Never change your cat’s food…

Today the sun is shining on Seattle!  It’s so nice!  It’s been rainy and windy and overcast and chilly for the past week, so getting to see rays from that golden orb is SO refreshing!  It’s still cold, but at least it’s brighter!  I walked to Whole Foods over lunch today, and it was so nice to be outside… and dry!  🙂

On a (slightly) weather-related note, the weather has not killed my little rosemary tree that Mike and I planted outside right after Thanksgiving!  It’s still plugging away out on the roof in the cold and the rain and even seems to be growing a few new branches.  I would love to clip a few sprigs of rosemary to use in cooking, but I’m afraid to do anything to shock it since it’s doing so well.  In March I should be able to plant some lettuce and kale.  Exciting!

For those of you looking for fun trivia about Amazon (because who isn’t, right?), here’s their holiday press release:

Key facts from the release:

– If you stacked every Christmas Story Leg Lamp purchased by Amazon customers this holiday season, the height would reach the top of Mt. Everest.

– Amazon customers purchased enough sports team garden gnomes to fill every seat in Madison Square Garden.

– Amazon customers purchased enough Angry Birds plush toys to stretch 285 times the height of the tallest tree in the world, located in California’s Redwood Forest.

That is a LOT of Angry Birds plush toys.  Kind of a scary amount actually.

In other news, Patrick Dempsey apparently wants to call Seattle his ‘home-away-from-home’ and save Tully’s Coffee in the process.  I’ll be honest.  Tully’s is one of the weaker chains here in Seattle, and I wouldn’t go there if there were other coffee shops in the near vicinity.  The last time Mike and I were in a Tully’s he asked for a split shot latte and they didn’t know what that was.  Mike explained it to them, and then they said they couldn’t make one because ‘their machines wouldn’t do that’.  I realize that many readers of this blog don’t know what a split-shot latte is, but it’s a common thing out here and for the baristas to be unable of making one because of their machine says that the baristas don’t even set up the espresso shot.  They probably just push a button on the machine.  (I realize completely that I am exhibiting coffee snobbery at its finest.  🙂  Just for clarity, I have no ill will towards Tully’s Coffee or any of its employees.  I have just had much better experiences at other coffee shops in Seattle.)  But maybe Patrick Dempsey will turn everything around and buy new machines.  Ones that allow the baristas to set up the espresso shots for split shot drinks.

Apparently I have a lack of my own news, because I’m starting to sense that this blog post is mostly a collection of other people’s news.  😉

Poor Piper.  She had a rough day or two.  It all started with her food.  I ran out of her usual dry food and couldn’t find it at the QFC grocery store near our house so I bought her a different kind instead.  It did NOT go over well.  That is, she ate it the first day but not very much of it.  And on the second day she mewed a lot, seemed generally unhappy, had bad diarrhea in the morning and had an accident in the bathroom (fortunately she picked a good place… bathroom floors are easy to clean).  I thought maybe it was a coincidence but later that night she was mewing again, had diarrhea again, and again had an accident in the bathroom.  Poor thing!  Mike drove me to the closest pet store to see if they would have her usual food.  They did!  We bought that for her, she gobbled some up as soon as we put it in front of her, and she seemed better the rest of the evening.  Poor little thing!  I felt so bad for her that I specially picked up some new mousies for her to play with at the pet store.  She seemed to enjoy them.

The woman in line ahead of us at the pet store had a bengal cat (who was with her in her car) and she was buying a big stroller for it.  Wow.

The cooking continues!  Over the past couple of days I baked up an acorn squash and a butternut squash, both of which smelled so good!  I’ll be sad when winter squash goes out of season.  The squash are already significantly smaller than they were a few weeks ago.  I also made chili last night using this recipe.  I *think* it turned out well.  It smelled great.  But by the time it was done cooking last night Mike had already eaten dinner so I’ll heat up leftovers for him tonight.  The good thing about chili is that it just gets better with reheating.  I’m also eyeing the leftover turkey from Thanksgiving in the freezer and thinking that might make a wonderful turkey wild rice soup this weekend.  We’ll see if I find an inspiring recipe!  I also got dried split peas to make a split pea soup in the next week or two as well.  Definitely lots of cooking and baking going on at our apartment!

Does anyone have New Years plans?  Mike and I aren’t sure what we’ll be doing yet!


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