Cooking, Nike shoes, and mechanical keyboards

Last weekend was a busy weekend… grocery shopping for cooking supplies, running errands, a long run in the beautiful weather, vitamin B12 injections… wait… what?  Yes, that’s right.  I’m deficient in vitamin B12 to the point where my doctor said I should get injections once a week for six weeks to jump start my levels.  (Apparently this is what comes of being a vegetarian and having food allergies that make it harder to absorb vitamins anyway.)  My doctor said that I could come in and get the shots, but he said that would be a time commitment on my part.  He said that many people give themselves vitamin B12 injections and he could show me how to do it so that I could do it by myself at home if I wanted.  If I wanted?  What kind of masochist wants to give themselves injections?  However, I also didn’t want to have to leave work early one day every week for six weeks either, and he assured me a lot of people do it (they do… there are tons of youtube video tutorials) and he further assured me that I couldn’t screw anything up since I’d be shooting into the middle of a giant muscle.  Fine.  I would do it.  He guided me in doing it the first time in his office, and gave me the vial of B12 and five syringes.  I did it for the first time by myself last weekend.  It’s not the most terrible thing I’ve ever done, but it’s definitely not not one of the most fun weekend activities either.  Fun, fun.  🙂

Friday started off a string of chillier days… 65 degrees or so.  And on Friday it poured rain!  There was also a lot of thunder.  I don’t think Piper’s used to thunder anymore since we almost never get thunder here.  She spent most of the morning hiding under the bed.

Monday night was a cooking night!  I had to finish off last week’s CSA produce before I picked up the new load of CSA produce on Tuesday.  I made a sausage, potato, and pepper bake for Mike.  I made a few substitutions… I added extra peppers and onions and used turkey sausage instead of beef sausage since Mike has been trying to eat healthier.  He didn’t rave about it, but he took a second helping and specifically asked for it for dinner again Wednesday night and Friday night, so he must not have thought it was too bad!

The produce for this week is amazing!  Broccoli, dill, onion, red leaf oak lettuce, arugula, mizuna, kohlrabi, beets… it felt like Christmas opening the produce box!  I believe Mike made some sort of comment about people who got more excited about organic produce than they do about Christmas, but I didn’t care.  😉  I’ve already finished off the red leaf oak lettuce, the arugula, and most of the mizuna.  I’m going to steam the broccoli up today and mix it with a lemon dill dressing, so that’ll take care of the broccoli and the dill.

I also cooked last night, both because I had cilantro to use up and because Mike had already finished up the sausage bake.  (It’s great… now that I’m making meals that make 3-4 servings instead of 6-8 servings, Mike always finishes them up before they have to be thrown out.)  I found a good soup recipe with easy homemade beef meatballs.  It’s called Albondigas.  Mike had it last night and thought it was really good.  I modified it a little.  I added a can of corn, an extra potato, and a few green sliced green onions (because Mike likes corn and because green onions make everything taste better).  I’d recommend it.  It’s just so quick and easy.

I feel like two things have contributed to rekindle my interest in cooking.  The first is the CSA which delivers me produce every week.  If the CSA delivers me bok choy, kohlrabi, and cilantro, then I’m going to find a way to use it so that it doesn’t go bad!  And in the process I’ve discovered some great recipes as well as some great veggies.  For instance, now my salads don’t taste right to me without some sliced green onions on the top.  And now I know the difference between fennel and leeks.  And the difference between swiss chard and bok choy.  I’m getting there.  🙂  The second is an adorable lime green apron I bought that has embroidered veggies on the front of it.  I don’t know why this makes such a difference, but it seems to.  When I put on the apron, I relax into cooking mode and let go of whatever else I’m thinking about.  There’s a lot to be said for the psychological benefit of mentally task-switching.  And I think the apron gives me the physical reminder to do that.  Or something.  🙂

Wednesday night Mike and I went to Wallingford to see a Wes Anderson movie.  It was such a fun night!  🙂  The theater we went to was an old school movie theater… it’s been around since the 20’s but originally it was a place where live shows were performed.  So it’s very old and has a quaint feel to it.  For instance, you can’t go inside without a ticket, and you buy tickets at the little ticket stand outside.  And there’s only screen.  And it only shows one movie for several weeks, and then they’ll switch to a different movie.  It was very cool!  The Wes Anderson movie we saw was very interesting… I enjoyed it.  It was definitely a movie that had a weird feel to it (Royal Tenanbaums, anyone?)  After the movie finished, we walked a little bit around downtown Wallingford.  It was a warm, lovely evening, and a lot of people seemed to be out enjoying it.  Actually, it seemed like a lot more people were out than are out at 10pm in downtown Seattle.  There were ice cream shops, coffee shops, bars, restaurants, etc that were still open.  We stopped at an Irish pub named Murphy’s and each got a drink… it wasn’t Paddy Coyne’s, but it did have beautiful wooden tables, a high wooden ceiling, excellent lighting, a helpful bartender, and a nice crowd of people.  Afterwards, we headed home.  Definitely a relaxing evening!  I think we’ll see a lot of movies at that theater in the future.

