Getting back in the Seattle swing after MI

After a week in Michigan, Mike and I are back in Seattle with Piper once again!  It’s really nice to be back.  We’ve actually been back for about a week, but I have not been good about posting on my blog.  The first week back after vacation is always a little crazy at work.  Or a lot crazy.

Michigan was good and seeing friends and family was great!  There were lots of late nights and early mornings, so some parts of the trip flew by in a blur, but it was a great time!  My friend’s wedding in Detroit was also great, although due to the Michigan heat, I spent a significant portion of the drive to Detroit sweating.  So I didn’t feel as fresh as I would have liked.  But, oh well… Mike and I rolled with it!  🙂

Mike and I got back home Saturday night and took a cab home from the airport because we didn’t feel like taking the train downtown and then walking the mile home.  No sooner had we gotten back then I headed out to Whole Foods.  I had to get there before they closed so that I could get a bunch of produce!  I ate up all of mine prior to flying to Michigan, so it was serious restocking time!  I also got to pick up another load of produce from the CSA on Tuesday.  I did pretty well using up my allotted produce the week before I left for Michigan.  Here’s how I ended up using everything:

* Garlic – Curried Lentil Soup and Sloppy Joes

* Radishes – Used them in my salads

* Salad greens – Used them in my salads

* Strawberries/cherries – Mike and I ate them plain

* Artichokes – Artichoke Melts

* Mint – Added it to this salad

Not too bad, right?  This week’s produce was a little more complicated.  I  got bok choy, red swiss chard, and purple and green kohlrabi.  Supposedly you can use kohlrabi the same way you use brocooli so that might actually be easy.  I’ll definitely be looking up recipes for these three… if anyone has recipe ideas definitely send them my way!  Other things this week included salad greens, green onions, cherries, cilantro, and onions.

Piper has been enjoying hanging out with me now that I’m back.  She mewed a lot the first couple of days, as if to remind me of how bad a person I was for leaving her alone for a week, but now she’s just been enjoying my company.  She hasn’t been cuddling up with me at night, though, because it’s been a little too warm for that.  She has discovered that if she digs through my clean laundry she can find dryer sheets.  Dryer sheets are an amazing, fun thing in her world.  I don’t know why.  She loves biting at them and chewing them and rubbing her face against them.  What can I say… she has a few wires crossed!  I’m concerned that they’re chemically and bad for her, so I’ve been stopping her whenever I see her chewing on one.  She’s pretty sneaky though and generally digs them out of the laundry while I’m away at work.  She knows better than to try that while I’m at home.

I helped Mike pick out a primary care doctor from a list of over 1,000 doctors that his insurance supported.  Mike was a little overwhelmed, but I helped him narrow the list down.  It ended up being kind of an ordeal, because the first guy we tried wasn’t accepting new patients.  The second guy was part of some clinic which you had to pay a monthly membership fee for, and that fee allowed you to get same-day appointments and ‘come-as-often-as-you-want’ kind of service.  What??  Since when did seeing a doctor require “membership” in his club?  Sounds more like a gym than a doctor’s office.  Weird.  I’d never heard of a setup like that before.  But apparently it’s common, because the fourth guy we tried was set up with the same membership subscription thing, and you couldn’t see him without “joining” his practice.  In case you’re actually keeping track and wondering what happend to doctor number 3, Mike eliminated him because according to the website, he’s 36.  Mike’s reaching that crochety age where he really doesn’t think anyone under the age of 40 knows anything.  Somehow Mike views himself as remarkably knowledgeable, though.  I’m not sure how that resolves in his head, except that Mike generally feels pretty free from statistics, and the “fact” that no one under 40 knows much of anything has no bearing on whether or not he himself knows anything.  It’s an interesting mental approach.  🙂  While I’m on the topic of doctors, I want to say that I absolutely love mine.  He’s super knowledgeable, encourages me to ask all the questions I want, and is incredibly real.  He’s also Irish, and I feel like I relate to him better because of that.  On my last visit, he told me all about his last trip to Ireland with his wife.  He said that if Mike and I want to go he’ll give us all the info on where to stay and what places are the best to visit.  In case you’re wondering why Mike didn’t just go to my doctor, Mike is not Irish.  Nor is Mike as open to naturopathic doctors as I am.  My doctor is perfect for me but would be distinctly less than perfect for Mike.

