Coat shopping and the Taco Truck’s mysterious disappearance

Last week was a really busy week.  Both Mike and I were totally ready for the weekend!

One night last week Mike and I were mentally and physically spent, so I suggested we do something easy.  Both Mike and I really needed spring coats, so we decided to have a coat expedition downtown at a very slow and relaxed pace.  I wanted to go to Nordstrom Rack to look for a coat.  I’d looked there twice before for a coat this season, and each time I found a promising coat but not quite the right coat.  Buying a coat, especially for Seattle weather, is a delicate balance.  It has to be a good windbreaker, because it’s very windy.  It has to be water resistant because it’s very rainy.  It also can’t be too insulated, because it’s often not very cold (at least during the spring).  Mike is very good at helping with coat shopping.  He’s interested in quality, aesthetics, warmth, water resistance, the quality of the seams, and many other factors.  I was glad to have him along.  Between the two of us we selected a good coat.  🙂  Afterward we walked to REI to look for a coat for Mike.  Again, the balance was delicate.  Mike gets hot easily so it had to be something that protected from the wind and the rain but was still a little warmer than just a shell.  And it had to be black.  That was actually the first rule.  Mike really only likes black coats.  Mike ended up finding a good coat too.  I’ll post pics of us in our new coats soon.  We may bring the coats to Michigan, although from talking to my mom it sounds like we might not need any coats!  The last time I talked with her it was 90 degrees there!  Crazy!  It’s 55 here today.

Last night Mike and I watched the season finale of Mad Men.  It’s crazy how fast this season has gone by!  Or not.  I guess most TV shows don’t have very long seasons.  The thing that impressed me the most is that they didn’t try to throw in any unrealistic clifhangers at the last minute to ensure that you come back to watch next season.  The plot and characters are very consistent in the season finale episode, which I appreciate.

It’s really getting to be time to buy plane tickets home for early July.  I probably should have bought them already but have been too busy.  Mike and my plan is to buy them tonight.  Going back to Michigan will be good and a week long break from work will also be really good.  I’ve never left Piper alone for that long, but she’s familiar with the cat sitter by now, so hopefully she understands that the cat sitter comes by for awhile but then I come home.  I’m really unsure how much she understands in general!

I dog-sat Baxter for about an hour at work today.  What a sweetheart!  Such a cheery, sweet, lovable dog!

Baxter... taken this morning

Baxter… always with that inquisitive expression! 🙂

I’m trying to teach him to ‘turn’.  Which basically means that he plants his butt and walks his front feet around in a circle until he’s facing me again.  He’s getting there.  He can do it as long as I’m holding a treat, and I move the hand with the treat in a circle above his head.  I’m not sure if he’s actually learning what ‘turn’ means, or if he’s just naturally following the treat and the ‘turn’ motion is what results.  We’ll see.  I think he’s learning though.

Last night before watching Mad Men I cooked!  Well, if you can call it cooking.  I didn’t even follow a recipe, which is a little abnormal for me.  I threw half a pound of ground beef, half a chopped up yellow pepper, and a small chopped up onion into a skillet.  I also heated up some water in a pot and threw in 8oz of frozen ravioli.  Then when it was all cooked I mixed it with pasta sauce, added garlic powder, and basil, and let it heat up!  I topped it with mozarella cheese.  It was one of the easiest meals I’ve ever made, and since it only makes two or three meals, Mike doesn’t get tired of it before it’s gone.  🙂  I found some great veggie recipes over the weekend, so I may be attempting to make some of those for myself one of these days.  Stay tuned for possible veggie recipes.

Over the weekend the big camera store here was having a sale on used equipment, so Mike and I headed over to browse and so that Mike could look at camera lenses.  Mike is becoming really interested in photography… now it just needs to get warmer here so that we can walk around more and take pictures!

Mike has had to work late several nights over the past couple of weeks, so I’ve rented a zipcar in the evening and gone up to Everett to pick him up.  It’s actually a really nice drive, because it’s on I-5 which is five or six lanes so there’s plenty of room for all the cars.  (Note: This is not true when you drive up there during rush hour… but if you drive up there at 8 or 9pm the traffic isn’t bad.)  I get to go fast, which I don’t get to do as a pedestrian, or even as a running.  And I get to listen to the car radio and sing along which I don’t usually get to do either.  And Mike is able to get a direct ride back to Seattle instead of having to take two buses.  A win/win situation.

I think a couple of posts ago I mentioned the food truck culture here, and that there are seven or so food trucks parked at curbs around South Lake Union on any given weekday.  Well, one of the most popular ones, lovingly called “The Taco Truck” by locals didn’t show up Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday last week.  People were almost in a panic and ready to riot.  What had happened to them?  Where were they?

When they showed back up again on Monday, the line of people in front of the truck stretched on for about a city block.  I heard two stories regarding their unanticipated absence.  One was that the engine on their truck had to be fixed, and one was that the owners were on vacation.  I don’t know the real story, but I do know that a good way to get all of South Lake Union to riot would be to remove the Taco Truck forever.

We’re halfway through the work week (for those keeping count… I’m definitely keeping count)!  🙂


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