Friday night our apartment building was supposed to be having a grilling party, but due to the thunder and rain it’s getting rescheduled for next week.  I was fine with that… I wasn’t very hungry at 6pm anyway, because I went to two ‘going away’ parties for coworkers Friday afternoon so I was snacking all afternoon and not ready for a barbeque!  It’ll be something fun to do next week, though… it’s always nice to mingle with the other people in the apartment building, since we really don’t know any of them despite having lived there for a year and a half.

It’s crazy how fast the summer is going by… July is more than half over!  And I noticed a couple days ago that it isn’t staying light as late as it did back in June!  Mike and I don’t really have any fun trips planned for the summer, but we probably will spend a long weekend in Vancouver for Mike’s birthday.

Yesterday was a very relaxing day.  I took a much-needed nap.  Then we headed downtown to the Nike store so I could look for some running shoes.  I found a pair that I’m going to try for a week or so.  Nike has a 30-day money back guarantee so I can return them if they don’t work out.  I’m ready to break up with Newtons.  I’ve been running in them for the past couple of years, and even though they’ve been very instrumental in getting me towards forefoot running I’ve continued to have IT band problems even while running with them.  And, let’s face it… they’re not even attractive.  As Mike puts it, they look like astronaut shoes.  So I’m ready to try something different.  A lot of elite runners run in Nike Free’s, so I’m going to see how running in them goes!  Here’s the exact pair I have.  Mike’s getting a membership to my gym today, so while he works out I’ll probably grab a treadmill and start seeing how the shoes work out!  I’ve already run a couple miles in them, but that’s not enough to really get a good feel for them yet.  One thing I already love about them is that the shoe tongue is attached to the rest of the shoe.  I feel like with every other shoe I’ve ever owned, the tongue starts slipping off to the right as I run which throws off the balance of the shoe.  So I have a good feeling about the shoe.  I’ll give a more thorough review (for those interested!) as soon as I get a few runs in.

Mike has been very interested in mechanical keyboards lately and has been doing a lot of research on various computer keyboards with different types of mechanical switches.  He tried bidding on one on Ebay, but at the last second the price skyrocketed up to almost the cost of buying the keyboard brand new.  To actually get good deals on ebay you really have to be a pro online bidder.  So he’s continuing to research.  I’m sure he’ll find the perfect one soon.  And if he doesn’t, it won’t be for lack of research.  🙂



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3 responses to “Cooking, Nike shoes, and mechanical keyboards

  1. Lia Kochenderfer

    I’ve also done B-12 injections. I think they help a bit with energy. I have my mom give the shots though (plus–why the heck not, her being an RN and all!), don’t think I could give them to myself…Good for you Karen! You’ve got guts and determination.;)
    My stomach did a rumble when I read the recipe for the potato bake. I printed it up right away and it’s posted on my fridge. I’m headed to Whole Foods to get the ingredients this week. I don’t know what it is but that just sounded like the perfect comfort food!
    Cool shoes. Let me know how you like the Nike’s. I too like it when the shoe tongue is attached. I love my Merrell trail shoes. The tongue is placed perfectly so it doesn’t slide to the side. Have you done anymore barefoot running?

    • I didn’t think I’d be able to give myself injections, but my doctor said it was easy and he had a lot of confidence in me and showed me how to do it correctly. I don’t think it’s guts and determination, though… I think I just don’t want to have to take the bus to my doctor’s office once a week for six weeks! 🙂

      The potato bake worked out really well! Mike loved it and ate the whole thing over the course of four or five days. (I only made a half batch instead of a full batch, though, since it was just him eating it.) It’s a great comfort food!

      I did a 7 mile run in the Nike’s today on a treadmill, and they seemed fine. My next step is to try them outdoors and see how they do. I’ll let you know! I haven’t done barefoot running in awhile! I did it last summer with a friend. She had a car, so she could drive us to parks with running trails. I don’t like doing barefoot running on concrete though… too painful! Doing trail barefoot running is much nicer!

      • Lia Kochenderfer

        I think it has to take guts to give yourself a shot—so there! I sympathize with diabetics who have to do this regularly. But yeah, having the added motivation of not wanting to take the bus all the way over to your doctor every week does help!
        Easy dinner potato bake here I come.;)
        What color did you get your Nike’s in? The purple?

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