Random news from Mike and Karen’s world…

All right!  Until I get internet at the new apartment (i.e. when Mike moves in) my posts will be fewer and farther between.  So to make up for that, I think I need to post a few pictures.

So, for starters, here’s Piper.

Piper laying in my lap. Yes, I really have pajama bottoms that look like that. :)

Piper laying in my lap. Yes, I really have pajama bottoms that look like that. 🙂

I think Piper's favorite spot in the new apartment is on top of the couch

I think Piper’s favorite spot in the new apartment is on top of the couch

And I know everyone’s curious about our new car!  It’s not there’s been an election going on to detract from the excitement of the new car or anything.

Our new car Storm.  2008 Honda Civic SI.  6-speed manual transmission.

Our new car Storm. 2008 Honda Civic SI. 6-speed manual transmission.

The car at night... doesn't it look hard-core?  :)

The car at night… doesn’t it look hard-core? 🙂

I love driving the new car!  It’s very reminscent of Mike’s RSX.  The shifting in the car is just SO smooth… it’s truly a joy to drive!  And it’s ridiculous how fast I can get going from a stop light without even trying (granted, I’m comparing my experience now to that of driving my 1999 Honda Civic).  🙂  Regardless, that extra gear definitely gives you more initial acceleration.  I was a little concerned about all of the hills in Seattle, but so far Mike and I have been surprisingly good with the hills.  A couple weeks ago I parked in Whole Foods’ underground parking garage and there’s a steep driveway to get out of it and because of the line of cars I had to stop a couple times on the steep ramp on my way up.  I was pretty nervous, but aside from revving the engine more than necessary I was fine.  🙂  And Mike successfully parallel parked it on a hill yesterday.  So we’re learning fast!  Surprisingly, the thing that’s been the hardest is the tendency to stall when we first get going.  We never did that with our other manual cars, but we’ve each done it a couple times with Storm.  Because she’s got a pretty good engine, you really have to give her gas when you first let out the clutch.  She is ready to GO!  And if you don’t give that gas to her, you can stall out.

Last night was a windstorm.  It was rainy and dark and the wind was so gusty that I got blown around like crazy.  Fortunately I had dropped the car off with Mike since he had a dentist appointment, so he picked me up after work and helped me avoid walking to the bus stop in that wind.  After picking me up, we headed downtown to exchange Mike’s wedding band for a different one.  There were two problems.  First of all, we discovered that there’s no such thing as black metal.  Who knew?  So Mike’s black ring was in fact not black all the way through but was coated in some alloy that had the strong potential to wear off over time.  Mike decided that was no good, so we went back to the store and he got a dark grey tungsten ring instead.  He also went up a half size because he really felt like the size he had in the other ring was too tight and too difficult to get off.  Mike’s fingers are a LOT bigger than mine.  It’s kind of crazy.  My wedding ring won’t fit over even the first joint of his pinkie finger (the first joint being the one that’s right underneath his fingernail), and his wedding ring (even the one that was a half size smaller than the one he currently has) is way too loose even for my thumb.  I don’t know how they measure ring sizes or what the ring sizes mean exactly, but Mike’s ring size is more than twice the size of mine.  That just seems weird to me… I don’t know why.  I’m kind of curious whether Mike’s hands are really big, or mine are really small, or whether the difference in our finger sizes is completely normal.  No way to find out, although I’m sure Google would give me some sort of answer, whether right or wrong.

I have actually been cooking some in the new kitchen!  And it’s SO nice to be cooking in a bigger space!  🙂  I cooked up this chicken and dumpling recipe for Mike on Wednesday night and he really liked it.  So much so that when I texted him Thursday and asked him what he wanted to do after work, he replied, “Put air in the tires and eat dumplings”.  🙂  I also made this roasted delicata squash on Tuesday night and it was amazing!  Seriously the best squash I’ve ever eaten!  I added probably three times as much rosemary as recommended (because I’m a huge fan of rosemary), but anyway it turned out so well that I got more rosemary and more delicata squash so that I can make it again tonight or tomorrow night.  I also baked some butternut squash up last night, and it was wonderful with cinnamon on.  I’m definitely in the fall cooking zone between the chicken and dumplings and the squash!  I’ve still got a head of califlower I’m not sure what to do with, so we’ll see what my solution is for that.  🙂

This weekend Mike and I watched The Machinist with a very emaciated-looking Christian Bale.  I was pretty freaked out during most of the movie and made Mike pause a couple times because I was getting too freaked out.  Mike was endlessly patient about hitting the pause button.  We actually almost never watch a movie all the way through.  Typically Mike will pause the movie to show me an interesting camera angle or point out a subtlety of the plot, and I’ll pause it because I’m freaked out or because I want to move laundry from the washer to the dryer or things like that.

We have hit it off so well with the woman who sold us my engagement ring and our wedding bands that we’re going out to dinner with her at an Italian restaurant where her son works in a couple of weeks.  I’m looking forward to it!

Mike’s tooth started hurting over the weekend, and we figured it was his wisdom teeth finally acting up.  Mike assumed the worst (i.e. he’d look like a chipmunk in our wedding pictures!), but he went to the dentist yesterday and it turns out that one of his crowned teeth needs a root canal.  That’s not too bad at all, and he’s getting that done tomorrow.

Over the weekend Mike and I are going to see this King Tut exhibit.  Supposedly this is the exhibit’s last time in North America before it returns to Egypt in January, so we definitely want to make sure that we see it before it leaves!  That’s our big plan for this weekend.  And now that we have a car we don’t care whether it’s raining or not because we’re more immune to bad weather.  🙂

Did anyone else hear about the New York City Marathon getting cancelled because of the terrible aftermath of Hurricane Sandy?  Crazy!  I think that’s the first time in its history that it’s actually been cancelled!  It was even held after 9/11.



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5 responses to “Random news from Mike and Karen’s world…

  1. Karen Homer

    Hi Karen. The car is really sharp looking and I’m glad you have more space in your new apartment.
    Can you send me your new address? thanks,

  2. Nate

    Nice looking car! How about putting up a picture of the dashboard, all lit up at night?

  3. Lia Kochenderfer

    Storm is a lovely car! Very impressive! The squash recipe looks amazing–I had no idea you could eat the skin. I will have to try it out. I was actually just about to stick an acorn squash in the oven for dinner later. I love baking in the Autumn! P.S. Can you email me your new address as well? Talk soon.;)

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