It’s raining, it’s pouring…

Happy Tuesday!  I’m happy because it’s a short week and Thanksgiving is coming.  In honor of Thanksgiving, how about we go through things we’re thankful for?  Everyone who wants to can jump in and add a comment for things that they’re thankful for.  And feel free to be verbose!  This is the season for thankfulness!  🙂

Let’s see.  Although it’s easy to just focus on big stuff, I want to focus on some little things too.

– I’m thankful for the smell of roasted cinnamon almonds at work.  It’s completely driving me crazy and making me hungry, but I’m so grateful to be able to smell them… they smell just amazing!

– I’m thankful that we’re off of daylight savings time.  In a way I really liked having the extra daylight and this whole ‘the sun sets at 4:30pm’ thing gets old.  But at the same time, I feel like with all the rain we’ve been getting, there’s something cozy about getting home in the dark and not feeling pressured to get out and do something despite the rain.  It’s weird.

– I’m thankful that it’s MUCH drier today than yesterday!  There’s not quite a sunrise, but almost.  The rain yesterday was absolutely insane.  Whole roads were flooded and impassable and the rain just came down in sheets.  And it pretty much continued all day.  And I had to drive to South Lake Union to give Mike the car because he had a dental appointment before work.  So basically we were both driving around a bunch yesterday in the pouring rain.  Today, however, things are much drier and I walked to the bus stop without getting wet.  🙂

– Speaking of which, I’m thankful that I got to the bus stop exactly on time.  I arrived at the stop as the bus was pulling up so my timing was perfect.  I just hopped on.  No waiting, nothing.  🙂

– I’m thankful for hot tea.  With the weather getting colder it’s so nice to settle in at work with a cup of hot tea.  This morning I’m drinking some kind of relaxing herbal tea.

– I’m thankful that it looks like Mike is all set with dental work!  He had his follow-up check-up after the root canal and it doesn’t look like the wisdom tooth needs to come out imminently.  What a relief!  🙂

– I’m thankful for the absolutely gorgeous Rhodesian Ridgeback who lives in our apartment building a few doors down from me.  He’s a beautiful tawny-colored dog with caramel-colored eyes that match his fur and he’s so beautiful and striking!

– I’m thankful for new, soft, warm, fluffy hooded sweatshirts!  As a result of a pre-Thanksgiving sale at American Eagle, I have two new hoodies.  They are SO fluffy!  I just love them.  All of my old hoodies were from Michigan (yeah… it’s been awhile since I bought new hoodies) and they were old and threadbare.  Fluffy new hoodies are amazing!

– I’m thankful for the marriage book that Mike and I are reading.  I think it’s so helpful!  Admittedly, not every chapter is applicable to us.  But I feel like it’s giving us a more circumspect view of our relationship.  One thing that I thought was very interesting is that in the chapter we read last night that dealt with conflicts and arguments, it said that many people assume that if they’re fighting and arguing that it proves they’ve married the wrong person.  Instead, the author contends, it proves that you’re individuals.  Individuals are always going to have unique backgrounds, values, experiences, and ideals that will lead them to have different ideas about a variety of topics.  The key isn’t in avoiding conflict.  It’s in handling the conflict the correct way and showing respect for the other person and their opinion.  It also stressed the importance of really listening to each other because often in the heat of an argument people want to talk a lot more than they want to listen.  Anyway, it’s a good book.  I’m thankful for it.  🙂

– I’m thankful for brussels sprouts.  I feel like someone should be thankful for brussels sprouts because most people aren’t.  So I’ll be thankful enough for everyone so that no one else has to spend their thankfulness thoughts on brussels sprouts.  I bought some roasted ones at Whole Foods last week and the guy at the deli counter shook his head and said he couldn’t stand brussels sprouts.  So apparently even many of the people who sell them don’t like them.

– I’m thankful for the constant wind in Seattle… it feels like the air never gets stale here.

Now for all of the big, probably obvious things.

I’m thankful for God, family, and friends.  I’m thankful for Mike and his stability and patience and the way we interact.  I’m thankful for a good collection of memories and the expectation of creating many more.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to eat local and organic food.  I’m thankful for the ability to run, to do yoga, and to take a variety of classes that are fun and help keep my body healthy.  I’m thankful for a new (bigger!) apartment with a kitchen island!  I’m thankful for Storm (Mike and my new car)!  I’m thankful for Piper, the little black shadow who follows me around the apartment.  I’m thankful that I’m already done moving to the new apartment and that we’ll have Mike all moved soon too.  I’m thankful for downy warm coats and waterproof boots when the weather decides to get wild.  I’m thankful for relatively good weather in the northwest when compared to the weather the east coast has endured.

And now, on to other not-specifically-thankful thoughts.  🙂

Sunday night Mike and I went shopping for leather shoe protector stuff.  While we were out, it started to rain.  We didn’t think much of it since, after all, it is Seattle and it is fall/winter.  However, by the time I dropped Mike off it started to rain harder.  That was unusual.  Usually we get the misty light rain, but actual, full-fledged rain is rare.  By the time I got home it was still raining and some of the roads were beginning to gather big puddles of water.  Monday morning I drove to work so that I could drop the car off with Mike in South Lake Union, and the rain was pretty ridiculous.  Not only was it still raining, but it had apparently been raining all night which led to lots of giant puddles.  I only had to drive about four miles from the Wallingford apartment to Mike’s South Lake Union apartment, but it took me half an hour.  It was pretty much slow puddle-wading the entire way.  Mike texted me after he got to work that the rain was also crazy up in Everett.

Mike and I moved another load of his stuff to the new apartment over the weekend.  We’re going to get the rest of his stuff moved this weekend.  He’ll have a four-day weekend with the Thanksgiving holiday so that gives him plenty of time to get moved in.  I’ll be able to help him out on Thursday and Saturday and Sunday, but he’ll be on his own on Friday since I have to work.  Since he’ll be moving in that weekend, he’s also getting the internet switched over sometime during the weekend.  That will be nice!  My internet access for the past couple months has just been through my phone.  So that’s another thing to be thankful for… getting the internet back.  🙂

Anyone else?  Any thankful thoughts?  🙂


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  1. Lia Kochenderfer

    I’m thankful for family/friends and for my adorable Keifer (the best companion in the entire world)! I too am thankful for the ability to buy fresh, organic produce at my local Whole Foods. Yes-all the scents and flavors of the season: cinnamon, spices, brown sugar, oatmeal, tea, squash, cookies and other baked goods…By the way, I just tried yerba mate for the first time yesterday. It’s like a combo between coffee and tea and full of antioxidants and other health benefits not to mention it’s supposed to give you energy without the jittery effects of coffee. It’s quite good, tastes like roasted green tea a bit. Have you ever had it?
    P.S. I just bought my mom a new hoodie for the winter as hers were becoming very threadbare.;)

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