A race and decaf lattes

It has been a really busy week!

Thursday night was gorgeous… sunny and warm!  I was registered to run the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon on the 23rd (last Saturday), so Mike and I both headed down to the race expo at Century Link Stadium after work so that I could pick up my race packet.  I’ve been to a lot of race expos (and even two Rock ‘n’ Roll race expos) so I moved through the actual packet pickup/T-shirt pickup/swag bag pick-up really quickly.  That left Mike and me some time to wander around the race expo and look at the various running clothes, running shoes, GU, energy bars, Garmin watches, compression socks, etc that the vendors were selling.  I think all of the running-related products were a little eye-opening to Mike… he asked a few questions about running races while we were there, so either he was just being polite or he’s starting to get interested in running with me.  😉  As we were walking through the expo, a friend of Mikes’ called him.  He was downtown and wanted to meet up, so we hung out with him for a couple of hours at an Irish pub (not Paddy Coyne’s) in Pioneer Square.  Then Mike and I walked home and realized that it was starting to get a little chilly.  Sure enough, a cold front came through that night and Friday was rainy, windy, and 49 degrees.  I was definitely re-thinking running the half marathon on Saturday morning, but decided that I would see what the weather was like when I woke up.  The race started at 7am so I woke up bright and early and looked out the window.  Everything was pretty wet… the pavement, the bushes, the cars.  But the sky was DRY!  So I got ready to go, and walked the mile over to the Space Needle where the race started.  There were just tons of people there… the Rock ‘n’ Roll marathons are always really crowded.  The beginning part of the race was a gentle downhill into downtown Seattle.  Gentle downhills are good, but they’re always followed by uphills when you’re starting and finishing in the same place.  Sure enough, around mile 5 we rounded a corner and there was a giant hill in front of us.  Then we went gently downhill for awhile.  Then we went uphill again.  That was pretty much the theme of the whole race.  However, it was gorgeous outside… the clouds cleared and we actually got some sun.  We ran alongside Lake Washington, and watching the sun come up over the lake was beautiful.  I crossed the finish line, got my finishers medal, picked up some bottled water, and started slowly walking towards the exit area.  All of a sudden I heard Mike call my name!  He had set his alarm and woken up early to come down and watch me finish.  Which he did.  He had also run into a friend of his from work whose kids were running the race.  Their 18-year-old son ran the race and did an absolutely amazing job… he finished 9th overall.  How crazy is that in a race of thousands of people???  We talked with them for awhile and then headed back home.  Mike was hungry and I was ready for a second breakfast, so we stopped in at Paddy Coynes and had brunch.  Mike had plenty of energy so we ended up renting a zipcar and driving up to Everett.  Mike showed me around where he worked and we went to a big outlet mall we had heard of but hadn’t actually been to before.  We also each had a latte, but it was decaf so it was still in line with our ‘stay away from caffeine policy’.  The lattes were good.  Really good.  Really, really good.  Actually I think I recall saying to Mike, “This is the best-tasting thing I’ve had.”  No, I’m not prone to exaggeration.

Sunday was pretty gorgeous too, but on Monday it started to rain a small, drizzly rain, and today it’s raining harder.  I’m hoping there’s a break in the rain because today is the first day of my CSA pickup (fruits & veggies).  Yay!  I have to pick them up from a drop-off site near Amazon and carry them home.  It’s only about half a mile, but I’m not sure how heavy the box will be so I’m a little interested to see how much of an ordeal this will be.  EDIT: I actually picked up the box over lunch at work, and it was perfectly fine.  Not too heavy at all.  Now I have fresh radishes, artichokes, salad greens, strawberries, cherries, and miscellaneous other veggies.  Cool, right?  I got some stuff at the grocery store to make Artichoke melts.  They’re basically like grilled cheese but (supposedly) tastier and they contain artichokes.  I’m going to make one for Mike tonight, so we’ll see!  I’m not going to tell him it has artichokes in it until after he’s tried it.  I am also going to add the radishes to my salads.  Unless anyone else has good uses for radishes?  I’m not really sure what to do with them!

This morning a coworker stopped by with his dog Daisy.  She is an absolutely adorable little white, fluffy dog with big eyes.  I reached for my treat bag while looking down at her, and my coworker Peter stopped me as I was about to open it.  “Karen,” he said.  “Those are cashews.”  I looked down at my hand.  Oops!  The cashew bag was sitting right next to the treat bag and the cashews and dog treats are similar in color.  Anyone want to place bets on how long it will be before I reach for my cashews to eat and end up with dog treats in my mouth by mistake?

On another dog-related note, Baxter has finally learned ‘Turn around’!  Now when I say ‘turn around’, he spins himself in a counter-clockwise circle.  He’s gotten so good at it this week that I’m thinking about starting him up with a new trick.  Any suggestions?


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