Penny Louise has arrived! :)

Welcome to the world, Penny!  Mike and I are excited to start seeing pictures of you!  🙂  I had to start out with that since Cathy had her baby and Mike now has a new niece!  🙂

Last weekend was a tired weekend for both Mike and me.  A long week at work seems to have that effect.  Friday night Mike was exhausted and went to bed early.  I did the same.  The only thing of note is that since I had ordered a few things for his birthday online, I stole the mailbox keys from his keyring Friday night to ensure that he couldn’t accidentally pick up any birthday presents early.  I figured there was a chance (however slim) that he wouldn’t think to check the mail until the packages for him had come and I could safely sneak the mailbox keys back on his keyring, but no such luck.  He called me out on it Saturday morning.  Apparently he’s either very familiar with his keyring, or else very interested in checking the mail.  🙂

I only did a short run Saturday morning because I wanted to hurry downtown and get the last of Mike’s birthday shopping done before he woke up.  I was happy with the purchases I made but I’m not going into detail on them here.  Even though Mike never reads my blog it would be Murphy’s Law that the one time I post something I don’t want him to read, he’ll end up reading it.  🙂

I haven’t really been cooking at all.  It’s been very warm (for Seattle here) and has been in the low to mid 80’s.  (I know how much worse the rest of the country has had it… I’m not complaining at all.)  Since our apartments are already warm I’m less apt to want to cook and more apt to want to go out to air-conditioned delis for dinner.  Plus since work has been busy I’ve been less interested in doing much energetic outside of work (energetic includes cooking).  These are the excuses I give myself for not having cooked at all this week anyway.  🙂  I picked up a new box of produce from the CSA yesterday, though, and this is the third week in a row I’ve gotten carrots.  I have a recipe for carrot ginger soup I’ve been wanting to try, so I think this is the time!  I have all the ingredients… I just have to make it.  I also have all the ingredients to make Mike lasagna and haven’t made that yet either.  Maybe either tonight or tomorrow night will be a big cooking night, and I’ll put on my green apron and make both dishes.  I also got a bunch of green beans last week and this week, so I need to make those up too.  Fun, fun.  🙂

Saturday afternoon Mike and I walked downtown to do a little light shopping.  We really just ended up window shopping, but it was such a gorgeous day outside that it was refreshing just to be outside.  It felt like just the right temperature since there was a strong breeze blowing off of the Puget Sound.

It’s already been a long week.  Sunday I got to sleep late and for some reason woke up at 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep (probably because it was still pretty warm in my apartment).  Then Monday night Piper decided she wanted to throw mice around on my bed at 2am.  Usually her schedule is pretty aligned to mine, but definitely not that night.

Mike and I were planning to go to the gym last night, but Mike was really tired so it didn’t end up happening.  We did take a walk around the neighborhood though and stopped at a Subway for dinner.  It was such a gorgeous night!  Then Mike snapped some pictures of Piper with his camera.  I wish I were half as photogenic as that cat.  I think the real reason Piper seemed so enamored of his camera is because he has a hood on it to keep glare out and it makes the camera look like the entrance to a mouse hole.  That’s definitely designed to get Piper’s attention.  🙂

If I review the past week, it’s definitely been an accident-prone week.  I should steer clear of fast-moving buses for sure.  I cut myself while I was cutting vegetables and of course I had just gotten a new knife, so it was sharp and I bled.  Then while I was at work earlier this week, I was holding a hot mug of tea and a coworker kept talking and talking in the hallway while I tried to shuffle the hot mug of tea from hand to hand and hoped fervently that I could get to my desk and set it down soon.  In the ‘shuffle-from-hand-to-hand process’, I spilled some on my shirt.  It soaked right through and I burned a couple small areas on my stomach which are surprisingly painful.  What the heck?  Who burns their stomach?  And why don’t I ever get any normal injuries?

In other news, Mike has been taking a lot of pictures lately.  He bought a panasonic zoom lens for his camera, shot with it for a couple of days, and was thoroughly disgusted with the picture quality so he returned it.  He has a friend at work who’s really into photography and they’re going shooting on Saturday together.  I feel like it will be amazing for Mike to be around someone who says more than “Mmm hmm” when he talks about cameras and photography.

Last week Mike and I went out to dinner with my friends from Cupertino, CA.  They were in town for work-related reasons.  It was a lot of fun!  We went to an Italian restaurant Mike and I hadn’t visited before named Tulio and chattered away.  Mike found himself seated in between Mary and me, and we were both chattering like crazy so Mike was pretty isolated.  After about 30 minutes of that, I exchanged places with Mike so that he could be next to the three other guys instead of sandwiched between the two girls.  That worked out, because then all the guys started talking about photography.  Win, win!  Mary just got a black lab named Angus, so we swapped stories about our pets and showed each other pet pictures from our phones.  Fun times.  🙂

I can’t wait for another weekend, but in the meantime I’m hanging in there.  🙂  I need to figure out whether to make Mike a birthday cake or cookies or a special meal or what.  Whenever I ask him about stuff like that he says he doesn’t care.  Oh well.  Hope everyone else’s week is going amazingly, awesomely well.  🙂


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