2nd Day in Vancouver!

Since we’d had an early night Friday night we were ready to do things on Saturday!  The hotel had a really nice free breakfast so we took advantage of that prior to beginning our wanderings.  We only really had one thing on our agenda which was to walk around in Stanley Park.  It’s a large peninsula-shaped park that has a 13.7 mile running/rollerblading trail along the perimeter and lots of flowers, trees, and shrubbery inside the park.  It also houses several statues and the Vancouver Aquarium which Mike and I decided to see.  We seem to have an affinity for aquariums.  I feel like I’ve seen jellyfish so many times that I’m getting immune to how fasincating they are.  🙂  We started our walk to the Aquarium/Stanley Park with fresh carrot juice for me and a frosty A&W root beer for Mike.  (Did you know at A&W they still put their glass mugs in the freezer so that when they pour the root beer in them the mugs are REALLY cold!  It definitely adds to the A&W experience!)

Mike enjoying his frosty A&W root beer

Mike enjoying his frosty A&W root beer

Our drinks definitely hit the spot.  As we walked we located a Whole Foods.  I had to take a picture with my camera to be sure I remembered where it was and could locate it again in an emergency.  😉  Stanley Park was just gorgeous!  The trees there are huge… bigger than any other trees I’ve seen!  There were street artists there displaying their art and all kinds of people grilling, sitting under the trees, sunbathing, visiting the aquarium which is located inside the park, etc.  There were also lots and lots and lots of rollerbladers!  Attention people of the world: In-line skating (aka rollerblading) did not die in the 90’s!  It’s alive and thriving up in Vancouver!  I think I may need to move there for that reason alone.  I always feel so old-fashioned roller-blading in the States… it’s like I didn’t get the memo that rollerblading isn’t “in” anymore.  🙂  We had a gorgeous view of the Vancouver skyline from Stanley Park!

The Vancouver skyline!

The Vancouver skyline!

The aquarium was a lot of fun.  We saw lots of familiar and unfamiliar things.  (What is that weird creature below anyway???)



Some of the highlights included otters, penguins, dolphins, beluga whales, jellyfish, and of course a huge variety of fish!

We definitely didn’t make it around the whole 13.7 mile perimeter, but we made it far enough around to get some good pictures!

The Lion's Gate Bridge

The Lion’s Gate Bridge

Brockton Point Lighthouse

Brockton Point Lighthouse

Mike doing two of his favorite things: taking pictures and drinking coffee

Mike doing two of his favorite things: taking pictures and drinking coffee

After wandering around Stanley Park and the aquarium most of the afternoon, we were tired and ready to relax.  We headed back downtown and stopped for dinner at a really cool restaurant named the Cactus Club Cafe.  The whole front of the restaurant was made of glass doors that slid open so that the tables at the front were basically outdoors.  It was a beautiful atmosphere and really good food!  I got a salad and a bowl of celeriac soup which is a Rob Feenie signature dish (he won Iron Chef America and has published a cookbook… he’s also the executive chef at Cactus!  I don’t know anything about him personally, but his celeriac soup was good.)  Mike got a burger, which he said was also good.  Cactus is known for its signature cocktails, and they were much better than the ones we had at the steakhouse the night before.  We were much too full for dessert, but I did make Mike stop at Whole Foods on the way back so we could get apples to eat later as snacks.  We were pretty exhausted after walking around all day, and planned to go to sleep early.  Except that I flipped on the television and saw that the old Batman movie starring Jack Nicholson as the Joker was on.  We had just seen the newest Batman movie with Christian Bale, so for some reason we were in a Batman mood and we watched that until midnight.  I had only seen bits and pieces of that movie before, mostly because Jack Nicholson creeps me out like crazy.  However Mike said he’d really liked that movie as a kid so my desire to better understand 12-year old Mike overcame my desire to avoid creepy Jack Nicholson nightmares.  😉  Towards the end they were showing commercials every ten minutes.  It’s been so long since I’ve watched anything other than instant streaming that I’d forgotten how commercials can turn any 2 hour movie into a 3 hour movie!

Did anyone else watch any movies this weekend?  Anything newer than the movie we watched?  🙂


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  1. Lia Kochenderfer

    I think that crazy “???” creature is some sort of salamander. I looked them up on Wiki and it looks rather similar to the kind found in the Asiatic catagory—weird!

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