Baxter’s owner was on vacation the same week I was, and I was actually missing him and looking forward to seeing him when I got to work on Monday.  Unfortunately, Baxter’s owner was on vacation until Wednesday so I had to wait patiently for three extra days for Baxter.  Then when Baxter showed up at my desk on Thursday morning I was excited to see him and I petted him and grabbed the treat box.  As soon as I picked it up, Baxter turned around in a circle… without any prompting or anything!  That’s the trick I’d been teaching him before he left, and to see that he not only remembered it after a week and a half  but was also able to do it sans verbal command was truly a testament to his ability to be motivated by treats.  It was a perfect beautiful circular turn too!  I was massively impressed and showered him with treats.  Well… I tried to shower him with treats.  Andy was keeping him from having too many treats.  Apparently when Andy left Baxter with his sister while he went on vacation, he told her to give Baxter one cup of food a day.  His sister heard that as one cup of food per meal.  Baxter gladly took all of the extra servings of kibble and didn’t let on in any way that it was about three times what he usually got fed.  Consequently Baxter’s on a little bit of a diet this week to make up for his gross overindulgence last week.  🙂

I’m so happy it’s FRIDAY!  It’s a beautiful cool breezy evening in Seattle and Mike’s rocking his apartment with techno music.  It’s a good night to relax after a busy week!  Hope everyone else had a great week, and for those of you in Michigan, we loved seeing you!  🙂



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4 responses to “Getting back in the Seattle swing after MI

  1. Karen Homer

    Karen, So sorry I missed you and Mike in Michigan. I was there the week after Memorial Day.
    I understand how Mike feels about a doctor. I always wanted a gynecologist that was at least 40 years older than me “the grandfatherly type”. Well, after a certain age the doc would have to be 100, so you have to adjust your expectations!
    Would you please pass this message to Mike: I have made afghans/blankets for every member of the family except Mike, even Joe Riedl. I don’t want to leave him out, so I would like to know his favorite colors or something that matches the furniture. If he doesn’t want one, I totally understand– I just didn’t want to leave hime out.
    If you (Karen) would like one, please let me know. I love to knit and crochet and have kind of run out of people to give my creations to. I even made one for my chiropractor! I have made a lot of shawls too if you like would like a snuggly on cold nights.
    Love, Aunt Karen

  2. Karen

    We are so sorry to have missed seeing you too, Aunt Karen! The struggles we’ve had finding doctors over the years is crazy! An adjustment in expectations is definitely important. 🙂

    I passed your message on to Mike and he would love an afghan! He said he’d email you with the color and just to catch up in general. If you love making them, I could always use an afghan and/or a shawl… whatever you feel like making! Any color would be fine… I love mint green, forest green, dark grey, and red. Any of those colors you feel like working with would be great. Thank you! 🙂 I’d be happy to send you a check for the cost of the yarn for Mike’s and mine… I know that can really add up! Let me know how much it is!

    So good to hear from you! Definitely stay in touch over email!!!

  3. Lia Kochenderfer

    Do you think you could teach Baxter to play dead? Will he lie down and roll over on his back?—might be a start. There are several youtube vids on how to train your dog to do this. Just type in “dog tricks bang-bang”. I would like to teach Keifer to do this and also to hold a treat on his nose, then catch it without dropping it on the floor. Right now he will balance it on his nose steady until I say to get it but he still drops it before eating it. It takes some time but it’s fun too! SO glad you had a great visit in Michigan.;)

    • Baxter actually already knows how to play dead! If you say ‘bang’ to him, he falls down dead. I also taught him to roll over about six months ago, so he knows that as well. He’s SO motivated by treats that it’s really easy to teach him tricks. 😉 The treat on the nose sounds like a good trick that he doesn’t already know, though! 🙂

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