Much busyness

This past month or so has been seriously crazily busy.  I think both Mike and I are exhausted, but optimistic.

Instead of writing about a cohesive topic today (which my sleep-deprived brain rebels against), I’m going to list out things at the forefront of my mind to hopefully relate what Mike and I have been up to and what’s on our minds these days.

1.  We finished getting everything out of my old apartment and I’m ready to turn in the keys (which is good because I have to turn them in tomorrow).  We have also started moving a few of Mike’s things into the new apartment.

2.  Mike’s been getting stuff figured out with the car (i.e. where to get gas for it, when it needs its oil changed, etc).  We also named the car Storm.  It was very bizarre, because both of us independently thought she should be named Storm and then we were freaked out by the fact that we thought of that independently.  We must really be on the same page or something!

3.  Mike’s and my wedding bands came in, but Mike is going to return his and get a different one.  The black one that he chose is coated with some type of metal to make it black, but the woman at the jewelry store warned us that she’d only sold one other like that and the black coating chipped off pretty quickly.  If it’s not durable, Mike’s not interested.  So sometime we have to get back there so he can pick out a different ring.  Preferably soon so that they have time to order one in his size and get it here without any weird expedited shipping.

4.  Workers are coming into our new apartment four days this week to move the kitchen island two inches to comply with some building code.  At first Mike and I were not happy and were ready to fight it.  It meant that I had to empty everything out of the cupboards in the island, and it meant that I have to shut Piper up in the bedroom for the next four days during the day while the construction guys are there.  However, we found out that the building is giving us a significant discount on this month’s rent because of this so we’re willing to put up with four days of inconvenience for that.  🙂

5.  I’ve been taking the bus to and from work every day for the past week and a half and it’s working great.  It means that I can’t leave exactly when I want to; I have to coordinate my time to when the buses reach my bus stop, but that’s actually better.  It gives a little more structure to my mornings.

6.  Last night I went to a yoga class followed by a yoga teacher training informational session.  I’m finally getting in gear to start training to become certified to teach yoga!  The studio I went to last night seems to have a great program.  There’s one other program I want to check out first, though.  I’m not sure which one I want to go with yet.  Because of that I didn’t get back to my apartment until after 10pm, didn’t get to sleep until midnight and hence am pretty tired today.  Given that Mike called me around midnight I know he got to bed late too.

7.  I don’t have internet at the new apartment.  I realize this isn’t something that I’ve been “doing”, but it’s very pertinent.  It means (among other things) that I can’t post on my blog from the new apartment. Technically there’s a common area that has free wi-fi, but since I usually post on the blog and surf the internet in my pajamas, going to a common area to do that is less appealing.

8.  These are cute.  They’re SO cute.  I’ve stopped buying any of them because I have too many.  But they are so cute.  🙂  I haven’t stopped to analyze why I like them so much except that they’re vegetables and they’re animals.  I like both of those things.  Maybe that’s all the analyzing needed.

9.  I got info from my dad on how to grow kale in the little rooftop garden that I have.  I just have to find a place that sells kale seeds.  Apparently kale is hearty enough to grow through Seattle winters and is difficult to kill, so that makes it the perfect plant for me to use for trying my hand at gardening.

10.  Mike and I went out for dinner at a Thai restaurant on Sunday.  The food was amazing… full of coconut, curry, and peanut flavors.  They had a huge variety of green teas as well.  Mike and I shared a pot of tea and drank almost the entire pot.  Crazy!  That’s a lot of tea for just two people!

11.  The parking spot at our new apartment in the underground parking garage is so small compared to parking spaces in the midwest!  There’s a pillar on one side of us, a mazda next to us, and the world’s most giant Ford 2500 truck from the 80’s on the other side of the mazda.  Even though I admire how neatly the giant Ford is parked, it definitely makes things a little more squished for us and the mazda.  It also looks kind of ridiculous because there’s our tiny car, a tiny mazda 3, and then this giant truck that looks like it could eat both our cars for breakfast.

12.  Fall/winter have come to Seattle in full force, complete with gusty winds, a constant sprinkling of rain, and plenty of fog.  What a great time to have a car!  🙂

13.  I have not been cooking at all with everything else going on.  I need to start very soon, though, because I have the disturbing feeling that the chicken in my fridge is going to go bad before I get a chance to make anything with it.  I also have seven winter squash on my counter, and I’m getting another couple today in my CSA box.  That is a LOT of squash.  Fortunately they should stay good for awhile.  Mike may be working late tonight.  If so I think I’ll use the opportunity to cook.  I have some great recipes picked out… just no time to try them!

14.  After several failed attempts I finally have a wedding officiant lined up to perform Mike’s and my marriage ceremony in December!  He’s a Christian pastor of a church in Auburn who does a few weddings a year for couples outside of his church.  Because of his limited availability in the mornings and evenings (church services/prayer meetings), we’re having our wedding around noon on 12/12/12.  I thought about suggesting 12:12pm on 12/12/12, but at some point we’re getting away from “cool” territory into “incredibly geeky, nerdy, and otherwise ridiculous” territory.  So noon it is.  🙂

15.  We’re trying to get engagement pictures taken to send to friends and family, but the engagement photo company does not seem to be emailing us back.  I think it’s time to follow up.  If we wait much longer our engagement pictures will actually be “just married” pictures.  🙂

16.  Mike and I are getting our ballots mailed to us so that we can vote without messing with the long lines at the polls on election day.  I actually have my ballot at home on my counter.  I need to hurry up and fill it out and send it in or I’m going to miss my chance to vote.  How is almost November already?  At this rate winter will be over before we know it!

In case Mike and I want to go out on Halloween (which I kind of want to) we bought costumes that are supposed to arrive at our new apartment on Halloween.  Nothing like living on the edge and getting a costume delivered to your house the same day you’re supposed to wear it right?  Speaking of which, based on the rate at which I’m getting wedding stuff done I have a sneaking fear that I’ll be in the same situation with my wedding dress and it will arrive twenty minutes before the wedding and I’ll be frantically trying to alter it last minute while the officiant and Mike wait.  Fortunately these are probably things you can get away with when you have the world’s smallest wedding.  🙂

Anyway.  🙂

How is everyone else’s week?  I really hope that anyone reading this on the east coast is safe from the crazy storm!



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3 responses to “Much busyness

  1. Glad to hear you’ve got a pastor lined up to do your wedding on the day you were hoping for … way better than a JotP, in my opinion. How’s the compositions of your vows coming?

  2. Lia Kochenderfer

    Oooh, you guys are writing your own vows? Coolness! I love the name Storm and so funny how you both were thinking the same thing. I wasn’t sure if Mike was into naming his cars or not so I didn’t know what to expect!—I adore those little animal food ornaments. Where do you find these things Karen? One day you just decided to do a search for “animals that look like food”?? Anyhoo, totally adorable! What are your faves? And be honest, which ones did you buy? The cauliflower sheep, carrot chipmunk, and apple owl are the ones I think stand out. My mom really likes the cauliflower poodle (go figure!).

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