guidelines in the book (not rigidly, but generally) has helped me feel much more energetic… I definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to feel better than they do!  The author of the book, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, also wrote another great book called Super Immunity, but if you aren’t familiar with him, Eat to Live is a better place to start since Super Immunity builds on a lot of concepts from Eat to Live.  There’s a whole set of healthy eating books I really like, but this is definitely one of my favorites.

Speaking of health (which it seems I usually am), I took a cardio/weight class this morning at the gym so I’m a little sore this afternoon.  But it’s definitely a good kind of soreness.  🙂

It seems like in the past couple of months many people at work have gone on vacation to either Hawaii or Mexico.  Either of those places sounds very warm and good right now.  However, given how the nice the past couple of weekends have been, I’m not complaining too much.  And Mike and I do have the Las Vegas trip and the Michigan trip all coming up within the next several months so at least we’ll be going places even if they won’t be tropical.  🙂

This past weekend, Mike and I watched The Return of the King.  We watched the previous two movies over the past several weekends, so this weekend was the weekend for the final movie.  The movies inspired me enough to buy a Kindle edition of The Silmarillion.  It’s the book that contains the full history of Middle Earth.  I read it a long time ago (in high school probably), but I think it’s finally time to read it again.  I haven’t actually started it yet, but I have bought it so that’s the first step.

Has anyone else read any good books lately?  I haven’t been reading much at all, but want to get back to it!


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