A Non-Italy Post!

How about a little post-Italy talk since we haven’t done that in awhile?  (I’ll post the last Italy post probably sometime this weekend).

Last Friday night Mike and I decided to try a restaurant we hadn’t been to before called May’s.  It was a Thai restaurant and it was AWESOME!  Everything from the service to the atmosphere to the food was just so good!  Inside the lighting was dim and there was a lot of traditional-looking artwork on the walls and the bar stools we sat at were much comfier than the typical bar stool.  Mike went with a traditional red chicken curry (they make the curry sauce themselves from scratch), and I went with the tom yum soup, which was totally delicious and came in a giant steaming bowl with an ornately fashioned gold-colored ladle.  Also, because May’s is only about half a mile from our apartment and it was such a gorgeous day, we walked there and walked back.  It was such a relaxing evening and such great food!

Over the weekend I made a really healthy and good black bean and corn quesedillas for Mike.  He liked it a lot, although since I got corn shells rather than flour, the shells were very brittle.  Because of that I ended up taking more a chips n cheese covered in black bean and corn mixture.  It turned out well!

Tuesday night I took my first Pure Barre class (my first ever barre class for that matter).  It’s supposed to be kind of a mix between ballet, yoga, and cardio.  I had heard a lot about how difficult it was and how awesome it is for toning your body so I was interested!  Everyone at the studio was really nice, the instructor was perky without being annoying perky, and the class was good.  It was hard in a very different way than I’m used to.  Everything was about micro-movements which sounds easy but was surprisingly difficult.  What was the most difficult part actually was that I have very little hamstring flexibility (very common in runners), so when the instructor said to lift your leg as high as you could, mine just didn’t go very high.  Having said that, I wasn’t at all sore the next day so it must not have killed me too badly.  🙂

Let’s talk about my netbook.  I have known for awhile that I was going to need a new one.  My current one is about five or six years old and wasn’t blazingly fast by any means even when she was brand new.  However, I resisted getting a new one.

Then about six months ago, I noticed that the battery wouldn’t hold a charge.  Not even for a second.  As soon as I unplugged it, everything shut down.  Hmm.  Ok.  Mike bought a cheap new battery off of Amazon and installed it.  Crisis averted.

About a month ago I was in the middle of typing when all of a sudden the keys that showed up on the screen were WAY different than the ones I was typing.  (For example, when I hit the ‘s’ key, the letters that showed up on the screen were ‘k/g\*’.  Definitely not what I had typed!  At first I thought I was just in some weird accessibility mode that I didn’t understand but when I googled the problem I saw that it was likely a problem with the keyboard.  Mike bought a cheap keyboard off of Amazon and replaced it.  It still had the same problem.  So apparently it was a motherboard issue.  I was completely unable to use the netbook at all because half of the keys didn’t work and resulted in weird combinations of other keys, but then I had the idea that I would plug in an external keyboard through the USB port and see if that worked.  I didn’t actually have a USB keyboard, but what I did have was an ancient huge IBM Model M that had an AT-style connector.  I bought an adapter off of Amazon so that I basically went from AT-style on the keyboard, through another connector that took AT and turned it into PS-2, and then another connector that turned the PS-2 into USB.  And that actually worked.  I could type on the Model M and see the correct letters show up on the screen.  HA!  Take that new computer… I don’t need you!  I’m just fine with the computer I have!  *cough* (As long as I have a keyboard twice the size of the netbook and two keyboard adapters, but who needs portability in a netbook anyway??)  🙂  Then about a month ago, I realized that the netbook’s clock was losing time.  It was about ten minutes slower than my cell phone clock.  *Sigh*  That meant CMOS battery.  Mike bought a cheap one off of Amazon and replaced it, but the clock continued to run slowly… so apparently it was some motherboard problem???  Mike and I weren’t sure.  Regardless, it had become apparent that we were spending more money to keep this thing operational than it was worth (especially since it was only about $300 brand new).  So I took the plunge and ordered a Macbook Air.  Yes, I’m ready to ditch PC’s.  At least for now.  At least until they release a better OS than Windows 8, which drives me crazy in every way.  Plus I’m thinking about doing some iOS development work (maybe writing an iPhone app), and I definitely can’t do that without a Mac.  The Macbook came yesterday, but I’m not going to open it until this weekend when I have some time to actually set it up.

Mike also got a new Mac recently since his was four years old, so we’re definitely becoming a Mac house.

Tuesday night after my Pure Barre class I cooked up some mini meatloaves while Mike went to Guitar Center just to look around.  The meatloaf recipe was SO EASY… I loved how easy it was!  I actually did add some garlic powder and 2/3 of a chopped onion and didn’t put any mustard in the topping because Mike doesn’t like mustard (crazy guy… I love mustard!).  I have to figure out if there’s any way to freeze meatloaf, though, because it made eight mini meatloaves and I suspect they won’t all get eaten before they go bad.  Then last night I made up some oven-roasted red potatoes and asparagus and heated up the meatloaf for Mike.  It made a good well-rounded meal for him, and the potatoes and asparagus were really good and herby!

Mike and I were planning on running after work, but we were both pretty exhausted so instead we compromised by walking to the PCC grocery store.  I used the opportunity to get a few groceries but only remembered later that I forgot arugula… oops!

Tonight I have a hair appointment and Mike’s hanging out with a friend from work up in Everett so Piper will be on her own a little longer than normal.

Also, for everyone interested, Mike and I are going to be coming back to Michigan the weekend of June 8th… we’re still figuring out exactly what days we’ll be there.  See all you Michigan friends and family in a few months!  🙂


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