Last minute errands & FLOWERS!

Yesterday was a busy day.  I was planning on taking half a day of vacation, but I ended up taking a full day of vacation.  First up was getting the marriage license.  This is a prerequisite for all other marriage activities Mike and I have been doing. but we put it off simply because the King County recording office is only open from 8:30am to 3:30pm, so we basically had to take half a day off of work to get there.  We arrived down by the waterfront where it’s very hilly and had a few fun hill adventures with our manual car (good job not rolling back into other cars on those hills Mike!) before we found a parking place.  Being kind of frugal, especially these days, and forgetting that we were going to a government agency, I only put half an hour’s worth of money in the meter.  Mike shook his head at me, but didn’t say much.  We located the recording office pretty quickly, and we both had the instant feeling of inefficiency as soon as we walked in.  There was a cafe there that a lot of people seemed to be lounging around in and no one seemed to be walking quickly or in a hurry.  That didn’t bode well for the half hour I’d put on the meter.  We followed the signs to the recording office and had to fill in some paperwork about ourselves and our parents.  It’s a good thing we had smart phones because I had to look a few things up (what county in Wisconsin was I born in, anyway?).  It’s weird that I’m getting married in the same state that my dad was born in, even though it’s thousands of miles from where I grew up.  After we’d filled out the forms we had to raise our right hands and swear that all the information on the forms was correct as far as we knew.  Then we got a marriage license.  It was that easy.  Fortunately the delays weren’t too bad since we got there first thing in the morning so we made it back to our car before we got a parking ticket.  Awesome!

Afterwards, Mike dropped me off at a place I’d selected to have alterations made to my dress.  The dress fit pretty well right out of the box, but it was kind of big in the torso area and I decided it was better to get that fixed.  The woman at the shop had me try on the dress and then she busily moved around me putting pins into the fabric.  Five minutes later she asked if that felt better.  I moved around a little.  YES!  That felt much better!  She said she can guarantee it will be done by the 12th but she can’t guarantee how much before the 12th.  I’m hoping that it gets done this weekend, or by Monday at the latest, just so I don’t have to worry about picking up the dress Tuesday night or Wednesday morning when I’ll already be busy with other things.  On the plus side, as long as they have it Mike won’t accidentally see it and I’ve decided to be surprisingly old-fashioned and not let him see the dress until the wedding.  🙂

Afterwards I waited in the cold wind at the bus stop.  It was a gorgeous, sunshiney day (very unusual for Seattle in December), but the wind was definitely biting.  By the time I got back to my apartment it was 11:30am and I really felt like there were other wedding things I needed to do (like find some kind of white shoes for instance), so I ended up just taking the day off.  After finding some white shoes, I walked to the grocery store to pick up some groceries to make dinner.  I loved being out in the sunshine, even though the wind was strong!  Because it was so nice out and because I unexpectedly had taken the whole day off I decided to go for a run.  I ran about three miles down the Burke Gilman trail and back.  I was flying (well…. flying for me) at just a little over an 8min/mile pace.  Unfortunately the app that keeps track of my runs crashed at the end when I was trying to save my run so I don’t actually have any evidence of how fast I was going.  Bummer!  But it was still an amazing run!

Then after a hot shower to warm back up, I got to talk to Tom and Lia on the phone while I started dinner for Mike.  Talking to Tom and Lia was fun and refreshing… it sounds like Tom’s having an amazing time in Las Vegas visiting!  Mike was working late, so as it turned out I had to put the food away around 6:30pm.  Then I went down to pick up a few packages from the front office… and found a box of flowers!  From Marcia, Mike’s mom!  Notifying me of a “virtual” wedding shower!  That was so sweet of her to set up… it’s so nice to be remembered even though I’m so far away!  🙂  I took the flowers up to the apartment, and they were beautiful!  The antithesis of the cold, crisp wintry, rainy weather we’d been having.  The bouquet was full of pinks and oranges and light greens… just the thing to bring the sunlight back to Seattle!  Being a budding gardener (and by budding gardener, I just mean that I planted a rosemary plant in my garden patch on the roof of the apartment building), I read all the instructions for the flowers and followed them.  Speaking of which, I should probably check on that rosemary plant and make sure it’s still alive.  The problem is that by the time I get out of work, it’s already dark outside so it would be difficult for me to see how the rosemary tree is doing without a flashlight.  I should really check on it tonight.

How is everyone else’s week going?  I will leave you with a picture of the beautiful bouquet to brighten up everyone’s winter days.  🙂

A colorful bouquet!

A colorful bouquet!


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