The one where they get engaged

The support regarding Mike’s and my engagement has been amazing… we appreciate it so much!  Fortunately, though, we don’t feel like we need a ton of support.  🙂  The truth is that after seven years of dating and an additional two years of friendship before that, we feel like what we’re really doing is formalizing a commitment that has been there for a long time.  We’re already a pretty integral part of each other’s lives and can hardly remember a time when it wasn’t that way.

In the time I’ve known Mike he’s driven seven different cars.  Both of his sisters have gotten married and had little girls (who are ADORABLE, by the way!).  He’s learned all about fixing cars (Yes… I knew Mike before he had ever worked on a car… crazy that there was such a time, right?).  He’s gone from technical jobs to management jobs and back to technical jobs.  He’s gotten into making electronic music and has learned an insane amount about synths and Logic Studio and Macs.  He’s also gotten really into photography and knows about apertures, shutter speeds, and correct lighting.

In the time Mike’s known me I’ve run two marathons, three half marathons, and a bunch of shorter races.  I discovered personal training, got state-certified, and then nationally certified.  I’ve started learning French (because of a comment Mike made actually).  I’ve been a software test engineer, a software developer, and a quality engineer.  I got a cat who was afraid of everything (included but not limited to maintenance guys and the vacuum cleaner) but who I gradually nursed into fearing very little (although she’s still frightened of the vacuum cleaner).  I’ve also become a much more proficient cook and have learned more about vitamins and nutrition than anyone actually wants to know.

In the time we’ve been dating, we’ve bought endless cups of coffee together.  We’ve been to somewhere between 10 and 15 weddings together (We tried to count once and just lost track).  We’ve spent so many hours driving around together (back when we had cars!)… going nowhere particular but just enjoying the journey.  We now go on many walks together… going nowhere particular but just enjoying the journey.  🙂  We have countless insider jokes just between the two of us.  We’ve been to so many family events, parties, bars, and concerts that I would have no idea how to even begin counting them all.  We have hung out with his friends and my friends, and many of them have turned into ‘our’ friends.  Mike has introduced me to coffee, brought me an appreciation for electronic music, and has blown my mind with his knowledge of how mechanical things work.  I have introduced him to the concept of finding joy in small things, the tastiness of (some!) veggies, and have blown his mind with my knowledge… um.  Actually Mike’s mind really doesn’t get ‘blown’ and certainly not by me.  Sorry.  Although he is mystified by how quickly I can make a bed and clean dishes.  🙂

We have had fights.  Lots of them.  We’ve had joys.  Lots of them.  We moved to Seattle together.  We survived with just me working while Mike looked for a job when we first moved to Seattle.  We’ve gone through a bunch of issues with my food allergies and Mike’s headaches.  We’ve been through deaths of extended family members, layoffs at work, and all the more mundane hassles of moving apartments, changing jobs, paying bills, illnesses, etc.

Although this is the next step in our relationship, we don’t plan on everything being drastically different.  We want to keep everything intact that has made the past seven years so great.  Things like appreciating each other, thinking of each other first, and talking all the time.  And I do mean all the time.  🙂

So anyway… we really appreciate everyone being there to wish us the best!  We love you all!

On to other things (since I’m sure everyone is now officially talked out regarding Mike and my engagement).  🙂

I went standup paddleboarding with two friends from work on Friday evening.  It was insanely fun.  Last time we went it was a fairly calm day and no one fell in the lake, but this time the lake was really choppy.  Part of this was because of the wind and part of it was that  because the weather was amazing there were lots of yachts on the water that were chopping up the lake.  Anyway, it definitely required some core stability and we each fell in exactly twice.  What are the odds?  Since it was almost 90 degrees, though, that actually felt really refreshing.  I also got to ride in one of my coworker’s new white Fiat convertibles.  It’s pretty awesome riding in a tiny convertible with the top down on a hot summer night!

On Saturday evening Mike went street photographing with a friend of his from work.  It’s great for him to hang out with someone who knows more about photography than he does.  They wandered around for several hours in the Capitol Hill area and talked about cameras, gear, and lots of other life stuff.  Mike had a great time and got some cool “street shots”.  After he came home with tired legs I gave him some lasagna I made for him that seemed to hit the spot.

Speaking of cooking, here’s the lasagna recipe that I made for Mike.  Mike liked it a lot, but I had two minor criticisms.  First, it didn’t have many veggies (probably a plus in Mike’s book, but I prefer something more than just the token tomatoes).  Second it didn’t firm up very well.  I think I added too much spaghetti sauce.  I cut the recipe in half and put in an 8×8 pan, which was a great idea theoretically, but I had to break the lasagna noodles to make them fit and everything was a little weird because of that.  I also made myself some carrot ginger soup because I had gotten carrots from the CSA for the past three weeks and I had a lot of carrots in my fridge!  The night I made the recipe I wasn’t crazy about it, but the flavors melded together overnight and I liked it a lot better the next day.  I almost doubled the amount of all of the spices though… otherwise it would have been a little bland.  A lot of cumin solves a lot of problems.

Last night Mike and I went to the gym together.  I tried to be a motivating coach to keep him moving from exercise to exercise by offering encouraging words but the effort was only mildly successful.  Every time I got really motivating “For the next 30 seconds give me everything you’ve got!  Really work it!” he just rolled his eyes up at the ceiling and breathed “OH MY GOSH” under his breath.

I hope everyone else’s week is going well!



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6 responses to “The one where they get engaged

  1. Cathy (your sister!)

    This post makes me very happy 🙂

  2. Lia Kochenderfer

    Huge congrats KLiz and Mike! I loved your post so very much. Your analysis of your life together so far was perfectly described and truthful–your marriage is sure to be a success just as your friendship has proved these past nine years. Blessings, blessings!xoxo

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