Oh Piper, Piper!

It’s shocking, as always, how quickly the weekend went by.  This weekend was very eventful, although not entirely in pleasant ways.

Friday night Mike and I relaxed, cleaned the apartment some, and then went to Ikea to look at desks since Mike needed a small one for his studio room.  We found several candidates, but decided to think on it before buying one.  It has been COLD!  And the Ikea parking lot is BIG!  So walking back to our car in the cold and the dark was pretty traumatic.  😉

On Saturday Mike had made his decision on a desk so we headed back to Ikea.  Ikea is a weird store.  There is a very clear ENTRANCE sign marked and a very clear EXIT sign marked with arrows painted along the walkways throughout the store.  It’s really a store designed to go through in only one direction.  If you try to turn around you find yourself walking against swarms of people.  It’s a very weird setup.  It definitely has a human conveyer belt kind of feel to it.  Notwithstanding, Mike wanted to try going in the door marked EXIT because we didn’t want to wander through the entire store again to get to the desks, and the desks were closer to the exit than to the entrance (or so we thought).  I was slightly skeptical but I’m always up for something new and crazy, even if it’s as extreme as walking through an Ikea store in the wrong direction.  So we walked in the entrance.  We had a little trouble getting past the cash registers because people were flowing through them towards the exit door, but we got past that without too many problems.  Past that we found ourselves in a giant warehouse.  Um.  We didn’t remember this from last night.  Maybe we hadn’t actually made it all the way through the store last night.  We kept walking, following arrows (in reverse) for the main storeroom.  After about ten minutes of warehouse walking, we found ourselves in the lighting showroom that had bunches of lamps, chandeliers, and LED strip lights.  Um.  We didn’t remember this from last night either.  We continued walking, dodging the people going in the opposite direction that we were.  Next we hit the kitchen appliances section.  Then the kitchen wares.  Then the bedspreads and bedroom accessories.  Then the toys and stuffed animals.  Then a cafe.  What exactly was going on here?  We didn’t remember any of this.  After walking for about twenty minutes, we found ourselves at the door we had exited the previous night.  Apparently we had missed over half of the store.  Crazy!  After locating the desks, we were a little relieved when we found what we needed and were able to walk in the same direction of the crowd towards the actual exit.  We saw someone walking the wrong way through the store and Mike suggested mischievously that we should ask them what the heck they were doing and whether or not they could read signs.  It’s not as though we had been doing the same thing half an hour earlier or anything.  😉

After getting home, Mike put together his desk.  It looks great!

After that, we made a somewhat terrible discovery.  Piper had peed (significantly peed… not just a dribble) on our bed right next to Mike’s pillow.  It had gone right through the comforter, the flat sheet, the fitted sheet, and into the mattress.  Aaaaah!  What do you do at that point?  I punished Piper and tried to make sure she connected it with the mess on the bed, but at that point the damage was done.  What next?  We really didn’t want to smell cat urine every time we went to bed, nor did we feel like buying an expensive new mattress.  Mike took to Google while I packed the sheets into the washer.  Mike discovered that dish soap + baking soda + something he kept referring to as a ‘neutralizer’ could probably be used to soak up the urine from the mattress.  Step 1 was dish soap which I insisted on applying since every time I’ve seen Mike lather anything up he ends up with buckets of suds.  I don’t think he knows that the phrase ‘more is always better’ doesn’t apply to soap.  😉  I applied the dish soap and then gave him the baking soda, which was supposed to draw out both the water, dish soap, and urine through osmosis.  I left him alone to do that while I figured out how to wash the pillow.  I came back to find a 2′ x 1′ area of the bed completely covered in an inch of baking soda.  Apparently Mike feels the same way about baking soda as he feels about soap.  We left that to draw out all liquids via osmosis while we hurried to the nearest pet store to get ‘neutralizer’ before they closed for the day.  As we walked in, a bright and friendly associate asked how we were doing.  I considered giving her our cat urine story and thought better of it and just said we were doing fine.  🙂  We located something called “urine destroyer” which Mike thought sounded like exactly what we needed.  There were other things like “urine deodorizer , “urine vapor neutralizer”, etc, but we felt immediate confidence in the stuff that came in the giant white bottle called “urine destroyer”.  🙂

We got it home but decided that we should let the baking soda continue to soak in overnight.  Exhausted, we pulled a sleeping bag out of the closet and decided to sleep on the floor of the bedroom for the night and evaluate the state of the bed in the morning.  Given Piper’s recent indiscretion we decided to shut our bedroom door to keep her out of it overnight.  That worked except that she mewed pitifully throughout the night.  Mike apparently slept through it, but she woke me up a couple of times.

The good news is that we completely eradicated the stain and the odor from the bed between the dish liquid, baking soda, urine destroyer, and a strong fan, and we slept peacefully and un-bothered by disturbing smells last night.  We suspect that she smelled sweat on the pillow and in her infinite helpfulness decided to mask it with a (better??) smell.  What a helpful cat.  Needless to say I closed the bedroom door before I left for work this morning.  🙂

It was a fun adventure sleeping on the floor since it had been a long time since either of us had broken out sleeping bags, but it’s not an experience we want to repeat soon.  At least not for the same reasons.

Sunday we went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond in search of a new comforter (the old one was un-recoverable and was pretty old anyway.  We didn’t see one we liked, but I found one online at Kohl’s that was 70% off and just what we were looking for.  Yay for ‘after-the-holidys’ sales!  🙂

Despite our fun adventures over the weekend, we found more time to clean the apartment, and we are now just about finished.  We do not have boxes sitting around in random places, we have some pictures and prints hung up.  It’s starting to look like a real home.  What a great feeling!

I also did a little cooking!  This southwest chicken turned out to be a good and very healthy recipe! I modified it, because apparently that’s what I do with most recipes.  I cut the chicken into cubes so it would cook faster, and I added minced garlic and onion, as well as some chili powder and freshly ground pepper.  And probably more cumin that the ‘pinch’ specified.  I served the cubed chicken/veggie mixture over brown rice with a little cheddar cheese sprinkled on top.  I think Mike liked it, and it’s SO easy and healthy!  I also baked some acorn squash.  The squash season is starting to wind down, and the squash in the stores are starting to look small and sad.  So I don’t think I’ll be having squash for much longer.  😦

We have also almost finished season two of Downton Abbey so we’re just about ready to jump on board with the current season… better late than never!  🙂  I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend, free from pet mishaps.  🙂

In a completely unrelated note, Mike and I got our wedding pictures back so expect a link to those in the near future!


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