Piper, Baxter, and Las Vegas!

In a few days Mike and I will be in Las Vegas hanging out with Linda and Lia.  How exciting!  🙂  It’s been a busy couple of weeks for both of us at work, so this is a great time for a break too.  🙂  Mike actually has a really busy week this week and has been working some long hours.  So just as a warning, Linda and Lia… Mike and I might not be very energetic once we get out there!  🙂

The weather this weekend was really nice.  However, I overestimated how nice and wore capris and flip flops downtown today and promptly froze.  Between the shade created by all the tall buildings and the ever-present wind coming off the Puget Sound it was chilly despite the sunshine and warm(ish) temperatures.

This weekend Mike and I rented a zipcar and drove north of Everett and just looked at all of the mountains, lakes, and trees.  It was a gorgeous drive.  We really are surrounded by giant mountains.  And it really is very cool.  One of these days we actually have to make it south and visit Mt. Rainier.  It’s a little inexcusable that we’ve lived here a year and a half and haven’t seen that yet.

Now that it’s not raining every day, the construction has really picked up a lot and there are orange cones sprinkled throughout the South Lake Union neighborhood.  It’s a little annoying.  I’m detouring from my usual route walking to work to avoid the bulk of the construction but I’m still faced with orange construction cones everywhere.  The drawbacks of living in a growing area!  🙂

Mike and I went card-shopping over the weekend because we needed LOTS of cards!  Mother’s Day cards and birthday cards.  Mike was struggling.  It’s always hard for him to find a good card without losing patience in the process.  🙂  I feel like the cards aren’t even organized in a way that would appeal to Mike.  They’re organized by EVENT rather than by SENTIMENT.  This means that a stupid, trying-to-be-funny card can be right next to a serious, brimming-with-love card.  I don’t think Mike’s brain is wired up to be able to context switch that quickly.  If he picks up a flowery card, he expects that the next one he picks up will also be similarly flowery.  When it’s not, and the new card requires a shift into a different mindset Mike gets mad.  Although he did open a card that turned out to be an audio card, and he commented that the speakers in the card were actually pretty good.  In these technology-filled days of email, Facetime, skype, and text messaging… am I the only one left who believes in greeting cards and is actively supporting Hallmark?  🙂

It’s so beautiful outside that it’s a shame to be inside.  Sunny and 65 degrees.  How awesome!  🙂  This weekend it’s supposed to get up to 80 degrees… although we’ll be in Las Vegas where it will actually be significantly warmer!  Maybe we’ll have time to hike a little at Red Rock while we’re there if the weather’s nice!  I already warned Mike to bring some shorts and T-shirts.

Do you remember Baxter?  He’s the little corgi dog who’s my friend at work.  Poor Baxter has been biting his foot… it itches because of a seasonal allergy.  To keep him from biting it, his owner Andy has him in a “cone of shame”.  It’s a stiff fabric cone that velcros around his neck to keep him from being able to reach his foot.  What a bummer!  The poor little guy.  You would think that would dampen Baxter’s spirits (I’m definitely not as perky when my head is in a cone!), but he’s still the same happy, loving-life kind of dog he always is.  Not much gets his spirits down!  There’s definitely a lot I can learn from that little dog.  🙂

Piper’s sitting on my lap as I write this, and she’s purring away.  Since I’ll be away this weekend, I’m trying to hang out with her as much as possible while I’m still here.  Although, when I woke up this morning I didn’t realize she was right next to me and I whacked her on  the nose when I stretched.  Oops!  She meowed in an angry tone, but then I went to body pump class at the gym, came back and showered, and by now she seems to have forgiven me.  🙂  I’ve got things arranged so that the same cat sitter who watched her in December will be watching her again this time.  It will be nice for her to be watched by someone she knows.

I haven’t been cooking at all since Mike’s been working late and eating in Everett anyway, but I have been steaming up broccoli now that I’ve discovered how quickly I can make it up in the steamer.  For my last batch, I put dried thyme and lemon juice on it.  It was ok.  Not great… just ok.  I think thyme doesn’t work very well on broccoli.  I’ll try a different spice next time and see how it goes!

Hope everyone’s week is going well so far!  It’s already Wednesday… just a few more days till the weekend!  🙂


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