Soup days are upon us

Life has been pretty busy, but Mike got slowed down by a cold over the weekend and I think that was our sign to back off a little.  Mike doesn’t get colds very often so he doesn’t like it (not that anyone does, but he doesn’t even have the degree of familiarity with them to have gotten used to the symptoms).  I stopped by the store on Sunday and got ingredients for home-made chicken noodle soup.  I pretty much made it like the recipe, except that I noticed boxes of chicken stock at the store instead of chicken broth, so I used that instead figuring it would make a thicker, heartier soup.  It did.  I also added roasted garlic, because it tastes good and because garlic has antibacterial properties and it wouldn’t surprise me if it also had anti-viral properties.  I bought some rosemary Italian rolls to go with it, and that went over really well.  So well that the soup is almost gone and the rolls are all gone.  I stopped to get more rolls Tuesday night but Mike said he wanted to get a giant load of braided challah instead.  I have all the respect in the world for challah, but this was a giant loaf and I was anything but sure how to cut it.  (Do you just slice it straight or do you cut it along the braid??)  Anyway, we got it.  Mike had some last night and after being sufficiently warmed and buttered the challah didn’t work out too badly.  🙂

I also baked some butternut squash for me because I love it, because it’ll probably help my immune system, and because I’ve got several squash lying around that it’s time to eat up.

I also got ingredients to make chili and split pea soup.  I’ll probably make up the chili tonight.  The weather here has been cold!  Last night many areas of Seattle got an inch or two of snow.  Downtown Seattle (and thus our apartment) was spared, but it’s really cold and windy and rainy downtown even though there wasn’t actually snow.  So it’s definitely a soup kind of week!

Fortunately Mike has been feeling much better the past day or two.  He typically kicks colds really fast.  I think it’s because his body temperature is so warm that it kills viruses.  I’m not joking.  He was feeling well enough Tuesday night that he went to his old apartment to do the last bit of work before we move the small amount of his stuff that’s left there.  So he took apart his desk and packed up what’s remaining.  There’s really not much there so I think the remaining moving this weekend will be really quick.  Left to my own devices, I went to a yoga class.  It felt great!  I really love my new yoga studio.  It’s so nice that they’re only four blocks away!  Even when Mike has the car I can easily get there.

Friday night we’re going to a friend’s birthday party.  I’m excited for some reason.  I think just because we’ve been focused on getting things done for so long that we haven’t done anything social in awhile.

We’re also excited to have a nice, relaxing Christmas with nothing to do and nowhere to go.  🙂  We’re hoping to have Mike all moved in this Saturday.  I’m not sure if I’ll attempt to cook or whether we’ll get a small Whole Foods holiday meal (yes, they offer those at Christmas as well as at Thanksgiving).

I accidentally forgot to mail out the thank-you notes for all of our wonderful wedding gifts this morning, so it looks like they will have to wait one more day!  It’s terrible… I’ve had them written out and sealed in addressed, stamped envelopes for a week and somehow they haven’t made it out to the mailbox.  On the up side, I’m already using most of the gifts!  The pyrex pans have already been broken in making squash, the pots for heating up soup, the pan for cooking up scrambled eggs, the soup ladle for the chili, the end table by the couch… the list goes on!

Mike bought a stand and keyboard for his iPad to basically make it act like a mouse-less computer, and he set that up on the kitchen island Tuesday.  It looks like a space-age aluminum computer kind of thing.  Mike was disappointed because apparently the keyboard has some quality issue with it so he returned it yesterday and got a different one.  More and more, though, it seems like full-size computers are overkill for what most people want to do.  A tablet with a keyboard is a pretty good substitute in most cases.

On to a weird and completely random topic.  Deodorant.  I’ve been buying Mike’s deodorant for a long time since he hates grocery shopping, and the last time I bought some I got the same brand but a different scent.  Usually this brand of deodorant is great-smelling, but this particular scent seems WAY off.  Like some kind of a mix between chemical fake flowers and aluminum baking soda.  It’s bad!  Mike claims he can’t smell the difference and says I’m having olfactory hallucinations  but I can smell it as soon as he enters a room.  Here’s the weird thing: when I smell the deodorant by itself in the bottle, it seems fine.  So am I crazy?  What’s going on?  Last night I took to to see what the reviews on that particular deodorant were.  Do other people agree with me or am I crazy?  The reviews were HILARIOUS!  If anyone ever feels like they need a laugh, just go to, pick any particular deodorant  and look at the reviews.  Granted, as Mike pointed out, what kind of a person actually reviews deodorant online anyway?  You’re definitely getting the views of a very narrow subset of the population.  I couldn’t stop laughing at the reviews, some of which supported my view and some of which didn’t.  One reviewer claimed that he couldn’t stop women from following him home and that he was going broke buying drinks for all the women who approached him in bars because of the deodorant.   Another guy claimed that the smell was “very, very, very strong” and not to be used if you had a job that “required being sneaky”.

Being the engineers that Mike and I are, we decided to try an experiment.  Mike is going to go back to using the regular deodorant for a few days and I’ll see if I can smell the difference or whether I still smell that chemically smell. I’ll have a more definitive answer after a couple days.  Stay tuned… I know you’re all dying of curiousity!  😉

Also, it’s almost CHRISTMAS!  🙂  Mike and I will probably go to a Christmas Eve service on Monday, but apart from that we just want rest.  🙂  Does anyone else have fun Christmas plans?


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