Root canal joy

Yesterday officially marked the one-month-left-until-the-wedding day.  You would think that since we’re having a bare bones minimalistic wedding there would be almost nothing to do.  At least, that’s what I thought.  But somehow it seems like there’s still a lot to do.  Last night I bought my wedding dress online.  It was simple and inexpensive so I was happy.  I had absolutely no idea how expensive wedding dresses could be.  Crazy!

I also realized that Mike and I need to go in-person to one of the government buildings downtown to get our marriage license.  Since the office is only open 9am to 4:30pm, we’re going to have to take half a day of vacation to get that done.  And I realized that we can actually do that now, since it’s good for 30 days from the day you get it.  Weird that time has flown by that quickly and it’s already almost December!

I’ve asked Mike if he’s getting nervous and he said he’s not at all.  He said if we were having a giant wedding he’d be nervous about getting all of that coordinated but he said he’s not nervous about the actual marriage itself.  Maybe at 7+ years we’re beyond the point of nervousness?  I guess we’ll see if nervousness kicks in during the remaining month.  🙂

So let’s talk about teeth.  Wisdom teeth.  And root canals.

Mike’s tooth started hurting last weekend and he got an appointment to see the dentist on Tuesday.  They weren’t sure what was up with his tooth, so they referred him to a specialist for a probable root canal and general check-out of that quadrant of his mouth on Thursday.  I took the day off work so that I could take him to his eye appointment (which was an hour before the dental appointment) and then to his dental appointment.  It turned out to be a really long day.  I picked him up around 9am and drove him to the eye clinic.  We spent about an hour picking out glasses for him before his appointment so that as soon as the appointment was over we could rush to his dental appointment.  It was kind of fun going through all the frames.  Mike reached a point where he was stuck after he’d tried on about twenty frames, but the eye assistant and I persevered and eventually helped him pick out a cool pair of glasses.  Then he went in for his eye appointment and I ended up chatting with the eye assistant.  She’s been to Italy and had a bunch of great recommendations for staying there.  Then when Mike came out with his eyes all dilated, he put on those weird sunglasses things that fit behind your ordinary glasses and I drove him to his dental appointment.  He went into the dental appointment and the dental assistant told him it would probably be about an hour.  No problem.  I settled down in the waiting room with my iPhone.  Half an hour later, the dental hygenist came out again.

“Karen?  The doctor is calling an oral surgeon for a consultation and it looks like it’s going to be another hour or so.”

“Is everything ok?”

“Yes.  It’s just a consultation.  No problem.  But it’ll just take a little longer.  You can go right across the street to Northgate Mall and we’ll call you about fifteen minutes before he’ll be done.”

Hmm.  So I walked across the street to the mall keeping my phone in my hand so that the office would be able to get a hold of me when he was finished.  I walked through almost every store in the mall, bought a few small things, and realized that it had been about an hour and fifteen minutes and I hadn’t heard back from the dental office.

Hmm.  So I walked back and asked the receptionist.  She said it would be about another ten minutes.  I waited, but it was actually another half hour before he came out, sarcastic as ever and cracking jokes to the hygenist about how totally numb his mouth was.  As it turned out, Mike had a weird combination of a crown that needed a root canal, a weird abscess in his mouth, and a nasty infection that may have been caused by the crowned tooth or the wisdom tooth.  Long story short is that he got a root canal but needs to go back for followup to see if the wisdom tooth is causing these problems, and if so that will need to come out too.  By the time we left the dentist’s office it was getting dark.  I was going to take Mike straight home because he had a crazy exhausting day but he said he’d been sitting all day between the eye doctor’s and the dentist’s, so he wanted to wander around the mall for awhile.  I actually had the mall pretty well scoped out already, but we walked over there anyway.  We looked at a variety of stores and when Mike’s numbness started to wear off we stopped at Red Robin and he got a good old-fashioned cheese burger.  Afterwards we went shopping for bar stools.  Then I took him home, and he was starting to feel the exhaustion setting in.

On Saturday Mike and I went to see the King Tut exhibit at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle.  This is the exhibit’s last time in North America so we figured we’d better see it!  It was crazily cool.  The amount of artifacts they had there were amazing.  It was somewhat misleading in its name.  Although it did have one gallery devoted to each of the four burial rooms in King Tut’s tomb (for a total of four galleries), the other 6 galleries contained other Egyptian artifacts, many of which were even older than the Tutankhamen’s.  For instance, we saw a giant bust of Pharaoh Khafra who built the Sphinx.  The antiquity of the items was just astounding.  They had a woven reed bed with carved cat’s feet legs.  They had various beaded work and lots of gold figurines and other artifacts.  It was really cool.  We didn’t see King Tut’s solid gold funeral mask (that surprisingly wasn’t at the exhibit even though it was pictured in all of the promotional info), but we did get to see a different Pharaoh’s solid gold funeral mask.  Some of my favorite things were the giant busts of the pharaohs and parts of walls that contains lines and lines and lines of hieroglyphics.

And, since it was specifically requested, here’s a picture of the Civic SI dashboard.  🙂

The Civic SI dashboard at night.  All lit up.  :)

The Civic SI dashboard at night. All lit up. 🙂

And in case anyone is interested, here’s a picture Mike took of me driving away.

The car at night

The car at night

Hope everyone’s week is going well so far!  🙂


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  1. Lia Kochenderfer

    What a neato picture of your car at night! That’s a true cobalt evening sky!

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