Christmas lights and productivity!

This is the last full week of work before Mike and I get married.  We got a lot done this weekend, so I feel like I’m able to take it easy this week!

Thursday night I went in for a hair appointment and my stylist also played around with different potential styles for me to have during the wedding.  She’s so great… I really appreciate her effort.  I’ve also been going to see her for a couple years, so we’re pretty good friends at this point.

Friday night one of Mike’s friends from work invited us out to hear his friends’ band play a concert at a bar, so we went out for that.  It was fun to catch up with Mike’s old boss who was also there.  When the band stopped playing we all went across the street to a quieter lounge that was much more conducive to talking.  We didn’t leave until sometime after midnight. It was so nice to have a car because it was pouring rain!  I got wet even though I had an umbrella… I think it was just because the rain was coming down sideways as well as straight down.

Saturday morning we got up early because we had an appointment to get our engagement pictures taken.  It was a lot of fun!  Our photographer was really outgoing and personable and she got some genuine smiles from Mike, which isn’t always easy in pictures.  🙂  I’m excited to see how the pictures turn out!  She showed some of them to us as we went along, but it’s difficult to see our expressions looking at them on that tiny camera screen.

During the day on Saturday we got cleaning done around the apartment and Mike did some packing at the old apartment.  Saturday night we drove up to Edmonds and went to dinner with Mike’s friend who will be the photographer for our wedding and his wife.  They were SO much fun!  Mike’s friend (coincidentally also named Mike) had the same sarcastic over-the-top sense of humor as Mike so it was really fun to see them interact with each other.  We had a really good time.  We were going to stop at a carwash on the way back because Mike really wanted one, but unfortunately the carwash was closed.  However with as windy and rainy as it was that night I feel like the car was pretty well washed anyway!

Sunday morning we drove down to Auburn to attend the church service of the pastor who’s going to officiate our wedding.  We enjoyed the service a lot and talked to the Pastor for awhile afterwards so that we feel comfortable with him and know him.  That seemed better than him just showing up the day of the wedding and not knowing him at all.  He was really great!  I think we found the perfect pastor for our wedding.  I wish his church was closer than Auburn, because we would consider attending there.

After the church service I got a bunch of laundry washed, dried, folded, and put away while Mike, overcome with exhaustion, fell asleep.  He slept for a couple hours.  I think we were both just pretty tired after such a busy weekend!

Monday after work Mike drove back to Edmonds for that car wash and stopped by the store to look for a new winter coat.  I folded and put away clothes and cleaned the apartment for an hour and a half.  Then I jumped on the treadmill in the workout room for about twenty minutes and headed upstairs all sweaty.  I found that Mike had returned and he had CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!  FUN!  We’re planning to hang them up around the windows tonight.  They’re LED, so they’re low-powered but really bright.  Mike got white, because he’s a purist.  I was totally on board with white, though, since it’s a really bright, almost blue, white.  Like Birch’s headlights.  I played some old-style Christmas music (think Bing Crosby and Andy Williams) while Mike rolled his eyes and weighed our tree and light options.  Our tree actually doesn’t need any lights because it’s a little fiber optic tree that has its own lights so I think we’ll be able to just use the lights around the windows once we’ve decided exactly where we want to put the tree.  Piper enjoyed seeing the lights plugged in and the tree brought out.  She was pretty fascinated actually.  She loves bright lights!

In other news, I ordered an entry bench for the hallway next to our front door.  It came, and Mike assembled it.  It is seriously the nicest thing I’ve ever had.  It is SO nice to have someplace right next to the door to sit and take off or put on your shoes.  It also has a little wicker basket drawer under the bench for storing things like scarves and gloves.  Along the back of the bench is a coat rack, so it also provides somewhere to hang your coat.  I feel in some weird way like it is the most amazing luxury I’ve experienced in my life to date.  If you have ever spent a bunch of time hopping around on one foot trying to pull a boot off in a narrow hallway and then finally giving up and sitting on the floor, then you’ll understand.  If you haven’t experienced that you can’t fully appreciate what a wonderful thing an entry bench is.  🙂

So basically, we’ve been pretty productive.  🙂  One thing we need to do soon is finish getting the rest of stuff out of Mike’s apartment.  We still have to get his big stuff like his two desks and his dresser and a couple of office chairs.  I think a lot of the little stuff is already moved.  Maybe that will be the project for this weekend, because I don’t think we have anything else going on.

Regardless, we’ve been pretty productive.

I hope everyone else is having a good week!  I wish it was a little later in the week than Tuesday but at least Monday is past!  🙂


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