Happy birthday Mike!

Fall is in the air!  Last week it was almost 80 degrees (more like 85 when I went paddleboarding with friends last Friday night).  This Friday it was a high in the low 60’s and a little rain.  I’m honestly excited, though.  I know fall is a little disappointing because it signals the end of summer, but since Mike and I have no air conditioning it was starting to get too hot for us anyway and the cooler weather feels so crisp and refreshing.

Plus, fall always triggers thoughts of change and new excitement for me.  Fall is traditionally when school started back up (even though I’m a long way past that now!), it’s when I moved to all six of my apartments, it’s when Mike, and I started dating, it’s when we moved to Seattle, and now it’s also when we got engaged.  So even though in theory fall is a time of winding down before winter, it has definitely not been a “winding down” time in my life.  🙂

Thursday was Mike’s birthday!  I got a new-to-me used point-and-shoot camera and have been taking pictures with it, so I got a bunch of pictures of Mike opening his birthday presents.

Unfortunately, Thursday night Mike and I were both exhausted so we ended up just walking to Paddy Coyne’s for dinner despite my optimistic plans to get out of work early and make Mike a special birthday dinner.  However, I made it up to him this weekend by making him a roasted potato sausage dish that he really liked.  I feel like a bad girlfriend (oops… I mean ‘fiancee’), but I was pretty tired Thursday.  Work has been pretty busy.  And honestly Mike was pretty tired too.  But I did give him his presents, and he liked those.  🙂

While I was walking between Amazon buildings today I saw a plane flying over Lake Union with a Geico ad on it.  It kind of marred the landscape, but I’m sure Geico was paying a fortune for the opportunity so who am I to judge?  I don’t know that that would ever make me want to buy Geico insurance though.  I’d worry that when I needed them they’d be up in a balloon flying around with a Geico sign somewhere.  Whereas, like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.  All right.  I’m not going any further with that.  I’m clearly overtired.  🙂

We’re getting excited about our trip to Vancouver next weekend!  It’s a (belated) trip to celebrate Mike’s birthday and we’re looking forward to lots of new experiences and a fun trip.  I bought us Amtrak tickets because we haven’t ridden on a train in years and years.  I’m actually not sure that Mike ever has.  We’ll be sitting in “Coach” rather than “Business class” so we’ll get the real experience.  🙂  Plus it didn’t seem worth it to upgrade to business class seats for an extra $50 per person per way.  About the only thing they get is more legroom.

So I have been getting complaints about a lack of pictures on my blog, so here you all go.  The first couple of the ring were taken from about a hundred (literally) that Mike painstakingly took.  The rest are from my camera.

Engagement ring - top

Engagement ring – top

Engagement ring

Engagement ring – side view

And Piper… just because she’s always so cute and photogenic!



And Mike… gotta love that smile!  🙂

Mike opening his first present

Mike opening his first present

I know this picture is a little blurry, but I love his profile and intent expression.  🙂

Mike examining a hand-designed glass I got him

Mike examining a hand-designed glass I got him

Mike opening his gift from his parents!

Mike opening the MI-shaped breadboard from his parents!

Mike opening the MI-shaped breadboard from his parents!

Mike opening his steak knife from me…

Mike opening his steak knife

Mike opening his steak knife

Us… apparently advertising Rosetta Stone software!


BUY ROSETTA STONE! (We didn’t notice the prominent ad behind us at the time) 🙂

In case you didn’t see the Rosetta Stone ad, next I lean my head on Mike’s shoulder to give you a better view.  🙂

Now you can see the whole Rosetta Stone ad  :)

Now you can see the whole Rosetta Stone ad 🙂

And one casual one at Mike’s apartment…

Very casual...

Very casual…

And one of me drinking tea and loving the mall!

Hot tea always makes me smile!

Hot tea always makes me smile!

Mike has been going crazy with photography.  Apart from doing the street shooting with his friend from work, he’s been taking walks in the evenings with me pretty frequently and brings his camera along.  And now that I have a better camera I’ve been taking mine along too.  So hopefully you will be seeing more pictures in my blog posts and in Mike’s Flickr stream.  🙂



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2 responses to “Happy birthday Mike!

  1. Lia Kochenderfer

    Thanks for sharing the photos! You two make a cute couple. Geeewhiz—what a rock! The quick snapshot on your camera that you sent me doesn’t do this ring justice.;)

  2. Lia Kochenderfer

    Oh, and a big HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to Mike!!!

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