New shoes… black and brown

Mike and I had an incredibly relaxing weekend.  Mike is a week into giving up coffee and he doesn’t have headaches anymore but he’s still more tired than normal.  He did a lot of napping this weekend.  So did I.  So did Piper.  It felt really good.  🙂

I went for a 12 mile run on Saturday morning.  I’m running the Seattle half marathon in a month and haven’t trained at all (Um… oops.  I kind of forgot I signed up for it.)  Anyway, the 12 mile run went well, so I’m hoping the race goes well too.  I’m honestly not hoping for any specific time, particularly since I haven’t been training.  It’ll just be fun to do a race again… I haven’t done one since the marathon in Las Vegas in early December.  I’m definitely overdue for that adreneline rush that only comes with racing!  🙂  Saturday was gorgeous… sunny and 72 degrees.  Mike and I didn’t want to waste the day particularly since it was supposed to be cloudy and 10 degrees colder the rest of the weekend, so we headed downtown to run errands.  We had a few things in mind that we needed, and we came up with a few more ideas along the way.  When the dust settled in the evening Mike had a pair of black shoes and a pair of brown shoes and I had bandaids and a new set of paring knives.  Mike really needed new shoes.  He walks around so much to bus stops and around town that he wears through shoes pretty quickly and his current ones had started to hurt his feet.  At the shoe store, the sales woman offered to shine up Mike’s old pair of shoes and Mike looked at her baffled.  “You know… shine them?” she asked, holding up a brush and a little tin of some type of shoe shine.  Mike finally registered what she was talking about and looked her in the eye.  “No,” he said definitively. “I’m not even taking these with me.  I’m putting my new black shoes on and I’m leaving these old ones in your store.”

“A lot of times you can shine them up, resole them, and keep wearing them,” she tried again.

“No,” Mike reiterated firmly.  “I’m abandoning these in your store.  And then I’m walking away.  I’m done with them.  They hurt my feet.  Also, I need leather protectant and brown shoes.”

“Umm…” the store clerk trailed off, not sure where to go from there.  Clearly her New Employee handbook hadn’t prepped her on how to deal with people like Mike who were impervious to sales techniques, thriftiness, and free shoe polishing.  🙂

Sunday turned out to be gorgeous as well, although definitely colder than Saturday.  In the evening, we decided to walk down to the waterfront so Mike could take some pictures.  We got 3/4 of the way there, and then we heard loud drumming coming from the Seattle Center next to the Space Needle.  We veered to the right to see what was going on.  It turned out that there was a huge folklife festival going on.  It lasted all weekend and people flew in from all over the world for it.  We heard some really cool groups.  Our favorite was a Russian group that had an accordian player, a trombone player, a clarinet player, and a guitarist.  It was very Fiddler-on-the-Roof sounding.  Very cool!  Afterwards, as it was starting to get dark, we finished wandering down to the waterfront and Mike took some pictures.  Then we wandered back home, with very tired feet (Mike wore his old tennis shoes and didn’t wear his new shoes…. he really should have).  We stopped at Paddy Coynes since they were of course still open.  We sat up at the bar and made friends with the bartender, who’s also the General Manager for the restaurant.  We lingered there for awhile talking and listening to the Irish music.  Didn’t I tell you we had a really relaxing weekend?

On Monday I actually cooked.  Well, a little.  I heated up frozen ravioli, pasta sauce, and stirred them with ground beef, a chopped up yellow pepper, and garlic.  It actually was really basic.  But Mike liked it and said it was “hearty”.  I also chopped up a pineapple.  So all in all, I clearly spent a lot of time in the kitchen on Monday.  😉

Today I stopped by Whole Foods on the way home from work.  I came home with two large reusable grocery bags, my work backpack with my laptop in it, and my big purse.  I seriously felt like a pack mule walking home.  There were bags splaying out on all sides of me.  I had to walk sideways through the door of the apartment building.  I didn’t feel in the mood for waiting for the elevator so I charged towards the stairs carrying the equivalent of at least two medium-sized dogs.  I was almost to the top of the third floor when I heard a voice from the second floor landing.  “Excuse me?”  I figured I probably dropped something… I was carrying way too much… so I turned around.  There was a woman holding out a big bright bouquet of magenta peonies.  “Would you like these?  I hate to just throw them out… they’re beautiful but they’re killing my allergies… I’ve got to get them out of my apartment.”

I thanked her… how sweet of her!  She just saw me on the stairway on her way down to throw away her flowers, and offered them to me instead.  I really didn’t have an extra hand to hold them, though, so I actually had to abandon my groceries in the hallway temporarily while I took the flowers to my apartment.  Now, they’re brightening up my apartment.  And they’re somewhere out of Piper’s reach.  I don’t trust her not to eat the leaves and get sick.

And now I’m winding down and getting ready for bed with Piper on my lap and listening to Phil Collins.

I don’t care what you say about the 80’s (and I’ll be the first to admit there’s plenty to say)… Phil Collins is cool.  At least his earlier stuff.  Some of it.  Ok.  Actually, I can’t take more than a handful of his songs but the ones that I can take I really like.  How’s that for a ringing endorsement?  🙂

I hope everyone else’s evening is relaxing!  Any other Phil Collins fans out there?  🙂


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