Fresh Air and a Very Bumpy Bus Ride!

I am so glad that it’s Thursday.  Seattle (and most of the coast from Bremerton all the way down to Tacoma) has been under a ‘stagnant air warning’ for the last five days.  What that means in English is that, although usually wind blows constantly on us from the west, for the last five days the same cloud of air has settled over us.  That means car exhaust and pollution haven’t gotten blown away.  It also means that in general we haven’t been getting oxygen-fresh air.  The wind finally came back this morning and has apparently started blowing again.  I was glad!  It was to the point where I felt like I was breathing in car exhaust and fumes while walking from the bus stop to work.  Everything just felt stale and old.  Now I keep wanting to fill up my lungs as much as possible!  However, there is a cloud with this silver lining.  The rain for which Seattle winters are renowned (and which we haven’t actually seen for the past 3 weeks) has returned.

This weekend Mike’s friends from work came over and they all went out street shooting together.  Apparently there was some confusion over the term ‘street shooting’.  It means they all took cameras and went out and wandered around town and took pictures.  As if that weren’t hard-core enough, they only used film cameras and black-and-white film.  Yes, that’s right.  That old 35-mm film that everyone thought was gone for good.  I admit that I’m a pretty strongly digital girl.  The whole manual focus, not knowing if the picture turned out until you get it developed later, having to get the picture developed, and then having to scan it to get it into an email-able state… all those issues are not for me.  However, they all had a shot of scotch on the rocks and then headed out with their film cameras and their black-and-white film.  I saw them off, talked to my parents, and then headed down to the workout room for a treadmill run.  I was just finishing when Mike texted me that they were returning.  I dashed upstairs and hopped into the shower.  I had hoped to have time to bake cookies after my run and before they came back, but it was pretty cold out and they were ready to call it a day after a couple of hours.  I had suspected that might happen, so I had some keebler cookies sitting out on the counter for them.  By the time I came out of the shower they had polished off half a box of mint chocolate grasshoppers and by the time we chose a restaurant to go out to dinner the other half was gone.  I don’t think any of them had lunch prior to going out.  Either that or there’s always room for one more grasshopper!

We ended up going out to dinner at Boom Noodle, one of Mike’s and my favorite Asian restaurants.  After steaming hot bowls of pho we all felt refreshed.  It’s amazing how hearty and relaxing a steaming bowl of pho is!

Tuesday night Mike went to his old apartment (yes, he still has the keys for that until the end of the month… crazy!).  He disassembled a few pieces of furniture and threw them away.  Now all that’s left is a little bit of cleaning.  While he did that I went to a yoga class.  I was sore from an over-enthusiastic workout this weekend, so yoga felt wonderful.  Exactly what I needed.  I also bought a Groupon for another yoga studio a little farther away (and by ‘a little farther away’, I mean that it’s half a mile away instead of a quarter of a mile… the advantages of living in the city I guess!).  The new yoga studio practices hot yoga, so the room will be heated to 105 degrees in each class.  I’ve done hot yoga before, but not in awhile.  I’d kind of like to give it a more thorough chance than I have in the past.  The only issue is that when you get out of class there is absolutely no option of not showering.  You’re soaked with sweat because of the heat, if nothing else.  So going straight from yoga to work isn’t really an option.  But anyway, we’ll see how it goes.  I will give a full review once I’ve gone to a couple of classes.  And if it’s not my thing, I’m already making friends at my current yoga studio and I’m learning a lot there.  🙂

I haven’t been cooking this week.  Mike has been finishing up the leftovers from the past couple of meals I’ve made.  I did buy a wok to prepare for making stir fries, but it was apparently the incorrect kind.  At least that’s what Mike said.  It was rated really highly on Amazon, but it’s cast-iron and Mike said we want stainless steel so that it heats up faster and isn’t as heavy.  Ok.  So I’m going to return it because I suspect he’s right and it will take too long to heat up.  But it is really cool and sturdy-looking.  *sigh*

However, I discovered that the PCC natural grocery store near our apartment offers lots and lots of cooking classes, and I’m really excited about it because they’re really reasonably priced.  Mike and I are going to take one class in mid-march on cooking healthfully to avoid inflammation in the body.  Then sometime in early spring we’re planning on taking a Chinese stir-fry class.  Might as well learn how to do it the right way!

I did get ingredients to make a stir-fry, though, so I might just have to try making it in the sautee pan for now and see what happens.  Last time I had more things going wrong for me than just not having a wok.  😉

Mike predicted that I would get tired of riding the bus to work and would wish I were still close enough to walk.  So far that is definitely not the case.  It requires a little bit more planning to get to work, but not much.  I know all the bus schedules by heart now, so I don’t even have to check that in the mornings and evenings.  And it’s SO nice not to live right next to work!  I like having some space and my own neighborhood completely separate from work!  Also, it’s kind of fun to ride the bus.  Usually when I ride it home at night it’s really crowded and it’s often standing room only.  I usually try to stand towards the front since my stop is one of the first ones.  There’s a spot where the bus gets off the highway and then goes down a gradual slope and makes a left at the bottom next to my apartment building.  There’s a light at the bottom, so many times if the bus driver sees that the light is green he’ll careen down the sloped hill and make a quick left before the light turns red.  As we race down the hill and I’m clutching the overhead handrail while balancing in the aisle, I always get the feeling that I’m flying.  And the feeling that I’m getting a great core workout.  🙂  Who needs roller coasters when you take public transportation?  🙂  Although we probably feel like we’re going faster than we really are because we’re in a giant rumbly bus.  Every single time I ride the bus I’m reminded of this children’s book I used to have!

I hear that Michigan is getting lots of snow and cold weather!  Stay warm!


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  1. Nate

    Not a lot of snow but really cold. GR just had four watermain breaks last night, one of them a 30-inch main which left a crater in Adams St. near Hall and Plymouth. The sinkhole swallowed the width of the street including a large tree. Water was 8 inches deep in the area. Several basements flooded. Neighbors said it sounded like a waterfall. So yeah, we’ve got a fire going.

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