Ready to GO! :)

This past weekend was a mix of work and relaxation.  Friday night Mike and I cleaned his old South Lake Union apartment.  It was kind of a surreal experience.  It was raining outside, and we had the window open so we didn’t get suffocated with chemical fumes from the cleaning products.  The apartment was completely empty and echo-ey, and and the only light was from an old bent lamp we had set on the floor.  Mike tackled the bathroom and scrubbed the shower while I tackled the kitchen and scrubbed the oven, stove, and counters.  Much scrubbing was done and much progress was made.  On Saturday we turned in the keys.  The security guard from the building was there when we went into the front office to drop off the keys and his eyes lit up when he saw us.  He wanted to know where we’d moved, how everything was going, and ended up assuring us if we ever needed a security guard we knew where to find him.  That’s one of the those offers you hope you never have to take someone up on, but it was good to see him again.  🙂  So we are now officially DONE with all apartments except our current one!  That’s a great feeling.  And of course while we were there Mike couldn’t resist the urge to stop by Espresso Vivace and get a latte.  Despite the fact that he now has a French press, he says it doesn’t hold a candle to Espresso Vivace’s coffee.

Mike and I slept in ridiculously late on Saturday morning.  I think we were both exhausted.  Sleeping in felt great!  After a morning of sleeping in, we got all kinds of errands run besides dropping off the apartment keys.  Mike got some new jeans, we looked at woks, and ran some additional errands.  In the afternoon I went to the grocery store and was in for an unpleasant surprise!  Apparently because of cold weather in California and Arizona there’s a lettuce shortage for the next two weeks until they get a new crop of lettuce in.  There was no arugula anywhere to be found.  I was somewhat distraught, but since lettuce should be back by the time we’re back from Italy, I’ll be ok.  (Breathe, Karen, breathe.)  I have enough sad little heads of lettuce to get me through this week.  🙂  Plus, Mike’s dad sent me an article warning about the dangers of food poisoning from produce, so (even though I wash my lettuce thoroughly), maybe it’s better if I take a break from eating so much lettuce this week.  🙂

I also made a beef stir-fry again, and it turned out MUCH better even though the wok I ended up ordering hadn’t arrived yet.  I used hotter heat and didn’t make most of the mistakes I made the first time around so it actually turned out well.  The only downside is that I was talking on the phone while I cooked it and was engaged enough to get the stir-fry right, but I forgot about the rice that was cooking on the back burner so that ended up a little crunchy.  I made some fresh rice last night that was fluffy like it’s supposed to be.

Mike got a haircut over the weekend up in Capitol Hill, and we couldn’t find any parking up there.  So I ended up dropping him off at the barber shop and then I drove around waiting for him to be done.  I stopped by Whole Foods and checked for arugula.  Nope!  Then I went next door to a designer boutique that is going out of business.  Everything in there was really on sale, but none of it really stuck out to me.  Plus, even on sale, most of it was out of my price range.  It was still fun to browse the racks though.  I hadn’t been in that store before, although I’d looked in the window often.  The spring or hydraulics or whatever’s supposed to help the door close slowly instead of banging shut seemed to be broken.  So every time someone came in or left, the door banged with this giant clash that made everyone jump.  Everyone, that is, except the girl who worked at the store.  Which leads me to suspect that it had been broken like that for awhile.  I couldn’t help wondering whether that broken door had something to do with the boutique going out of business.  They were obviously striving for a relaxing atmosphere inside, but with that giant clash-banging door relaxation was pretty impossible.  After you heard it the first time you were kind of on edge for the rest of your time there just waiting for it to happen again.  Sometimes I think it’s really the small things that make the difference in retail.

I had to write something to my aunt this week and her computer isn’t working, so I had to hand-type a note, print it out, sign it, put it in an envelope, wonder how much postage it needed, and then mail it.  It’s so strange to me to remember that back when I was in high school that was just how the world worked.  Now I use email so often that mailing a letter seems like a big deal and very foreign.  Not to mention that I have no idea how long it will take to get to her.  Is the USPS faster or slower than they used to be?  Or are they the same?  No idea.

Basically, the theme for this week has been wrapping up loose ends before leaving for Italy, both at work and personally.  I don’t know if I’ve ever taken a two-week vacation.  I kind of don’t think I have.  It’s weird to be trying to divert my work responsibilities to other people for two weeks.  Normally I’m never out of work for more than three days so it’s easy for people to just wait until I get back if something comes up.  Mike and I are still bustling around like crazy getting stuff ready to go because we’re not even packed yet.  Busy, busy, busy!  🙂  But everything that’s necessary will get done in time.  🙂

I probably won’t be posting again until we get back, so goodbye everyone… for two weeks!  🙂  Have a wonderful relaxing couple of weeks… and I’ll get some blog posts up after our trip!  🙂


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