Hello 2013!

Here we are entering a new year!  2013!  Crazy!  It feels like 2012 flew by SO fast!

Happy, happy birthday to Mike’s and my niece Mabel (two days late)!  🙂  We are sending all kinds of love your way Mabel and hope you had a very special day!  🙂

Just when Mike and I thought we were all done with wedding shower gifts, a box came from his Aunt Karen with a bunch of goodies inside!  A few things from our wedding registry, some gorgeous trivets, a beautiful afghan, and a few other things.  The box was so much fun to open and go through!

Mike and I had a very low-key New Years Eve.  We started watching a show together called Downton Abbey.  It’s a Masterpiece Theater show, and it’s really interesting.  I had watched a couple episodes back before I moved apartments, but hadn’t watched any since then, so I started over and we watched a couple episodes together.  On New Years Day we watched a couple more episodes and did a LOT of organizing at the new apartment.  We organized bunches of paperwork, went through a lot of clothes, and took six bags of junk to the trash room.  That is definitely progress!  🙂

Sunday night we felt like getting out of the house for dinner since we’d been buried in old, dusty stuff all day, so I suggested that we walk to Tutta Bella, an Italian restaurant about half a mile from our house.  It wasn’t raining, but it was COLD!  It’s been getting down to about 30 degrees overnight which is shockingly cold here.  The only thing that’s saving us from snow is that we haven’t actually been getting any precipitation.  Anyway, Mike told me I couldn’t complain about the cold weather since it was my idea to walk instead of drive, so I didn’t complain.  I did, however, walk very fast both there and back!  Tutta Bella was so nice and warm with their big wood-fired pizza ovens, so it was so nice to relax there.  We took our time and got talking about the melting points, malleability, and yield strengths of various metals.  Yes, this is what happens when you turn two engineers loose without a defined topic to talk about.  Happily, we were able to satisfy our curiosity on Wikipedia through the use of our iPhones.  For instance, bronze is an alloy of copper and, and brass is an alloy of copper and zinc.  Who knew?  Not us.  Who cared?  Probably no one except us.  😉

Mike also came home from work on Monday with two identical brooms.  Why two identical brooms?  Because he had found the best one at Home Depot and decided that we needed a different one for sweeping up litter than for sweeping up the rest of the house.  But since he had already found the perfect broom he didn’t want to settle by getting a lesser broom.  I’m not sure what my strategy for telling them apart will be.  I’ll probably wrap a piece of colored tape around the handle of one of them.  🙂

One thing Mike and I are trying to do is experience more of Seattle now that we have a car.  For starters, we’ve decided to try a new restaurant each week.  This week we went to the Saffron Grill, which is a fusion of Indian and Mediterranean food.  Their website says that they offer ‘unique and inspiring dishes’, which they definitely do, but their website is distinctly un-unique and un-inspiring.  But don’t let it fool you.  The hostess and waiters were attentive without being overbearing and the restaurant had a large, open floor plan and was decorated in warm reds and golds that made the room instantly feel welcoming.  Indian and Mediterranean are two of my favorite cuisines, so I was excited.  Mike was interested, if slightly less enthusiastic than me.  Since I don’t get Mediterranean food often I got a mixed vegetarian plate that included sauteed spiced seasonal vegetables, dolma, falafel, fried tofu chunks, and basmati rice.  It was all SO good!  I’ll admit the dolma wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, and the coating on the falafel patties was a little overdone, but all in all it tasted just amazing!  Exactly what my middle-eastern-deprived taste buds needed!  Hello cumin… I missed you!  Mike (not a big fan of Mediterranean food) went with Indian curry chicken that he said was good, although spicy.  We lingered there and enjoyed ourselves and at the end they brought us some complimentary (read: free) baklava, a traditional middle-eastern dessert.  We were both pretty full, but Mike had some and said it was really good.  All in all, it was very relaxing dining experience.

In other news, in the interest of having good coffee and saving money, Mike got a French press and a grinder and has been making his own coffee.  I haven’t messed with it at all, but Mike read the instructions for both the grinder and the French press completely, so I think he’s pretty competent with it even though he’s only been doing it a few days.  Since we no longer live in South Lake Union right above one of the best coffee shops in the city, Mike was forced to either buy espresso from the bagel place downstairs in our current apartment building (which was pretty poor coffee for someone used to the highest quality espresso) or drive farther out of his way to get coffee, or make his own.  He has chosen the latter, and so far it seems to be working out.  He’s buying and grinding his own beans, and I take care of washing out the French press and his thermal mug for him each day.

On a completely unrelated note, our wedding pictures will be ready soon.  I’m really looking forward to seeing them, and Mike will post them on flickr so that anyone who’s interested can see them.  🙂


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