A recap of my evening and the Sounders!

It has been WINDY in Seattle lately!  The temperatures have been pretty good… but the wind has definitely been making everything feel cold.  I’m hoping that the wind is milder tomorrow, because Mike and I are headed to watch the Seattle Sounders play!  It will be our first time ever going to a soccer game, so it will be a new experience.  Also, we haven’t been down to the Safeco Field stadium area in awhile, so it will be fun to get back down there too.  Many Seattlites are big Sounders fans, so it’s probably time for us to see what all the fuss is about.  I don’t know many of the rules of soccer, but I think I know enough to be a passive, quiet observer.  I need to figure out what the Sounders uniforms look like before tomorrow night so that I don’t accidentally cheer for the LA team they’re playing.  😉

I cooked over the weekend and made some spicy garlic lime chicken with garlic bread.  Mike seemed to like it, and I didn’t make the mistake of making an eight-person dish that wouldn’t get eaten before it went bad.  Instead I just sauteed up a couple chicken breasts, and it made enough for two meals.  That’s really the appropriate way to cook for Mike… make something small so that he’ll enjoy eating it but it won’t last long enough for him to get tired of the leftovers.  The only problem is that it’s more work for me to have to cook more frequently.  *Sigh*  Everything’s a trade-off, right?  🙂

For some reason I feel like re-capping my evening.  Probably because I actually did something in the kitchen besides heating up boxed soup, so I want to share.  😉

Mike was really hungry after work and in no mood to wait for me to cook so he got a take-out pizza.  Which was fine, because that way I figured that I could cook some food to re-heat for tomorrow night since we’ll be rushed getting to the soccer game after work.  I am on the allrecipes.com daily email list, and they emailed me a recipe for Sloppy Joes II.  Not Sloppy Joes I or Sloppy Joes III, but Sloppy Joes II.  All right, Sloppy Joes II!  Here I come!  I stopped at Whole Foods on the way home from work and got ground beef and ketchup and hurried home.  While at Whole Foods I also bought a pineapple.  I love pineapple and have been on a huge pineapple kick lately.  Unfortunately I’ve been buying it in those little pre-cubed plastic containers, which means it’s a lot more expensive than if you buy a pineapple and chop it up yourself.  In the past month, I’ve bought two pineapples with the thought that I would chop them up myself even though I know it’s kind of a messy job, especially to do in such a small kitchen.  However, I have let them sit in my apartment for a couple days (oh, all right fine.  A week.  They each sat in my apartment for about a week.)  And then when I got around to cutting them up, they were moldy.  Yuck.  So this time I was firm with myself.  Tonight was a night for cooking and chopping!

First on the agenda was the pineapple.  Given my recent history with pineapple, it was critical that I get the pineapple chopped up and in the fridge ASAP before mold spores had any chance to take hold.  I chopped the top off.  I chopped the bottom off.  This was going really well.  I had chopped up a couple other pineapples in my life, and I remembered it being more difficult.  I had a few difficulties getting the core out (I actually sliced through it rather than around it), but I got it figured out in the end.  I guess there have to be some advantages to being 30.  Apparently the difference in life experience between 25 and 30 makes all the difference in being able to dissemble a pineapple.  Incidentally (and totally off-topic), doesn’t ‘pineapple’ seem like one of those nouns like ‘moose’ where the plural of the word should be the word itself?  I saw two moose.  I saw two pineapple.  Doesn’t that sound more grammatically correct than ‘I saw two pineapples’?  I don’t know why that would be since the plural of ‘apple’ is obviously ‘apples’.  Maybe it’s just late.  Or I’ve just decided to invent all my own grammatically rules.  Or both.  😉

Second on the agenda was Sloppy Joes II.  This went relatively quickly, and although I lamented the fact that I was thirding (not halving, but thirding) the recipe so that all my work would only be worth two meals instead of six, I comforted myself with the knowledge that two of those meals would have gotten thrown away before Mike got around to consuming them anyway.  I had to do a little bit of mental acrobatics to divide 2 teaspoons of garlic powder into thirds, but I managed.  That engineering degree with all those advanced mathematics courses has to come in handy once in awhile, right?  🙂

Third on the agenda was steaming broccoli.  I bought some broccoli florets this weekend, and they were already starting to look a little wilted.  I have to confess that I bought an adorable little steamer from Ace’s Hardware in downtown G.R. on Michigan Ave back when I lived in Heritage Hill.  It was seriously the cutest kitchen utensil I’d ever seen, and it continued to be my favorite despite the fact that it remained unused.  Until today.  Today was the day to FINALLY break out the vegetable steamer, because I was just NOT in the mood for raw broccoli!  Cooked broccoli tastes amazing, but raw broccoli tastes (and has a texture disturbingly similar) to foliage.  Except that most foliage is probably easier to chew.  And probably leaves fewer little green bits in your teeth.  I digress.  I had the feeling that the vegetable steamer was in my closet underneath four shoe boxes, an industrial-sized package of paper towel, and Piper’s cat carrier.  I got my maglite and shined it in under the boxes.  Yup.  In the very back was the tiny vegetable steamer box.  I dug it out, knocking over several cans of beans and Piper’s cat carrier in the process.  Which scared Piper no end.  To make up for it, I put out a big box for her, and she immediately climbed in like it was her little den and proceeded to peer out at me from the safety of the cardboard box.  I opened the steamer (for the first time ever!) and found that it came with a very helpful set of instructions.

Steamer warning label

Steamer warning label


Did you hear that everyone?  You CANNOT put a steamer in the oven!  Steamers are for stovetop use only.  They didn’t include a warning label that you can’t put the metal steamer in the microwave, but I think the instructions would have been more complete if they would have included that warning too.  The same people who need to be warned not to put this in the oven probably need to be warned not to put this in the microwave.  Especially since the microwave actually is a valid way of steaming vegetables, whereas an oven isn’t even remotely viable for steaming.

By this time, Piper was feeling better about life and had ventured out of the box.

Piper prancing on the carpet

Piper prancing on the carpet


And while I snapped a picture of Piper, the broccoli started steaming.


The maiden voyage of the steamer!

The maiden voyage of the steamer!


The steamer did a fantastic job.  The broccoli looks great.  I had a moment of panic wondering how long I should steam it for.  I contemplated calling my mom but remembered that it was 12:30am there and she probably wouldn’t have appreciated being woken up for info that I could google really easily.  🙂  So, for the benefit of everyone else out there, 5 minutes is the correct amount of time to steam your broccoli.

I have been rambling on for a long time, and I’m hoping to actually wake up early enough to make it to a cardio/weights class tomorrow morning, so I should go.

Anyone else been doing anything in the kitchen lately?  🙂


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