A concert and more CSA produce

The two-pepper sausage pasta and the fennel green bean dish I made over the weekend both turned out really well.  Mike even specifically asked for leftovers on Monday night.  🙂  I’m loving the green bean fennel dish… the fennel definitely adds a lot of flavor to green beans, which aren’t normally very flavorful on their own.

Mike had to work in the afternoon on Sunday, so he took the bus to Everett with the plan that I would rent a zipcar and pick him up when he was finished.  I didn’t get as much cleaning done as I wanted to this weekend, but I did get all the cooking done that I wanted to.  I also got some canned goods and frozen meals for Mike so that when I move to Wallingford in a couple weeks and won’t be seeing him every day he’ll still have something to eat.  In the past if I don’t specifically give him something for dinner he’ll either order a pizza or eat a bag of chex mix.  😉

Mike called me around 4pm to come and pick him up, so I grabbed my three garbage bags of good will clothes, dropped them off at goodwill on the way, and then drove up to Everett.  The weather was (and continues to be) gorgeous.  It’s chilly, but it’s in a fall kind of way and not a winter kind of way.  Yet.  🙂  The winter weather will come.

I picked up more CSA produce on Tuesday and the box is getting heavier by the week!  The CSA ends in three or four more weeks, which is good because I’m starting to reach my maximum carrying capacity toting the boxes home from work.  This week’s box included corn, carrots, zucchini, squash, tomatoes, lettuce, and a watermelon.  Even though it was a smallish watermelon the box was still very full and very heavy.  I’m planning on making ratatouille (yes, just like the movie!) either tonight or tomorrow night with the summer squash, zuchinni, and onion that I got.  I am NOT letting any more summer squash go bad in my fridge!  After work Mike walked up Capitol Hill to get his hair cut and I went with him.  It was pretty relaxing sitting in the barber shop watching the people go by outside.  There’s such a wide variety of people in Capitol Hill that you never get bored people-watching.  😉

Tuesday night I was planning on going trail running with a friend but she had to work late so she cancelled last minute.  In the absence of doing that I worked a little late, headed home, and ended up walking with Mike to the salon where he gets his hair cut.  I hardly recognize him with his short hair and no beard.  🙂

Wednesday was crazily busy.  I took off work early to go to an eye doctor appointment.  The eye doctor is in Queen Anne, a distrcit where I really haven’t spent a lot of time.  I walked about half the way there and then found a bus to take me the last half since the last half was steeply uphill.  I left there around 5pm and hurried back home because Mike and I were planning on going to a concert with his friend Chris and Chris’s girlfriend Sarah.  We left pretty much as soon as Mike got home and were still a little late meeting Chris and Sarah for dinner at the Pyramid Brewing Alehouse.  Both Sarah and I had salads and Chris and Mike had some kind of chicken sandwich.  Afterwards, we  walked a block south to the Showbox at SoDo for the concert.  The music was ok.  Kind of a light, hippie kind of alternative rock.  Mostly it was just fun hanging out with Chris and Sarah.  However, both Mike and I have been feeling run-down and tired so it was a little harder than usual to make conversation and enjoy the time together.  I think it’s a combination of all the cold viruses going around and the colder weather.

Last night Mike came home from work tired and with a sore throat so I got out an array of throat drops, Nyquil, kleenex, and vitamins and made him chicken soup.  He went to bed early and said that he feels a little better today but still wants to make it an early night.  I’m glad the weekend is just about here so that he can get a lot of sleep!

My team is moving to a different area of the building at work, so we have to pack up our stuff at 3pm so that the movers can move it to the new location over the weekend.  I’m not sure how I feel about the new location, but in general I’m a fan of change so we’ll see how it goes.  🙂

I have a hair appointment tonight with Marissa and I have to see if she’ll be available to style my hair on December 12th for the wedding.  Crazy… the next time I get my hair styled will be my wedding day.  I’m in that weird mode of doing things for the last time as a single person.  It’s even stuff as random as noting the expiration date on a package of cheese and realizing that I’ll be married before it expires.  Weird!

Does anyone have any fun weekend plans?  I’ll probably be starting to get stuff packed up to move to Wallingford!



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2 responses to “A concert and more CSA produce

  1. Karen Homer

    Karen, I feel compelled to let you know that summer squash (in fact, all squashes) freeze wonderfully. Just cut them up in chunks (don’t wash first) and seal them in freezer bags and they will be ready when you want to use squash in casseroles or soups over the winter.
    Also, I have a Winnie cart that I love for hauling things around. I found mine on eBay. The wheels are stable, it’s light, and it folds flat. Check it out.
    Love, Aunt Karen

    • Thanks so much, Aunt Karen! I had no idea you could freeze squash… it seemed like its high water content wouldn’t work well. But that’s great to know! I’ll be getting some more from the CSA tomorrow and I’m pretty tired of squash at this point so I’ll definitely freeze the new stuff! 🙂 The cart looks intriguing too… I’ll check into it! 🙂

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