A few somewhat random thoughts…

I realize it’s been awhile since I’ve posted.  Things have been crazily busy and I haven’t had much of importance to say.  I still don’t, but here’s my best attempt at detailing some things of unimportance.  🙂

Mike made an interesting comment to me yesterday about the ‘winds of change’.  I think we both feel those winds pretty significantly.  Not just because of our engagement but even more so for more undefinable, elusive reasons.  I feel like sometimes our subconscious has a better idea of what we’re actually up against than our conscious.  Both Mike and I are fine with our jobs.  Not overly excited or challenged, but fine with them.  I think both Mike and I have that “What next?” kind of feeling.

I feel like the term “winds of change” has a different meaning than just self-initiated change, though.  When I think of winds of change I think of being on some type of sail boat or clipper ship, looking up at the sails above me and seeing that the sails are starting to billow in a different direction.  I set my sails based on a certain wind, but it’s time to reevaluate the sails in light of the new wind.  It has less do with change you initiate yourself and more to do with how you react to change that has already been set in place around you.  And when you have already been at sea for a long time you develop the expertise to sense when the winds are going to change and you start to be able to proactively trim the sails accordingly rather than always retroactively be scrambling to meet the new wind.  It’s an interesting analogy and one that I feel is very appropriate for real life.

Last night I walked around the Capitol Hill area while I talked to Lia on the phone.  It was a cool, relaxing, beautiful night so there were still a lot of people around on Capitol Hill.

When I walked to work this morning, however, the sky was grey and lowering and the wind blew in strong gusts.  It’s significantly colder, and it’s clear that autumn has arrived.  I scuffed through a little sea of brown, dry, crunchy leaves as I walked.  There’s even change in the air as Seattle moves into fall.

On a completely separate, random topic, youtube is totally the new ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’ forum.  It used to be that if we wanted to see crazy, funny, weird stuff that was a slight invasion into strangers’ lives we had to watch America’s Funniest Home Videos on Sunday nights.  Now we can just youtube anything we can possibly think of.  And if we can’t think of anything, we can browse popular videos which are honestly some of the craziest ones.  It’s a little insane to me.  I just watched this one about a fluffy confused kitten that a coworker showed me, and I’m astounded.  The kitten is adorable of course.  And confused, yes.  But the video has over TEN MILLION views and over 45,000 ‘likes’.  How does that happen?  It’s about fifteen seconds of a cat playing with a sparkly pom pom on a stick.  Since when did that warrant ten million views?  It makes me seriously consider posting videos of Piper.  She looks cute and gets confused too.

Another random tidbit: I walked past lots and lots of construction on the way to work (as always), and I saw a piece of construction equipment I’d never seen before.  It was a vacuum truck.  It was a giant canister on wheels that had a big metal tube coming out of it.  One of the construction guys had it pointed at the pavement and was vacuuming up stray chunks (and I do mean CHUNKS) of concrete.  Crazy.  I’ve never seen anything like that before!  I wonder what kind of motor they need to make strong enough vacuum suction to literally suck broken chunks of concrete up.  Who invented that truck?  Did someone say, “You know what we really need at these construction sites is a giant vacuum cleaner so that we can pick up after ourselves more easily”?  Do the same companies that make that truck also make non-vacuum trucks?  Or do they also make vacuum cleaners?  Or both?  Or is the melding of those two products such a specialty that they don’t make anything else and instead specialize in how to make a truck that’s strong enough to drive a motor around that’s big enough to vacuum up concrete?

It is definitely a questioning kind of day for me.  Has anyone else seen any crazy youtube videos lately?  🙂


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  1. Lia Kochenderfer

    Cute kitten video…YES, you should most definitely start posting youtube vids starring that adorable four-legged, furry black, squinty-eyed, wins-best-personality cat Piper! Get one where she’s being vocal!

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